Chill at MRP, with drinks @MRP (6-9pm)

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MRP at dadar is one of the few party places amidst sion Matunga Dadar and so I really like it.

Ambience :

Chilled out ambience with a lot of quirkiness line dialogues like liquid dialogue, truth and dare makes this place cool.

#TGJTIPS and info:

A. They have drinks at MRP rate daily between 6pm to 9pm
B. Wednesdays : Karoke Night
C. Thursdays : Bollywood Night
D. Sundays : Unplugged nights

So What did I have?

Drinks :


1. Feng shui pot :
It is Whisky fresh apple, elder flower, cherry butters . It’s really strong and nice .

2. Molecular DSLR
Vodka litchi passion fruit puree, coconut milk, litchi caviar . I liked it a lot as the freshness of lychee is really nice .

3. Chinese mule
This had Vodka, cranberry, peach , green tea, dry, ginger ale and I loved the combination of all these ingredients . It actually turned out amazing !


1. Red pepper paneer
It actually tasted a lot like paneer Chilly and the flavours were strong and spicy

2. Hummus slider
I found this okay . It was a bit dry according to me and the garlic punch was missing.

For main course:

1. Chilly Oil Noodles :
The noodles had cottage cheese in it and was nice

2. Chole Kulcha
I found this a great deal as they give Rice, two kulchas, chole, Papad and salad for only 310. It tastes good

I ended it with drinking chocolate sundae which has waffle pieces, whipped cream, icecream and all . It was amazing. They had put baileys on top so was good too .

The prices are pretty reasonable for a bar which makes it good option for central party place .


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Funky and Chill, Welcome to Sobos newest place : The Urban Foundry

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The Urban Foundry is the newest addition to go and chill , dine , dance or just be in Colaba. As the name suggests, the mechanics game of this place is strong . Confused much? They have lot of inspiration from machinery and mechanics. Let me break down the technicalities for you . The fork and spoon also have screwdriver and tools as inspiration. Now let me tell you, what impressed me. It’s the menu. Very elaborate thought out drinks menu and good insightful food menu . From being like a typical nerdy engineer diagrams and anatomy break downs, the menu has lot of elements to it .

Enough of blabber . Let’s get to business.

The menu has drinks like “Do the can can” where there are lot of fruity drinks and all inspired .
Community binging is where you all can share a drink for 650-750 with taxes .

For cocktails, I had the Knuckle up . The glass was fancy . It has lemongrass pomegranate and vodka and was nice !
Now let’s get to the food, they have Hindi + English names and kind of difficult to read . But that means you pay more attention.

I had the japani 6 inch pizzas which is basically Japanese style pizzas .
Roasted red capsicum & mushroom truffle pizza . I found it okay as I am really less fond of Truffle oil .

Next up, loved the spinach dimsums completely .

The flavours of my next appetiser “paneer chilly gyoza” were strong and tasty.


I also had the olive Feta kulcha . It’s different in its own way. Also do have it with the chutney they serve.

For main course aka what they call the
The large thermodynamics

I tried Indian :

Paneer makhanwala with garlic naan :
Simple soul food and good flavours .

For Asian I had the Sichuan Tofu . The Tofu was extremely soft and the Sichuan had the right flavours !

And what excited me the most was desserts.
They had Beer A misu which was tiramisu with beer and motichoor sushi!

I tried samundar ka moti which was a chocolate ball and they put alcohol on top . What I liked about this dish was the pistachio ganache that they had used inside

Next I loved the gajar ka halwa frozen kulfi . The combination was great .

Overall loved the place . The wooden decora, the appeal to all kinds of people : dance then you have dancing space , eat then seating place, by the bar tables and private dining rooms making it good huh to chill or rave !


Version 2.0 : Bombay Bronx at Breach Candy, Mumbai in its new avatar

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Bombay Bronx has revamped itself . With quirky decors and adding Bombay feeling to it, this one of the favorite sobo places to chill and have a drink for the crowd. There are colorful chairs, Amitabh bachchan funky dialogue on a wall, huge jeep lying somewhere and ending with a flashy headlight themed bar

So usually I am not high about places which have Bombay style chaat food as I feel roadside is always better.

When they served me Bombay chakana, I was really impressed. The lotus stems sprayed with pepper, bhel, chips was all so yum.

Next up, I had the vegetarian platter. And I couldn’t complain. The baby corn was roasted nicely, also the mushroom was perfect.


Next up, had the cheese maggi which I found very okay. The truffle oil was overpowering.


The nachos was good. I mean it was normal.

The desserts had not yet started when I went there.

But one thing I really liked was my peach iced tea. I am not even joking but I gulped down three glasses. There was nothing unique but it was just a good refreshing iced tea.

Also the menu has picked up inspiration from various cuisines, they have thai curry, pizzas, indian fusions as well.

Overall liked the place for a chiller evening.


Talaiva , the new party addition to the Kamla Mills.

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As you step in , you are welcomed by warm staff guiding you towards your table .

Coming to the ambience of the place, there are dim lights hanging, different sections having different cushions and a bar. They also have a Sheesha section.

They have a huge drinks menu. I ordered from their signature cocktail menu- Grapefruit sour with pomegranate. I would term it as a very smooth drink which acted as a good combination with my food.
Lets start with the food. So they have two sections to the menu – continental and indian, thereby appealing to all age groups. I love both kinds of food, so I thought of ordering from both the sections.

I wanted to try unique stuff away from the mundane. So I called for beetroot galouti which was so good. The beetroot was so perfectly made and also the yoghurt dollop on top was a perfect accompaniment.


Then I called for wild mushroom samosa. Yes , this combination may not appeal to all but it tasted out of the world and was heavenly for mushroom lovers. The infusion of thyme brought the dish together. Then next called for goat cheese pizza which was good too . It is 10inch pizza.

To end the main courses called for lasagna. The lasagna was layered with lots of veggies and was good too.

Called for chocolate mousse cake and I really loved it. I am keeping it simple. The mousse has a chocolate crunchy base which went perfectly with the soft texture of the mousse.

Also called for gajar ka halwa which was average.

Plus – Friday Nights and Saturday Nights , they play Bollywood music post 10pm . Cover charges – Rs 2000.

Cannot wait to get again and groove to the music while hog into some food.



Sunday brunching done right with Glass House , Hyatt Regency

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What’s an ideal brunch they say ? Poolside , crates of desserts , wine flowing , confused souls wandering what to eat due to elaborate spread . That’s exactly what it was at Glass house .

I was impressed by the spread Starting with my favourites , the Chef had put in lot of thought and effort behind the desserts

From strawberry profitel to Indian sweets like Kashi katli there was all The jaamun cheesecake was a unique combination.

Also the stack of cupcakes lying made a very pleasant site . They had waffles pancakes and yes icecream in waffle cones too . That’s not about it !

They also had a cart of fresh fruits . I loved the spread .

They had displayed chowpatty gola and coconut water too .

Also they had selection of wines , cocktails and all They have a kiddies section too to play while the parents enjoy the meal . They had hummus peta bread to assorted pastas to pizzas

Oh yes did I mention ? There was fresh juice being churned for you That’s not it , they also had chaat counter . I know I am using a lot of also but I can’t help it as they had so much .

Kebabs , Biryanis, starters they had it all . Not gonna forget to mention the Warm staff and efforts a chef puts behind . Overall had a beautiful brunch !