Title Spanish & Stylish , Hello Oi kitchen

Oi kitchen is a new place in khar that serves mexican spanish and peruvan food. A well lit and softly decorated place with a lot to beautiful natural light seeping in through the windows. An unusual selection of menu that left us amazed. From their menu we tried- Avocado Toastie Rosemary bread topped with basil… Continue reading Title Spanish & Stylish , Hello Oi kitchen

Do the tango @lima

The #LatinAmerican inspired Tapas Bar offering bits of the cuisine from there along with special #Peruvian Cuisine is unique from the mundane bars . The bar has a wonderful seating arrangement and with vibrant colors inspired from America & Tango Twist is a delight . #ChefAtulKocchar, a London based eminent chef has done wonders .… Continue reading Do the tango @lima