The Fork Tale

  An elegant café located in the busy streets of khar, The Fork Tale promises outstanding ambience and service along with it’s fine dine global cuisine. We tried the following dishes: Cheese Kurkure- cheese deep fried and wrapped in a crispy coating. Price: 300 The presentation of the dish was on point. Each Kurkure was… Continue reading The Fork Tale

Vegetarians say hello to your newest pal ! Hello Bombay Cartel

Bombay cartel is an amazing place to party on a Saturday night or a brunch on a Sunday morning at breach candy Known for its lip smacking vegetarian food , Bombay Cartel has gorgeous interiors and an excellent bar. It’s know to make a remarkable comeback after it’s outlet at Atria Mall shut down. They… Continue reading Vegetarians say hello to your newest pal ! Hello Bombay Cartel

Laid Back Cafes , Hello 10th Street

A busy café located in the quaint lanes of Khar, 10th Street Café is a newly opened wonder. They have a gorgeous set up indoors and outdoors. Caramel Cappuccino Price: 170 The fragrance of caramel and coffee wafted around us. However, it tasted mediocre as we couldn’t really taste the coffee. Mezze platter: a large… Continue reading Laid Back Cafes , Hello 10th Street

Quick Veggie Bite, Hello Vedge

After an uber successful venture in Andheri, Vedge has opened an ‘XPRS’ (or express) outlet in R-city mall, Ghatkopar. If you do not know, Vedge is a very popular vegetarian place. It has a reputation of being one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the city, especially amongst the foodie-crowd.And this outlet is no difference.… Continue reading Quick Veggie Bite, Hello Vedge

Healthy eating at Sante Spa Cuisine, BKC

Located amidst the glass buildings of BKC, Santé Spa Cuisine as the name suggests is a restaurant that combines taste with health.   They offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes that leave your taste buds satisfied. Apart from the food, Santé focuses on an overall healthy and eco friendly environment.  … Continue reading Healthy eating at Sante Spa Cuisine, BKC