Asian town, Kala Ghoda 

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A serene place for some kick ass Asian fine dine. It serves Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai Cuisine all under one roof. The interiors are gorgeous and the music is blissful.

The staff at Asian Town is courteous, they’re well versed with their dishes and will for sure pair the best cocktails with your meals.

Edamame and tofu sushi: vegetarian sushi made of tofu and edamame
Price: 345
We often tend to shy away from vegetarian sushi. But Asian town gives you an authentic Asian experience and won’t disappoint the vegetarian community. The tofu was soft and fresh and the edamame complimented it thoroughly.
Rating: 4.5/5


Kung Bao- bao made of veggies tossed in Kung Pao sauce.
Price: 275
The bao unlike what we’ve previously experienced is not made of bread, it represented a momo but the texture was thicker than a momo.

This combination is like tasting heaven in every bite. We highly recommend you try this out.
Rating: 5/5

Vietnamese Pho: Pho cooked In mushroom flavoured broth.
Price: 455
Very rare places in Mumbai offer authentic Pho, Asian Town is one of those. The price can seem a bit of an issue, but trust us the the bowl is enough to compensate for a meal for two. It’s broth is warm and lovely.
Rating: 4.5/5


Pad Thai Noodles: Thai street style noodles, stir fried with tofu, sprouts and spring onions.
Price: 300
This was the most scrumptious bowl of noodles we’ve every consumed, and we’re going back very soon. The noodles were cooked in just the right amount, the sauce was delightful. This is out topic pic from this restaurant.
Rating: infinite

Asian Town offers a very elaborate menu for cocktails.
It’s specially curated keeping in mind the authentic nature of the restaurant.
We tried the Whiskey Sour, the Cherry Blossom and the BerryBerry Lit


The whiskey sour was a Cocktail curated specially to pair with the Sushi. the Cherry Blossom was a sweet cocktail and the Berry Berry Lit mixed our favourite drink with Berry. The Berry really enhanced the taste of the so called mundane LIT.

Bahn Choui Nuong- banana cake layered with chocolate ganache and banana caramel.
Very similar to a banoffee pie, the in house baked banana cake stole the show.
Rating: 5/5


Peanut Butter Pie: creamy peanut butter pie on Oreo cookie crust.
Price: 315
If you don’t like peanut butter, this may not be for you, but if you do enjoy the taste of this nutty butter you’re going to love the combination of the peanuts and Oreo.
Rating: 4/5

Overall, we highly recommend you visit Asian town to satisfy your continental cravings. It’s slightly on the expensive side but trust us it’s going to be money well spent.


Celebrating Regional Eastern Cuisine over brunch @Citrus, The Leela

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Leela has always kept it simple, limited and standardised with its brunches. We recently tried the Sunday brunch @Citrus, The Leela.

Firstly what we love about this place is the greens surrounding the restaurant visible from its long glass panes. It has a very soothing effect.

Our table was right by the mini waterfall and the lush green plants .
India has such varied cuisines that itself is a celebration. We tried their Eastern Regional themed brunch and were stunned by their delicacies.

They had picked up dishes from Himachal, Bengal, Assam and more.
We tried the following :
Thukpa soup
Bengali style vegetable soup


Laksa is a typical delicacie .
And not to forget the delicious spicy momos.

For mains we tried ,
Phed Nor Mai wok fried bamboo shoot with string
Kaow Phad Pak – vegetable fried rice .
They had great fish like sarson diya mach .

Lets talk about my favourite part. Desserts.
And oh they had sugar free Rosgulla . I absolutely had no guilt then.

They had others too :
Nariyal ladoo
Kesar chum chim
Sondesh .

Barring this, they also had the regular

Cheese spread
Live pasta and pizza counter

And the best of all, lovely fresh popcorn popping in front of you.
They also served Hummus , Fattoush and more.

Their dessert spread was limited but good. We loved the fondue .
We also liked the innovation to the simple dishes.

We tried :
Thandai Breton
Chocolate mousse with apple cardamom compote
Pistachio crepe brulle crumble – I loved how the pistachio flavour dwelled .

Saffron baked yoghurt
Boondi baked lemon cheese cake – I genuinely liked the way soft boondi and cheesecake went together.


Staff :

They say more than the food, what matters is the how they feed you.

The staff was genuinely so warm and fed us like we were family.
I was not well. Mr Ravi, served me some amazing black tea with ginger and honey .
Further, Ravi was recommending us some wonderful dishes to try on.
Mr Kaustabh took care of us extremely well.
Further, all the staff whose names I might have missed were warm.

Overall :
We sat there for good 3 hours enjoying the weather from inside and gorging onto delicious food.

Deets :
Every Sunday of this month is regional themed brunch.
Further , till 14th August on Dineout they do have 50% off on brunch .

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Asian food! Oh LMNOPQ

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LMNOPQ is a restaurant for your Asian food cravings in the quiet lanes of Khar. It’s pairs a rusty modern mood with some delightful music. The first unique thing we found about the place was it’s water! It was infused with mint which proved to be refreshing when we walked into the place after traveling in the sun but later we found it slightly bitter.


