Get Farzified at it’s all new outlet at Phoenix, Lower Parel

Farzi cafe has opened its door at Phoenix Lower Parel Tell me about the ambience ? It is hustling with new decor which speaks of wooden walls and ceiling with a tall bar setting Is it expensive? It is expensive say non vegetarian food and alcohol (two cocktails) would turn out to be 3000-3500 forContinue reading “Get Farzified at it’s all new outlet at Phoenix, Lower Parel”

NYE getaway @Leela, Mumbai

Getaways are something what keeps one sane with the insane city of Bombay where everyone even while sleeping are chalking down things what to do for the next day. So I chose the Leela at Mumbai for my next stay and it was pleasantly nice First question. How much ? So I booked it throughContinue reading “NYE getaway @Leela, Mumbai”

Hakuna Mimosa!

 It means “Brunch Time” . Sunday brunches are all about  “spoilt for choices” desserts while champagnes flow and mocktails welcome.  Pastas are tossed up and pizzas are baked; sushi is rolled and noodles are fried. There are giggles all over while everyone is content as there is a choice of cuisine for all. “ JWContinue reading “Hakuna Mimosa!”

Embracing YOU at estella

You know the exuberant smile on your face when the wind just blows past & waves greet you; while the scintillating sunset drapes you in pink and purple. It was synonymous to that. Then you slurp onto your iced tea and & just do nothing . Yes do NOTHING. You just stand right there andContinue reading “Embracing YOU at estella”

Jehan Numa Retreat , a natural therapeutic home to Rewind , Relax , Reinvent and Rejuvenate

“A vacation must be calming, soothing where you can refresh yourself & be ready to tackle work Where you can reinvent yet feel at home ” Jehan Numa retreat is a nature’s paradise . It is the natural escape away from the bustling city which acts as your perfect vacation destination . Having been broughtContinue reading “Jehan Numa Retreat , a natural therapeutic home to Rewind , Relax , Reinvent and Rejuvenate”