Breakfast menu @quartercanteen

Quarter Canteen at Bandra just released a Breakfast Menu and we were invited to review the same. However on reaching we discovered that it wasn’t exactly a breakfast menu it was more like a breakfast/snack menu. You can order from options like Vada pav, Samosas, French fries etc. we decided to go for the grill… Continue reading Breakfast menu @quartercanteen

Desi Videsi , Hello Quirkiness ! Hello Quarter Canteen

Quarter canteen is a Bollywood themed restaurant located at Linking Road. The decor is fun, dramatic yet very classy. The walls are illustrated with the most iconic Bollywood movie dialogues. The first thing we tried there was the vegetable wonton soup which was a clear soup that pairs perfectly with a dark rainy day in… Continue reading Desi Videsi , Hello Quirkiness ! Hello Quarter Canteen