Asian food! Oh LMNOPQ

LMNOPQ is a restaurant for your Asian food cravings in the quiet lanes of Khar. It’s pairs a rusty modern mood with some delightful music. The first unique thing we found about the place was it’s water! It was infused with mint which proved to be refreshing when we walked into the place after traveling… Continue reading Asian food! Oh LMNOPQ

Baisakhi Festival was all about GOOD FOOD @Saptami,Holiday Inn

  Holiday inn being a business hotel has always been budget & comfort. I have been to this place many times and always liked the buffet. Compact and sweet I would term it. So we stepped in and it was colours bursting with vibrancy as colourful curtains hung and charkha adorned the table. We tried… Continue reading Baisakhi Festival was all about GOOD FOOD @Saptami,Holiday Inn

Affection with Asian @Pa Pa Ya

Pa pa ya is a high energy dining comely that encapsulates all the five sense into dining experience. Basically Asian food and drink with a twist . Molecular gastronomy and mixology has been added as a value rather than a gimmick . In a sense the menu is a combination of science and art Let… Continue reading Affection with Asian @Pa Pa Ya

Love from Asia @Shizusan Shophouse and Bar

#theglocaljournaldetailedfeed Inspired from the colonial era , Shizusan Shophouse & Bar is a beautifully articulated interior themed shophouse serving delicacies worldwide from Asia . The menu is so widespread and carefully curated covering authentication and countries like Thailand , Korea ,Vietnam , India , Bali , Japan and the unheard ones like Halo Halo .… Continue reading Love from Asia @Shizusan Shophouse and Bar