Roses And Garage ! Say hello to the hidden gem – Garage inc at Colaba!

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Located right behind Colaba market this place is perfect to end your shopping spree to drink some light drinks.

The dark ambience with orange lights make you feel like you’re in the middle of the evening at any time of the day.

We visited Garage Inc for the Rosé Cocktail Fest.

From the menu we tried-
Rosé. Burbon and Black- a very refreshing and surprisingly sweet cocktail. Combines the two drinks absolutely perfectly and we and secretly wishing that it gets on their permanent menu!
Rating- 5/5


Grape and Rosemary Rosé Sangria- a really deep Sangria with notes of grapes. It’s really on the strong side. For some reason the Rosé wasn’t chilled so
It sort of took away from the experience.
Rating- 3.5/5



From their Tapas menu we tried-

Mutton Galoti- Flaky biscuits topped with minced mutton served with some fresh green chutney.
Rating- 4.5/5


Cheese Cigars- Crispy Cigars Filled with cheese and chilly. Served with Chipotle sauce this was truly a vegetarians delight.
Rating- 5/5

Bhajiya Pav- We Mumbaikars are obviously obsessed with vada pav and bhajiya pav but again we shy away from eating around corners due to the hygiene factor. Don’t worry because Garage Inc has got you covered. Munch on as many bhajiya pavs as you want without worrying about the risk.
Rating- 5/5

We save the best for the last. Right?

Our favourite from the place was
The Cookie Dough topped with Vanilla Ice Cream- Warm and gooey cookie dough and cold ice cream made us go weak in our knees. We’re more than sure that you don’t want to miss out on this dessert.
Rating- 100/5


Overall we love the cool vibe of that this place gives off. The bar is fully loaded and the bar tenders and more than happy to recommend you drinks to try out. The portions can be a little bigger but with the quality that they are serving we have no complaints.
Service- 5/5
Taste- 4/5
Ambience- 5/5

The Peppermill !

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The Pepper Mill is a newly opened gem at Bandra. It’s has a lovely colourful decor and loads of seating available. They’re known for playing really good music. We interacted with a Chef Parag who recommended us a variety of dishes prepared by him. We left the choices on him and boy were we left surprised. The staff here is really helpful too.
We tried-

Breads and dips platter
Price- 365
The pepper mill prepares in house a variety of breads like Lavash, Focassia, Cross Buns and Breadstick. They served it with 8 different kind of dips including hummus, guacamole, peri peri mayo and a lot more. We truly enjoyed gorging on this platter. It’s a good choice for a date as it pairs so well with drinks and is fun to eat too.
Rating- 5/5

Cheese Nuggets
Price- 310
A kind of dish best eaten when hot. Mind you that they’re spicier than you think. We think if you have kids, this will be your child’s favourite. It’s drizzled with spicy chipotle to make it more flavourful.
Rating- 4/5

Lamb Sheekh Kabab
Price- 410
Tender pieces of lamb kebabs placed on splattered chutney. The quality of meat here is really good. Also the lamb chops are not too small but just right. We enjoyed these with the chutney that was served along.
Rating- 4/5


Cranberry Beetroot Salad
Price- 365
This is a salad made of watermelon, sweet lime, beetroot, fennel and feta cream.
We must admit that the portion of this salad is very small for the price we can’t deny that we enjoyed every bite of this salad. It’s one of those salads we’d ask you to try even if you weren’t on a health spree.


Asian Sesame Ginger Salad
Price- 360
Made out of sprouts, sesame seeds, red radish and scallion, this salad is super healthy. The restaurant has however managed to make it flavourful so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on taste. The portion is a good enough to fill you up.
Rating- 3.5/5

Pizza Charcoal Barbecue Chicken
Price- 475
The base of the pizza is again baked in house and hence is extremely fresh. The pizza is topped with saucy barbecued chicken along with cheddar cheese and grilled onion. This pizza tasted really good for anyone who is a fan of chicken and pizza.
Rating- 5/5

One of the creamiest tiramisus we have tasted in a long time. The sweet lining of cake that they layered this with is what we think made this dish so outstanding. The sweetness of the cake and the bitter coffee cream is truly a delight. If you’re into tiramisus or want to try it out we’d suggest you go here.
Rating- 4.5/5


Gooey Chocolate Brownie with Honey Fried Crips
Infused with alcohol this dish was one of the most outstanding ones here. The brownie is extremely gooey. The chocolate oozes out in every bite. What made it extra special is the honey fried crisp on the top that let us pair this dish with something crunchy.
Rating- 5/5

Price- 450-500
The peppermill Classic
The melon and peach
The kiwi and pineapple
The plum and pear

The Pepper Mill is already famous for its sangrias. All of them were well prepared sangrias with fruit cut delicately. Chef Parag will truly help you in finding your favourite one and help you out with what goes with your dish
Our favourites were the plum and pear and the melon and peach.

Overall, we loved our experience at The Pepper Mill. It’s a delightful place opened up at the heart of Bandra. Chef Parag is truly skilled and it’s an honour to be able to taste his food. We recommend this place for a brunch post shopping with your girls or a date too.

Hitchki goes Bollywood

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Hitchki particularly at bkc has been quite the buzz on weekends. You shall see hoards of people buzzing around there for its music, drinks and vibes.


