Celebrating Regional Eastern Cuisine over brunch @Citrus, The Leela

Leela has always kept it simple, limited and standardised with its brunches.¬†We recently tried the Sunday brunch @Citrus, The Leela. Firstly what we love about this place is the greens surrounding the restaurant visible from its long glass panes. It has a very soothing effect. Our table was right by the mini waterfall and the… Continue reading Celebrating Regional Eastern Cuisine over brunch @Citrus, The Leela

Accommodations, Meals! WHERE? Hello Udaipur

I am going to break it down for you into three parts. Budget, In between and Luxury. We are going to lay down many options. Accommodation: Budget: Zostel Udaipur: Situated on the lake pichola, this one is pretty one. But a kind request to book it in advance as it is usually booked. The zostel… Continue reading Accommodations, Meals! WHERE? Hello Udaipur

NYE getaway @Leela, Mumbai

Getaways are something what keeps one sane with the insane city of Bombay where everyone even while sleeping are chalking down things what to do for the next day. So I chose the Leela at Mumbai for my next stay and it was pleasantly nice First question. How much ? So I booked it through… Continue reading NYE getaway @Leela, Mumbai