Indulge in yoghurt @Myfroyoland

Myfroyoland in Khar is a place dedicated to frozen yogurt. They offer dozens of options to choose from, which include flavours that are sugar free, fat free and also dairy free. You can walk in, choose your cup and start filling it with the flavour of your choice, you can also mix flavours to create… Continue reading Indulge in yoghurt @Myfroyoland

Get ready some good coffees and burgers @August Cafe

August cafe is a quaint little pretty cafe in the streets of Juhu . We had a great time discovering some great food and drinking classics. There is this beauty about pretty cafes in the afternoon . Quiet corners, great shakes and some amazing food to gorge on is my definition of good food. Let’s… Continue reading Get ready some good coffees and burgers @August Cafe