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Oi kitchen is a new place in khar that serves mexican spanish and peruvan food. A well lit and softly decorated place with a lot to beautiful natural light seeping in through the windows.
An unusual selection of menu that left us amazed.
From their menu we tried-

Avocado Toastie
Rosemary bread topped with basil pesto sliced avocado and basil pesto. The avocado seemed still raw but overall we didn’t mind the taste.
rating 3/5


Brazillian cheese bread- Bread stuffed with cheese served alongside aoili. we found this starter very new and unusual, we weren’t used to this kind of flavour yet we really enjoyed it.
rating 4.5/5

Guajillo paneer tacos- We did initially ask for tofu tacos but due to unavailability we decided to go w these. they are soft shelled tacos topped with sour cream. they were delicious and a good way to start your meal
rating 4/5

Open face burrito-
Fresh tortilla topped with beans guacamole mix leaves and sour cream it was a lovely dish and filled our tummies to the brim.
rating- 4/5


Dulce de leche cookie-
Delicious cookie served with mint ice cream they either serve single or three in a batch. Its a great option to taste if you’re looking to order multiple desserts.
Rating- 5/5

Nutella Cheesecake-
Soft creamy Nutella cheesecake served with Nutella mouse. The only drawback of this dessert was the mousse that didn’t provide any contrast to the cheesecake, it felt as though we are topping cheesecake with more cheesecake.
Rating- 3/5

Overall we think Oi Kitchen was a good experience. A few drawbacks were that they didn’t have some of the things available, so if you’re going to try something specific like the burrata we recommend you check for it while making your reservations. The staff and ambience is lovely for a late dinner or sunday brunch.

Roses And Garage ! Say hello to the hidden gem – Garage inc at Colaba!

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Located right behind Colaba market this place is perfect to end your shopping spree to drink some light drinks.

The dark ambience with orange lights make you feel like you’re in the middle of the evening at any time of the day.

We visited Garage Inc for the Rosé Cocktail Fest.

From the menu we tried-
Rosé. Burbon and Black- a very refreshing and surprisingly sweet cocktail. Combines the two drinks absolutely perfectly and we and secretly wishing that it gets on their permanent menu!
Rating- 5/5


Grape and Rosemary Rosé Sangria- a really deep Sangria with notes of grapes. It’s really on the strong side. For some reason the Rosé wasn’t chilled so
It sort of took away from the experience.
Rating- 3.5/5



From their Tapas menu we tried-

Mutton Galoti- Flaky biscuits topped with minced mutton served with some fresh green chutney.
Rating- 4.5/5


Cheese Cigars- Crispy Cigars Filled with cheese and chilly. Served with Chipotle sauce this was truly a vegetarians delight.
Rating- 5/5

Bhajiya Pav- We Mumbaikars are obviously obsessed with vada pav and bhajiya pav but again we shy away from eating around corners due to the hygiene factor. Don’t worry because Garage Inc has got you covered. Munch on as many bhajiya pavs as you want without worrying about the risk.
Rating- 5/5

We save the best for the last. Right?

Our favourite from the place was
The Cookie Dough topped with Vanilla Ice Cream- Warm and gooey cookie dough and cold ice cream made us go weak in our knees. We’re more than sure that you don’t want to miss out on this dessert.
Rating- 100/5


Overall we love the cool vibe of that this place gives off. The bar is fully loaded and the bar tenders and more than happy to recommend you drinks to try out. The portions can be a little bigger but with the quality that they are serving we have no complaints.
Service- 5/5
Taste- 4/5
Ambience- 5/5

Illuminati – the new Vibe in BKC !

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From luxury hotels, businesses, to commercial spaces, Bandra-Kurla complex in Mumbai houses some of the biggest names in the industry within its high-rise buildings (most of which look like art-work made in steel and glass!). But for quite a few years now, BKC has also been one of the go-to food destinations of the city. Inspire BKC is one such hotspot which is a commercial hub filled with offices and restaurants. Despite being surrounded by places like Trèsind, Uno Más, Cardboard, Drifters etc., Illuminati manages to stand out and offer something unique of its own.

Illuminati is a unique mix between a lounge, a fine-dine experience and a soon-to-be nightclub. If you have heard about this place or have come across any photos of the place, you have most probably seen how beautiful this place looks. The ambience of this place is phenomenal and the ‘starry-night-like’ lights make this place seem ‘out of this world’, quite literally.

The combination of unique lighting, the black and white decor and the extensive use of glass make this place feel aesthetically grand. But the premiumness of this place doesn’t end here, it also spills down to the culinary options that this place has to offer.
The menu has been curated to cover a variety of cuisines, which include European, Japanese, Italian and American. The food here looked as gorgeous as the place itself, and the taste was amazing too. It is really difficult to take a bad photo in this place, be it the food or the ambience.

Our recommendation would be to start off with an appetizer, and also a drink to go along with it. Our favourites were Charcoal bread sandwiches and Rajma feta squares, but you couldn’t go wrong with anything on the menu. We also quite liked the Pizza inspired arancini and the Spiced edamame hummus. For the mains, we would definitely recommend Baked gnocchi fontina and Braised broccoli & Tofu curry with rice, as some solid vegetarian options.

