Boardwalk @Alibagh , you are hyped and how !

TBH I found the place totally hyped and also vegetarian food was average. This is the paneer tikka which was totally dry and even the taste was just ok. The mocktail was just Fanta and sprite given together with a fancy name of Orange based drink. We go there to feel something of the beach… Continue reading Boardwalk @Alibagh , you are hyped and how !

Mamamia Mediterranean, Hola Bayroute !

Bayroute is the newest little joint opened up in the quaint lanes of cuff Parade . What cuisine is served ? It’s inspired from the middle eastern. The dearth for Lebanese, Mediterranean and Russian food has been finally filled. It’s absolutely a feast. Ambience: You actually feel like you are transported to the land of… Continue reading Mamamia Mediterranean, Hola Bayroute !