Taj Wellington, opens its doors for Non Residents with its all new cafe , Hello Mews Cafe!

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As I step into this place, I am welcomed the Taj way with the Arti and Garland. As I walk towards the cafe, I am transported to a luxury house like feeling.

The cafe is right out of a beautifully curated drawing room at your home, with a lot of thought.

As you all know I am high on details, from embroidered cushions to comfortable sofas to sculptures tucked away in corners to a little super Mart where you can pick your cereals, chocolates and stuff if you are staying up there.

And oh let’s not forget the alfresco seating outside with little candles. It would be perfect in winters.

Now I move onto my table and they have set a beautiful bouquet of pink roses on the table.

Then I head onto read the menu. It is a pretty comprehensive one. From all day breakfast to Continental to Indian, there was something for all.
For breakfast they had the Taj bakery , Fresh cut fruit, paratha, idli and more.


We started with Hummus ₹385. The hummus was delicious absolutely.
They have Salads small and large ₹350/₹550 .
They did have Sandwiches too which we gave a miss.4

We moved onto have the pizza and loved it. It is for ₹750. What we liked that the onions were charred and not put raw. The tomato sauce was super fresh.

Next up we tried Pesto linguine for ₹600, which was so delicious. It was a very good pesto I had in a long time. Also it was very filling.

They did have Continental grills too. We tried one of their wellness dishes :
Super food salad : quinoa , sweet potato , veere root , orange and citrus dressing . I loved it. The citrus dressing went so well with the whole salad.
They did have Comfort Indian food too like Biryani , baingan bharta, Paneer Kathi roll


Next up we tried Desserts for ₹385
We had the Chocolate brownie . It was Uber delicious.
They also have Thali and kiddies menu.

For drinks we tried from the Jiva spa menu
We called for a Fruit juice
Iron man (apples, guava, pear)
Powered with antioxidant , rich in diner , iron , vitamin A , vitamin C. Absolutely refreshing.

We called for Vegetable juice too.
Celery , carrot , apple juice
Natural healing drink with low saturated fat .
I really like juices so I loved it.

Also what I liked was that it was so fresh with zero sugar or anything. Just made and given to us.

They had a wide range of teas ₹300 like Kahwa, taj house blend , jasmine tea .

We went outside to seat by the open area. We called for cappuccino and Americano, loved both.

To mention the sweetest part, they got me a bouquet of red roses just to make it special. It is all about these little things they say.

Kudos to the staff for hosting us!
Tejendra, Shubham , Shruti , Shabbar , Sagar, Chinmayee !

If you are looking for a gorgeous laid back night or a chilled out brunch amidst a decor which makes you feel at a luxury home, say hello to Muse Cafe!

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Quattro, The vegetarian Delight

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Quattro has been quite the buzz amongst vegetarians for its good food. It usually is sold out on weekends.

Where : Lower Parel, Opposite High Street Phoenix
Cost for Two : ₹2500
Cuisine : Mexican, Continental
Type : Vegetarian
Decor : Modern Decor
Place : Family Restaurant

#TGJ TIP : It is a bit on the expensive side


I love their dips totally. Let’s begin with
Corn salsa
Green tomatilo
Fresh tomato salsa
Habenaro salsa
Olive tapenade


Next up we moved onto try our mocktails:
Cooler :
Applied basil ₹315 . I loved the freshness of the basil.

We skipped the salads and soups as the menu was so elaborate.
We called for tasting portions as we wanted to try a lot of stuff still managed to try only half . Please note the actual portions are bigger for many dishes.

If you are like us, you could do the set menu for ₹700 : three appetisers , salad, pizza , Italian main course , Mexican main course . However please note a minimum of 8 people are required for this.


Starters :
1. Olive & Mushroom crostini
Spherification of green olives served on a toasted baguette slice with mushrooms . You pop into your mouth and a burst of flavours appears.

2. Risotto palle
A combination of signature cream risotto and cheese , crumbled and fried , served with chilli oil pipettes . I loved it. However I would have liked more of cheese


3. Taquitas
Fried gluten free tortilla cones filled with beans ,jalepanos , tomato salsa , avocado ice cream . I love how there are so many elements into the dish. The crunchy texture, the soft ice cream and everything dwelled wonderfully.


4. Mexican spiced queso
Cottage cheese , cubes , spiced with chipotle chilli . It is a bit spicy.

5. Classic fondue
Absolutely loved the fondue and how. The cheese was perfectly melted. It is amazing with herbs. It was great for non alcoholic (ie sans wine) fondue.

We gave a miss to the sizzlers even though we wanted to try them as we didn’t want to end up wasting food. But the Italian one sounded AMAZE!

They also have pizzas, lasagne, Mexican dishes for your array.

Coming to my favorite part,

I have tried a couple of desserts there. We had the chocolate Saturn for ₹560 . It is huge and heavy and can be eaten by 4 people. It is all things good. That delicious Belgian chocolate popping in your mouth to that little jelly underneath. It is great overall.


Some really fine gentlemen wanting to feed us with big smile . So cheers to Mr Santosh, Mr Pramod and Mr Chandrakant

Overall we had a great time! Thank you

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Chocolate Heaven

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A newly opened dessert parlour in Mumbai, Chocolate Heaven Manages to captivate you with its beautiful ambiance and quirky interiors.

There are swings that take you back to your childhood where you didn’t count calories while indulging in chocolate.


Classic Blooming Bread- a loaf of bread sliced and stuffed with cheese, garlic butter, spring onion and sesame seeds and baked.
Price: ₹335
The bread was soft fresh and cheesy. The garlic was well balanced, it tasted very identical to a garlic naan that is loaded with cheese. It was served with chutney that added flavour to the bread. However we think it was pricey for its quantity.
Rating: 4/5

Brownie Pizza: A pizza that takes away your regular marinara and cheese for some brownie, chocolate and Nutella
Price: ₹410
The pizza was very rich as it was loaded with brownie and Nutella and Chocolate. It was truly drool worthy for any chocolate lover. The price is justified since the pizza is large and brimming with toppings.
Rating: 5/5

Creamy Four Cheese Spaghetti Pasta:
Spaghetti pasta cooked in mozzarella, cheddar, Gouda and cottage cheese.
Price: ₹420
The pasta was very cheesy but unfortunately it lacked flavour. It was almost as if no thought was put into combing the ingredients. We suggest you to go for something else on the menu since it’s not worth the price.


Passion Fruit Mojito:
Price: ₹180
Even though we did not get a hint or passion fruit, we really enjoyed this chiller. It’s extremely refreshing and we highly recommend this one if you’re looking for something cool to sip on.
Rating: 4/5


Toblerone Shake:
Price: ₹250
The toblerone shake was overly sweet. It seemed to be loaded with added sugar that took away the taste of the toblerone from the milkshake. For the price we think you might want to give this a pass.
Rating: 3/5

Chocolate Fondue:
Chocolate Fondue served with waffles, marshmallows, brownie and chocolate sticks.
Price: ₹500
The candle placed right below the fondue kept it warm and gooey. The consistency was definitely great. The portions of waffles, brownies, chocolate sticks and marshmallows was good. We think this is a great thing to call for with your friends. The price is not so high for the quality and quantity that you are being served.
Rating: 5/5

Overall we think that the food is slightly overpriced. It is either a hit or a complete miss. However it can be a cool spot to hangout in the day.

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Vegetarians say hello to your newest pal ! Hello Bombay Cartel

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Bombay cartel is an amazing place to party on a Saturday night or a brunch on a Sunday morning at breach candy

Known for its lip smacking vegetarian food , Bombay Cartel has gorgeous interiors and an excellent bar. It’s know to make a remarkable comeback after it’s outlet at Atria Mall shut down.

They have come up with a unique concept called Park Your Bottle. Where on the purchase a bottle of your favourite drink, savour as much of it as you want and park it here for the next time you or your friends and family visit.

To start with , we got an avocado cream cheese sushi because why not
The cheese and avocado were fresh. We found the sushi a little bland on its own. However the soy sauce added a tangy and deep flavour to it.
We would give it a 3/5

Mumbai Meri Jaan:
Bhel Puri, Pani puri, Pav bhaji and Vada pav served on a cart

A platter perfect to much on along with beer or your favourite drinks. It served about 3-4 people.

The pav was very fresh and the bhel flavour was amazing

Next up we got the goat cheese pizza :
We feel that the crust of the pizza defines it and boy did TBC nail it. The marinara was in proportion to the cheese that the pizza was topper with. The spinach and salty goat cheese was perfectly balanced to make it one of our favourite pizzas.
We would give it a 4/5

Next up the paneer burger :

To our surprise, the burger was not only served with a side of fries but also boiled corn on the cob.
The patty was made of cottage cheese marinated and this burger was exploding with flavour. The fries were perfectly done as well.
We would definitely give this a 4/5

For drinks we got the classic LIIT :
We were taken aback by the presentation of this drink. After trying LIIT’s across the city, we can assure you this is one drink you cannot miss out.
A 5/5 for this bad boy.

For desert we got a gulab jamun and rum cheesecake :

Yes! You heard that right. Gulab jamun with cheesecake. We believe our words will not do justice to the experience this dessert leaves. If we had one wish, it would be to eat this cheesecake every single day.
Price : priceless
Rating : 1000000/5

So if you’re looking for a chill place to party with great food or just a nice place to get great food, head to Bombay Cartel and we promise you won’t be disappointed

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Laid Back Cafes , Hello 10th Street

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A busy café located in the quaint lanes of Khar, 10th Street Café is a newly opened wonder.

They have a gorgeous set up indoors and outdoors.

Caramel Cappuccino
Price: 170
The fragrance of caramel and coffee wafted around us. However, it tasted mediocre as we couldn’t really taste the coffee.

Mezze platter: a large platter filled with dollops of different kinds of hummus and Arabic dips, served with their in-house baked bread. It costed approximately ₹450. The platter is worth the splurge as you get a good portion of dips along with the soft warm bread.

Goat cheese salad:
The goat cheese salad was a combination of lettuce, goat cheese, sweet lime and caramelised walnuts.
Price: 410
We highly recommend you try out this salad even if you’re not really into salads. It takes you through 3 different kinds of flavours in one plate. The salty goat cheese, citrusy sweet lime and sweet and crunchy walnut. Not only is it a blend of flavours but also textures. The goat cheese adds richness to the dish and we absolutely loved it.

Penne vodka:
Penne pasta cooked in a combination of tomato sauce, cheese and vodka.
Price: 385
The pasta was well cooked but the cheese seemed to overpower the tangy side of the pasta. If that’s what you’re looking for then you must give this a try.

LIT and Basil Pomtini:
The LIT was surprisingly colourful and strong. It didn’t seem to be watered down by ice which is definitely a plus point. The Basil Pomtini was perfect if you’re looking for a sweet cocktail to enjoy with your food.
Price: 650 and 450 respectively.

Banoffee pie: If there is one dish we had to choose from the entire menu it would definitely be the banoffee pie. It’s made fresh everyday by the chefs. All the ingredients are put together perfectly, the outer biscuit, the banana and the sauce and the whipped cream on the top left is wanting for more.
Price: priceless (250)

Nutella creme Brûlée:
Price: 375
This creme brûlée was what we called the perfect balance between sweet and too sweet. The caramelised glass like crust on top and the soft custard the way we wished we ended all our meals.

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