The chef also recommends the pineapple-upside/down and apple pie baklava for desserts, and the mixologist’s favourites include The eye, Blue fairy, and the Evil queen. Illuminati is a new place and yet it has a lot to offer. We are excited to visit this place again very soon, as the management has a lot of plans for this place in the near future!

Indeed Happy at the Newly Opened Happy House, Chowpatty, Mumbai

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Happy House Kitchen is a recent shoot up in the most happening part of town. Lively music and a chic modern ambience. The menu is vast with a lot of variety.


Tom khaa yaa
Price- 269 for two
A creamy white broth with vegetable dumplings and pad thai noodles. Perfect for a chilli noon. It’s slightly on the spicy side but we’re sure you’re going to love this.
Rating- 5/5

Happy House Nachos
Price- 339
Crispy nachos with one of the best guacamole’s we have had. The cheese didn’t pair best w these nachos and we do think this dish is a little overpriced
Rating- 3/5

Chilli Plum Bao
Price- 329
Crunchy panner is a heavenly chilli sauce in a soft bread. We couldn’t have asked for more!
We a 100% urge you to give this a go but we’re giving you a Spice Alert!
Rating- 5/5


BBQ Flatbread
Price- 329
Old school regular flat bread with nice gooey cheese is always a no brainer! I think it’s relatively big given it’s price point and a good dish to stick to if you’re not the mood of an experiment.
Rating- 4.5/5

Mumbai Manchow
Price- 399
A classic- Manchurian and Rice turned special and plated in the most beautiful way possible. Lavender coloured rice, manchurian balls and ginger tempura topped with warm gravy is a much awaited fancy twist to most of our favourite Chinese Cuisine.
Rating- 4/5


For desserts we tried their pool of Nutella which was the yummiest tart we have had. The staff was also kind enough to present to us their Valentine’s Day special dessert before time. It was a cute heart shaped mouse cake and it totally stole our hearts.

Overall we think this is a perfect place for a family get together. The staff is kind and helpful. The interiors small but gorgeous. They also have a terrace seating which is in the making.


Your Guide to Valentine’s – Where to go & What to gift?

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Valentine’s is right round the corner & if you are like me, struggling to do something and trying to get a reservation. Here is your hack.

1. Pocket Friendly :
First just check out Dineout / eatigo / Zomato gold places and then you can pick. It will reduce your cost and how.

2. List of romantic places :
A. Sobo :
Koyla – open air, veg & no alcohol
Candy & Green – pure veg, rooftop & really beautiful vibes
Harbour View – Open air, sea view & some great chocolate brownie.
Canto has zomato gold and is pretty cute.
Mockingbird Cafe – They have board games too.


Luxury : Dome, Bayview at Marina, Taj, Oberoi

B. Lower Parel :
1. The Tasting Room – All things elegant
2. Gallops – Mahalaxmi Racecourse – Indian & Continental
3. Keiba – Little place by the racecourse – Asian Food – Has Dineout offers – Check out.
4. Aqaba – it has offers on Dineout too.

C. Bandra :
1. Birdsong cafe – if you like healthy
2. Verandah (Zomato gold) / Cafe terra
3. LPQ – bkc has candle light
4. Su Casa – Candle light on point. There are offers on Dineout I suppose
5. Taj Mahal Tea House
6. Carter Road social during sunset


D. Andheri / Juhu :
1. Fable – It has a very cozy effect to it
2. One BHK – Again a cute cafe which is simply cute
3. Bora Bora – Sea View
4. Lagoon – Sea Princess
I find Gada Da Vida Hyped.

Skky is also great but is expensive.

Fun things to do :
Not the romantic kinds,
We have something for you too.
Or just friends chilling.

1. Go bowling 🎳 to Atria.
2. Cook together at Food Hall Mumbai sessions
3. Movie night🎬 sounds fun too.
4. Play treasure hunt, it doesn’t need a lot of planning.
Just make some clues to your favourite places and take him/ her there.
You could have fun! Your little food trails.


5. Want to be a kid again?
Go play in the jumping jack and boat at Nariman Point from 8pm or go to those fun places like Smaash.

6. Just maybe chill at home. We are all working. I wouldn’t mind binge watching all day.


Things to make it special : Your quick hacks :
I am like you who is so bored to make something.

1. Call for a spa from urban clap it is absolutely FABULOUS. Book it today plus paytm has some ₹300 off on first booking.
2. Just buy sticky notes and stick them onto the door or the table and write something

3. Find cute photos and hang them in a string with clips- it is a five minutes job
4. Roses, flowers & as cliche it sounds, girls like it.
Get black roses / buy white rose and soak in black ink.
5. Just make a basket of their favorite food items, go to a grocery store and done.
6. Too bored to go,
Keep calling from Swiggy/ Uber eats / zomato and get it delivered to their place every 3 hours.

7. Book a yacht – leisurekart.com
8. Ab Celestial – it is expensive but cute. Not great to be honest.
9. Just go play board games.
10. Go old school – go camping ⛺


11. You could even take a walk by band stand.
12. Also, making a hamper of daily essentials works amazingly well and write a sticky note with it like : Fevicol : thanks for sticking by.

And to the singles,
You can do all of this TOO!