So they have an entire menu themed based on movies and I was pretty impressed with the innovation of the names used.
Also secondly what I liked was the menu being so widespread. They had a huge amount of starters, burgers, soups, salads, pasta, Chinese dishes, chaat, Indian cuisine.
Let’s start with Chakna
We tried Ulta Punjab
Crisp Rumali + Masala Papad Mix . I liked this but would have liked more masala in butter to it.
They had this interesting section to the menu called “Back in time” which had dishes like
Irani & co
Hostel ka maggi
Andas apna apna
We tried Kuchi bhi
Hitchki take on vada Pav which had dabeli masala buttered Pav . I like the combination of the dishes.
They had dishes like Amar akbar Anthony and tumse na ho payega which gave me a smirk.
So they also had the menu “Kitne Aloo The” which is basically fries
Finger chips with cheese ₹220
Starters : They also had momo and all.
Main course
In main course they had :
Curries and some continental inspirations
Indi Chini Bhai bhai
Chinese spiced veg manchurian veg
We tried this one and loved it. The Manchurian was the hero of our dish. It was just perfect
For desserts :
We tried jungle Mangal which was Black Forest cake with chocolate bites on the side.
If you like Black Forest, then go for it.
Also for mocktails , we called for minions which was watermelon with guava.
Overall, we loved the vibe that the place had to offer with some quirky dishes.

Market Project, Hello Food Festival @Phoenix Market City

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Located on the first floor of Phoenix Marketcity, The Market Project serves nothing less than the best when it comes to Ambience.

It’s perfect for a date night. It also offers zomato gold so you can save some cash while gorging on delicious pizzas.


Dough balls with garlic butter-
Price: 195
A classic that you can never go stone with. The dough balls were fresh and warm and the butter flavourful.


Chicken Wings- chicken wings marinated and deep fried.
Price: 395
The outer cover was crispy while the chicken inside could melt in your mouth. We truly enjoyed the dipping sauce It Came with.


All priced at 225.
Refresco: herbaceous mint and cucumber with vodka.
Refreshing but the taste of the cucumber overpowers the entire cocktail which we didn’t seem to enjoy.


Chatpata: Indian spices mixed with citrus and white rum.
Slightly spicy cocktail, it’s a well balanced drink and it does well with creamy risottos.


Passion Sour: Apple and Passion fruit dipped in whiskey.
We loved the taste of apple mixed with whiskey. It’s a rather unusual combo but Pizza Express nailed it.

Hara Bhara Pyaaz Pizza – Pizza topped with onion , jalapenos and chillies
Price: 295
We tried the pizza in its classic thin crust avatar. However we think the pizza wasn’t thin enough. It was topped with marinara, cheese, onions and jalapeños. It was an explosion of flavours in our mouth but it lacked cheese. We believe we have had better pizzas at other outlets of Pizza Express.

Gulaab Jamun Creme Brûlée:
Price: 195
We were pretty disappointed in this one. We were served a mix of custard and Gulab jamun Garnished with dry fruits in an ice cream bowl. The custard completely took over the Gulab jamun and we could barely taste it. We really think that Pizza Express must step up their game with this one.

Overall, the staff here is amazing, they truly know their dishes and are happy to help. The ambiance compensated for the shortcomings of certain dishes. We suggest that you stick to the classics more and experiment less.

The Market Project by PizzaExpress Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Vegetarians say hello to your newest pal ! Hello Bombay Cartel

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Bombay cartel is an amazing place to party on a Saturday night or a brunch on a Sunday morning at breach candy

Known for its lip smacking vegetarian food , Bombay Cartel has gorgeous interiors and an excellent bar. It’s know to make a remarkable comeback after it’s outlet at Atria Mall shut down.

They have come up with a unique concept called Park Your Bottle. Where on the purchase a bottle of your favourite drink, savour as much of it as you want and park it here for the next time you or your friends and family visit.

To start with , we got an avocado cream cheese sushi because why not
The cheese and avocado were fresh. We found the sushi a little bland on its own. However the soy sauce added a tangy and deep flavour to it.
We would give it a 3/5

Mumbai Meri Jaan:
Bhel Puri, Pani puri, Pav bhaji and Vada pav served on a cart

A platter perfect to much on along with beer or your favourite drinks. It served about 3-4 people.

The pav was very fresh and the bhel flavour was amazing

Next up we got the goat cheese pizza :
We feel that the crust of the pizza defines it and boy did TBC nail it. The marinara was in proportion to the cheese that the pizza was topper with. The spinach and salty goat cheese was perfectly balanced to make it one of our favourite pizzas.
We would give it a 4/5

Next up the paneer burger :

To our surprise, the burger was not only served with a side of fries but also boiled corn on the cob.
The patty was made of cottage cheese marinated and this burger was exploding with flavour. The fries were perfectly done as well.
We would definitely give this a 4/5

For drinks we got the classic LIIT :
We were taken aback by the presentation of this drink. After trying LIIT’s across the city, we can assure you this is one drink you cannot miss out.
A 5/5 for this bad boy.

For desert we got a gulab jamun and rum cheesecake :

Yes! You heard that right. Gulab jamun with cheesecake. We believe our words will not do justice to the experience this dessert leaves. If we had one wish, it would be to eat this cheesecake every single day.
Price : priceless
Rating : 1000000/5

So if you’re looking for a chill place to party with great food or just a nice place to get great food, head to Bombay Cartel and we promise you won’t be disappointed

The Bombay Cartel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato