Illuminati – the new Vibe in BKC !

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From luxury hotels, businesses, to commercial spaces, Bandra-Kurla complex in Mumbai houses some of the biggest names in the industry within its high-rise buildings (most of which look like art-work made in steel and glass!). But for quite a few years now, BKC has also been one of the go-to food destinations of the city. Inspire BKC is one such hotspot which is a commercial hub filled with offices and restaurants. Despite being surrounded by places like Trèsind, Uno Más, Cardboard, Drifters etc., Illuminati manages to stand out and offer something unique of its own.

Illuminati is a unique mix between a lounge, a fine-dine experience and a soon-to-be nightclub. If you have heard about this place or have come across any photos of the place, you have most probably seen how beautiful this place looks. The ambience of this place is phenomenal and the ‘starry-night-like’ lights make this place seem ‘out of this world’, quite literally.

The combination of unique lighting, the black and white decor and the extensive use of glass make this place feel aesthetically grand. But the premiumness of this place doesn’t end here, it also spills down to the culinary options that this place has to offer.
The menu has been curated to cover a variety of cuisines, which include European, Japanese, Italian and American. The food here looked as gorgeous as the place itself, and the taste was amazing too. It is really difficult to take a bad photo in this place, be it the food or the ambience.

Our recommendation would be to start off with an appetizer, and also a drink to go along with it. Our favourites were Charcoal bread sandwiches and Rajma feta squares, but you couldn’t go wrong with anything on the menu. We also quite liked the Pizza inspired arancini and the Spiced edamame hummus. For the mains, we would definitely recommend Baked gnocchi fontina and Braised broccoli & Tofu curry with rice, as some solid vegetarian options.

The chef also recommends the pineapple-upside/down and apple pie baklava for desserts, and the mixologist’s favourites include The eye, Blue fairy, and the Evil queen. Illuminati is a new place and yet it has a lot to offer. We are excited to visit this place again very soon, as the management has a lot of plans for this place in the near future!

The Peppermill !

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The Pepper Mill is a newly opened gem at Bandra. It’s has a lovely colourful decor and loads of seating available. They’re known for playing really good music. We interacted with a Chef Parag who recommended us a variety of dishes prepared by him. We left the choices on him and boy were we left surprised. The staff here is really helpful too.
We tried-

Breads and dips platter
Price- 365
The pepper mill prepares in house a variety of breads like Lavash, Focassia, Cross Buns and Breadstick. They served it with 8 different kind of dips including hummus, guacamole, peri peri mayo and a lot more. We truly enjoyed gorging on this platter. It’s a good choice for a date as it pairs so well with drinks and is fun to eat too.
Rating- 5/5

Cheese Nuggets
Price- 310
A kind of dish best eaten when hot. Mind you that they’re spicier than you think. We think if you have kids, this will be your child’s favourite. It’s drizzled with spicy chipotle to make it more flavourful.
Rating- 4/5

Lamb Sheekh Kabab
Price- 410
Tender pieces of lamb kebabs placed on splattered chutney. The quality of meat here is really good. Also the lamb chops are not too small but just right. We enjoyed these with the chutney that was served along.
Rating- 4/5


Cranberry Beetroot Salad
Price- 365
This is a salad made of watermelon, sweet lime, beetroot, fennel and feta cream.
We must admit that the portion of this salad is very small for the price we can’t deny that we enjoyed every bite of this salad. It’s one of those salads we’d ask you to try even if you weren’t on a health spree.


Asian Sesame Ginger Salad
Price- 360
Made out of sprouts, sesame seeds, red radish and scallion, this salad is super healthy. The restaurant has however managed to make it flavourful so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on taste. The portion is a good enough to fill you up.
Rating- 3.5/5

Pizza Charcoal Barbecue Chicken
Price- 475
The base of the pizza is again baked in house and hence is extremely fresh. The pizza is topped with saucy barbecued chicken along with cheddar cheese and grilled onion. This pizza tasted really good for anyone who is a fan of chicken and pizza.
Rating- 5/5

One of the creamiest tiramisus we have tasted in a long time. The sweet lining of cake that they layered this with is what we think made this dish so outstanding. The sweetness of the cake and the bitter coffee cream is truly a delight. If you’re into tiramisus or want to try it out we’d suggest you go here.
Rating- 4.5/5


Gooey Chocolate Brownie with Honey Fried Crips
Infused with alcohol this dish was one of the most outstanding ones here. The brownie is extremely gooey. The chocolate oozes out in every bite. What made it extra special is the honey fried crisp on the top that let us pair this dish with something crunchy.
Rating- 5/5

Price- 450-500
The peppermill Classic
The melon and peach
The kiwi and pineapple
The plum and pear

The Pepper Mill is already famous for its sangrias. All of them were well prepared sangrias with fruit cut delicately. Chef Parag will truly help you in finding your favourite one and help you out with what goes with your dish
Our favourites were the plum and pear and the melon and peach.

Overall, we loved our experience at The Pepper Mill. It’s a delightful place opened up at the heart of Bandra. Chef Parag is truly skilled and it’s an honour to be able to taste his food. We recommend this place for a brunch post shopping with your girls or a date too.