We were welcomed by lemongrass sangria which was again refreshing but could have been better.

The first dish we tasted was the Lava Nachos which were pretty amazing. The Nachos were topped with vegetables cooked in a sauce we wish we could steal. You’re going to thank us once you try it.

Next on our plate were the paneer spicy schezwan chilli bao and the trump fried chicken bao. We found the paneer bao extremely dry and the paneer wasn’t soft as we expected it to be. However we loved the chicken bao.

We gorged on some water chestnut and corn that were a sweet delicious treat. They brought us their cream cheese sushi that was a good balance of sweet and spicy and perfect if you’re a vegetarian looking for some good sushi.

The Khausuey that was made in coconut milk with crushed peanuts sprinkled on the top was not just a treat to our eyes but our pallette as well.

The pad Thai noodles were soft and loaded with sprouts paired with that amazing secret sauce again. If you’re in the mood for a good tour of authentic Asian food then LMNOPQ in khar is a must visit

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Affection with Asian @Pa Pa Ya

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Pa pa ya is a high energy dining comely that encapsulates all the five sense into dining experience. Basically Asian food and drink with a twist . Molecular gastronomy and mixology has been added as a value rather than a gimmick . In a sense the menu is a combination of science and art

Let us begin

What did we order?

Drinks :

Love potion
Nothing can go wrong when vodka meets berries and litchi. Everything was so smooth and it accompanied well with my food.

Food :

Asparagus, corn and burnt spring onion

Steamed asparagus and corn farce in potato and wheat Starch mounded into flower. Absolutely loved this Dimsum. You should should should try it.


Modern sushi
Crispy vegetable maki, dehydrated spinach
Sweet and sour crispy vegetables rolled into a futomaki, spicy mayo
There is no doubt that papaya is my favorite place for sushi. I loved the addition of crispness on the sushi. And secondly, these flavours just go well together.

Beer battered avocado tacos, corn and scallion kimchi
Cripsy avocado, corn and scallion kimchi, farted mozzarella
This was palatable too.

Edamame and chickpea sliders, homemade potato chips
Lotus flour buns, grilled chickpea and edamame patties, chilli Mayo
What did I even describe more about it?
Everything was just wonderful.


Corn and spinach fried rice
Ching mai curry, Brussels
The Ching mai curry made me drool. The smooth coconut milk along with rich flavours and vegetables going wonderfully with the corn and spinach fried rice.


We ended it with the chocolate fire ball. It is priced for ₹710 but it’s huge. Easily 4 people can devour.
The chocolate crispy is beautiful and the texture amalgamates with the soft icecream and brownie.

How’s the service ?
The service is so welcoming and what impressed me was that everyone knew about the dishes .
Chef Sahil Singh and Chef Vinayak have done a great job.

Let me mention all the sweet people who hosted us
Thanks, you guys were wonderful
Chocolate ball on fire

How’s the price?
It is expensive as it’s a fine dine and most of the people come there for the experience and the alchemy that Karla holds.
Cost for two would be around 3000₹ without taxes and alcohol.

It was beautiful experience to try so many different flavours presented differently


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Get ready for a romantic Asian night at 12 Union Park!

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What ?

12 union park

Bandra West

Asian Food

₹2500 for two
(this is subject to appetite, Tax, alcohol consumption, personal judgement)


Come on, tell us something about the place….
Okay. As you all know I have a thing for interiors. This place is situated in the corner of Bandra and is an absolute gorgeous PICK! The outer section has little plantations all around with vintage chandeliers on top and chique style chairs.


Then you walk inside, you are welcome with domes and modern yet elegant lights. Bang! You spot a wildlife inspired seating in another corner. It is just pretty, elegant and all things nice.


Enough. Stop it! Cut the crap and tell us what you ordered?

🙊 Oops 🙊! I guess I went overboard. But the place is really pretty.

What did we order?
In a nutshell I can say they have done a great job with all delicacies. I can barely pin point anything.


Sushi :
Cream cheese asparagus sushi roll: This is classic combination which cannot go wrong.



Smoked edamame & truffle dimsum
The use of truffle oil just elevated the classic Asian dish and not to forget the smoked element of it.

Mixed veg crystal dimsum:
This is something what I have had . A sheer classic though…



Crispy lotus stem:
This is very authentic dish. I have started liking lotus Stem as it’s healthy and gives that crunch to you whole meal.



Gochujan udon
Give me those noodles now ! Enough said.


Golden garlic rice
Simply delicious is what I would say.


Yangon veg curry
The curry was smelling fantastic. And when I tasted it, it was even better!



Baked cheesecake. I am going to be honest. Firstly I am not fond of cheesecake. So I didn’t like it that much.

But guys ! They have wasabi icecream! It was over that day so couldn’t try it.


Also, I don’t recollect the name of the cocktail. But it was wine based with purée of fruits. Let me tell you, it was indeed one of the best wine cocktails! The wine was smooth.

How’s the service?
You know where the staff just wants to feed you?
It was like that. It felt home. Happy smiles. I wish I recollected their names to write about them here.

It’s a very pretty place. I know I have said it. But LEGIT!

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