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POH means Progressive oriental House which hosts great Asian food catering to the fine dine experience

Where : Kamala Mills
Cost : ₹3000 / ₹3500 for two
Cuisine : Asian
Reservations recommended
Type : Fine Dining
Serves Veg and Non Veg
They do not levy service charge

POH is an avant- garde gourmet experience that showcase a progression of Asian flavours , Aromas and texture to suit the evolving palate and dining culture

A product of crafted techniques such as hot and cold pressing, sous vide cooking , dehydration and lyophilisation .


We went for the lunch menu @₹999 which is an absolute steal deal as the food is FAB and how !
The lunch meal consists of


1. Soup of the day – We had a tofu with soya based purée

2. House green salad – Loved it as was refreshing and the sauce was great !


3. DIMSUM of the day – It was another great DIMSUM .

4. Thai set – So you can choose which you want. Since we were two, we chose Thai and Teppanyaki .
The Thai Set was absolutely delicious with green Thai curry served with jasmine rice .


5. Teppanyaki – This was more on the spicier and tastier side with good vegetables sautéed served with amazing fried rice. The rice was super delicious .
Both the dishes were served with stir fried vegetables .


6. Dessert of the day was Icecream . It was refreshing and smooth end to the meal !
We were all full !
But we had to try two additional desserts (not a part of the lunch menu)


A. Caramel pecan nuts honey wasabi Icecream : The tart and everything with it was just scintillating as there was every flavour involved from sweet to salty to smooth Icecream .


B. POhs mess yoghurt textures of fruits :
We liked this a bit less as we are chocolate lovers. But the presentation nailed it .

Staff :
The staff is warm . Also Mithun, our server was sweet.

Overall we had great experience.

The lunch menu is only from Mon – Friday !

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Affection with Asian @Pa Pa Ya

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Pa pa ya is a high energy dining comely that encapsulates all the five sense into dining experience. Basically Asian food and drink with a twist . Molecular gastronomy and mixology has been added as a value rather than a gimmick . In a sense the menu is a combination of science and art

Let us begin

What did we order?

Drinks :

Love potion
Nothing can go wrong when vodka meets berries and litchi. Everything was so smooth and it accompanied well with my food.

Food :

Asparagus, corn and burnt spring onion

Steamed asparagus and corn farce in potato and wheat Starch mounded into flower. Absolutely loved this Dimsum. You should should should try it.


Modern sushi
Crispy vegetable maki, dehydrated spinach
Sweet and sour crispy vegetables rolled into a futomaki, spicy mayo
There is no doubt that papaya is my favorite place for sushi. I loved the addition of crispness on the sushi. And secondly, these flavours just go well together.

Beer battered avocado tacos, corn and scallion kimchi
Cripsy avocado, corn and scallion kimchi, farted mozzarella
This was palatable too.

Edamame and chickpea sliders, homemade potato chips
Lotus flour buns, grilled chickpea and edamame patties, chilli Mayo
What did I even describe more about it?
Everything was just wonderful.


Corn and spinach fried rice
Ching mai curry, Brussels
The Ching mai curry made me drool. The smooth coconut milk along with rich flavours and vegetables going wonderfully with the corn and spinach fried rice.


We ended it with the chocolate fire ball. It is priced for ₹710 but it’s huge. Easily 4 people can devour.
The chocolate crispy is beautiful and the texture amalgamates with the soft icecream and brownie.

How’s the service ?
The service is so welcoming and what impressed me was that everyone knew about the dishes .
Chef Sahil Singh and Chef Vinayak have done a great job.

Let me mention all the sweet people who hosted us
Thanks, you guys were wonderful
Chocolate ball on fire

How’s the price?
It is expensive as it’s a fine dine and most of the people come there for the experience and the alchemy that Karla holds.
Cost for two would be around 3000₹ without taxes and alcohol.

It was beautiful experience to try so many different flavours presented differently


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Binging on Chinese this Chinese New Year!

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“All I associate with Chinese New Year is those lanterns flying up in the sky and bonding over great food”

Where ?
Royal Tulip, Navi Mumbai

Chinese New Year

From now till 15th March

How’s it priced?
Really reasonable

How’s the ambience?
Completely fine dining with chandeliers on your top and finely covered tables with cloth.

How’s the service?
We went for a lunch on a weekday so they were a bit understaffed. But commendable to the stewards, they were managing it all.

What to order?

Eight Treasure’s soup . I have finished a whole big bowl.


Kunjee Cripsy Veg
Crunchy fried Veg tossed in piquant sauce . This one is absolutely TASTY. DESI Chinese. I totally hogged over this one.


Veg Basil Dimsum
Exotic veg seasoned with basil chilly and sesame oil Dumpling . The dimsums were perfectly steamed leaving it soft and succulent

Low Bol Gow (Turnip Cake) ! I was full again but had to mention about this famous Chinese dish
Semi firm structure rectangular disc cake panseared with ginger garlic and scallion to serve.
We had already hogged an entire bowl of those potatoes and soup . Let me be honest we were stuffed and didn’t wana waste so we didn’t try this.

Golden garlic ice burg fried rice .
Simple fried rice with garlic.


Fortune noodles
Combine of Asian Veg & soya noodles hint of star anise . The noodles were delicious.

Elgin veg tousi sauce
I loved this sauce. It was filled with veggies and made in the perfect soya sauce

We didn’t try the Desserts as we were absolutely full with huge portions but they had these in store
Red bean sesame ball
Fried sesame balls

Oh we just changed our mind and since we can’t resist chocolate, we had the non Chinese Sizzling brownie from their regular menu ! The brownie was soft filled with almonds.

Loved it. Had a feast

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