Laid Back Cafes , Hello 10th Street

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A busy café located in the quaint lanes of Khar, 10th Street Café is a newly opened wonder.

They have a gorgeous set up indoors and outdoors.

Caramel Cappuccino
Price: 170
The fragrance of caramel and coffee wafted around us. However, it tasted mediocre as we couldn’t really taste the coffee.

Mezze platter: a large platter filled with dollops of different kinds of hummus and Arabic dips, served with their in-house baked bread. It costed approximately ₹450. The platter is worth the splurge as you get a good portion of dips along with the soft warm bread.

Goat cheese salad:
The goat cheese salad was a combination of lettuce, goat cheese, sweet lime and caramelised walnuts.
Price: 410
We highly recommend you try out this salad even if you’re not really into salads. It takes you through 3 different kinds of flavours in one plate. The salty goat cheese, citrusy sweet lime and sweet and crunchy walnut. Not only is it a blend of flavours but also textures. The goat cheese adds richness to the dish and we absolutely loved it.

Penne vodka:
Penne pasta cooked in a combination of tomato sauce, cheese and vodka.
Price: 385
The pasta was well cooked but the cheese seemed to overpower the tangy side of the pasta. If that’s what you’re looking for then you must give this a try.

LIT and Basil Pomtini:
The LIT was surprisingly colourful and strong. It didn’t seem to be watered down by ice which is definitely a plus point. The Basil Pomtini was perfect if you’re looking for a sweet cocktail to enjoy with your food.
Price: 650 and 450 respectively.

Banoffee pie: If there is one dish we had to choose from the entire menu it would definitely be the banoffee pie. It’s made fresh everyday by the chefs. All the ingredients are put together perfectly, the outer biscuit, the banana and the sauce and the whipped cream on the top left is wanting for more.
Price: priceless (250)

Nutella creme Brûlée:
Price: 375
This creme brûlée was what we called the perfect balance between sweet and too sweet. The caramelised glass like crust on top and the soft custard the way we wished we ended all our meals.

10th Street Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sassy Spoon had no sass to offer with miserable service .

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I have been going to sassy spoon since a long time now. I have had a good experience till they changed the menu, decor until recently.

Let me begin our plight.
The manager Pranav was the rudest person I have ever met. He had his foreign accent along with attitude jumping off the roof as if he was doing a big favour by serving us.
Dear sir, there are zillion restaurants with great ambience and good food.

We had reserved way in advance . They gave us a table right besides the kitchen door opening and closing continuously in fraction of seconds.
Mr Pranav says we cannot do anything. This is what we have. Later we will see what we can do.

That’s not it, We overheard Mr Pranav saying “I will not be serving this table” to the other colleagues

He was absolutely rude beaming with attitude that the place was packed and how would one customer matter . He absolutely judged us thinking we are not that wealthy as we are cribbing for Dineout .

Excuse me, We have bought Dineout passport or whatever and have paid for it. And moreover your brand has associated with them.

That is just the start.
Mr Prince is the same. He told us “You would not get anything except a dessert” . (We booked through Dineout so complimentary dessert)
Dear Sir, mind your words. We are not begging you that you say those words.

And then Mr Prince avoids us extremely. We are calling out to him . A table besides us calls him and he goes there ignoring our tables.

Say what ?

We tried reaching to the General Manager Mr Viraj . He was the same.


Wait for it.
The app Dineout says “Signature house dessert” . We visited three months back and got the amazing dessert . And now we got a mice slice bite of cake given pathetically and dry. We didn’t eat it .


The food was decent.
The potato paratha theecha has mentioned mozzarella but there was no cheese inside.


The pasta was decent.


Overall, I don’t think I am going there anytime soon.


There are better places with better ambience and food and definitely way more amazing staff who do their job instead of throwing airs and attitude.

Winelicious! 🍷 hello 266 wine room !

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In their own words, ‘266 – The Wine Room and Bar ‘ is a place where modern culinary techniques reflect the flavours from different cuisines and create an amalgamation of textures presented in a single plate.

In other words, this is a place that serves some kick-ass food with an amazing array of wine options.This expansive range of wines complements the modern European cuisine served here.

266 is not only a wine-lover’s paradise, but also a gastronome’s heaven. This means that the food here is equally incredible and goes great with the wine offerings.

The Lotus stem crisps are a must-have. We also loved their Caponata on toast.


For the main course we’d suggest you try their Gnocchi gorgonzola and the Eggplant Involtini.

It is safe to say that you could literally order anything on the menu and you won’t be disappointed.

It is the same with the desserts as well, we tried the Dark chocolate mousse, and we loved it! Also, the Chef (Mr. Sahil Arora) guided us through the wine experience and suggested us the best wines and cocktails that complemented our choice of dishes. Our personal recommendation would be Strawberry Hill.

Their approach towards acquiring the ingredients for their dishes is also very unique. They take a lot of pride in their philosophy of using only locally grown produce. This ensures that the ingredients are fresh and the food is healthier.

The modern vibe of this place makes it a great option to spend an intimate yet fun evening with your friends or family. It is elegant and beautiful. 266 is not just for meal, but it is an experience. It is the perfect culmination of great food and fine wine.

266 - The Wine Room And Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato