Shopping at elco ? Stop at Trench for some great food

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The Chocolate Room is the self-proclaimed ‘Best Chocolate Dessert Café ‘of the city. For the past 10 years, it has indeed been one of the most popular dessert cafes of not just the city, but the whole country.

With Trench by The Chocolate Room, they are taking their craft to a whole new dimension. Trench’s menu definitely justifies its association with the chocolate room. It has got some of the best dessert options out there. ‘The Midas Touch’ deserves a special mention here. From shakes to frappes to sundaes, they have got it all.

But Trench is so much more than just another dessert place. It is a complete restaurant café. It offers one of the longest, never-ending beverage and food menu that we have ever seen. We definitely recommend going in big groups or making multiple visits, just to experience the amazing array of cuisines that this place has to offer.

You can never go wrong with soups and appetizers here. Our recommendation would be the mini burger platter, it’s unique and it’s awesome. The crepes are also great here. We also had the Mexican Filo Tart, Mezze Platter, Garlic Bread, The Red Velvet Cake, and the Kit-Kat shake and we would recommend it all without any hesitation. The food served here is legit delicious, fresh and has a unique taste to it. The food and the vibe here have got some indescribable quality to it, which is difficult to put in words. You have got to experience it. The feel of the place is quite chic yet very cosy and homely. The wall art, the swings, the red booth, and the overall setting of the place sets the mood right.

One outing to this place may not be enough to go through the whole menu, but it was more than enough for us to recommend Trench to anyone and everyone who enjoys good food from café-restro style menu and who is looking forward to indulging in some out-of-this-world desserts!


Taj Wellington, opens its doors for Non Residents with its all new cafe , Hello Mews Cafe!

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As I step into this place, I am welcomed the Taj way with the Arti and Garland. As I walk towards the cafe, I am transported to a luxury house like feeling.

The cafe is right out of a beautifully curated drawing room at your home, with a lot of thought.

As you all know I am high on details, from embroidered cushions to comfortable sofas to sculptures tucked away in corners to a little super Mart where you can pick your cereals, chocolates and stuff if you are staying up there.

And oh let’s not forget the alfresco seating outside with little candles. It would be perfect in winters.

Now I move onto my table and they have set a beautiful bouquet of pink roses on the table.

Then I head onto read the menu. It is a pretty comprehensive one. From all day breakfast to Continental to Indian, there was something for all.
For breakfast they had the Taj bakery , Fresh cut fruit, paratha, idli and more.


We started with Hummus ₹385. The hummus was delicious absolutely.
They have Salads small and large ₹350/₹550 .
They did have Sandwiches too which we gave a miss.4

We moved onto have the pizza and loved it. It is for ₹750. What we liked that the onions were charred and not put raw. The tomato sauce was super fresh.

Next up we tried Pesto linguine for ₹600, which was so delicious. It was a very good pesto I had in a long time. Also it was very filling.

They did have Continental grills too. We tried one of their wellness dishes :
Super food salad : quinoa , sweet potato , veere root , orange and citrus dressing . I loved it. The citrus dressing went so well with the whole salad.
They did have Comfort Indian food too like Biryani , baingan bharta, Paneer Kathi roll


Next up we tried Desserts for ₹385
We had the Chocolate brownie . It was Uber delicious.
They also have Thali and kiddies menu.

For drinks we tried from the Jiva spa menu
We called for a Fruit juice
Iron man (apples, guava, pear)
Powered with antioxidant , rich in diner , iron , vitamin A , vitamin C. Absolutely refreshing.

We called for Vegetable juice too.
Celery , carrot , apple juice
Natural healing drink with low saturated fat .
I really like juices so I loved it.

Also what I liked was that it was so fresh with zero sugar or anything. Just made and given to us.

They had a wide range of teas ₹300 like Kahwa, taj house blend , jasmine tea .

We went outside to seat by the open area. We called for cappuccino and Americano, loved both.

To mention the sweetest part, they got me a bouquet of red roses just to make it special. It is all about these little things they say.

Kudos to the staff for hosting us!
Tejendra, Shubham , Shruti , Shabbar , Sagar, Chinmayee !

If you are looking for a gorgeous laid back night or a chilled out brunch amidst a decor which makes you feel at a luxury home, say hello to Muse Cafe!

Mews Café - Taj Wellington Mews Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Laid Back Cafes , Hello 10th Street

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A busy café located in the quaint lanes of Khar, 10th Street Café is a newly opened wonder.

They have a gorgeous set up indoors and outdoors.

Caramel Cappuccino
Price: 170
The fragrance of caramel and coffee wafted around us. However, it tasted mediocre as we couldn’t really taste the coffee.

Mezze platter: a large platter filled with dollops of different kinds of hummus and Arabic dips, served with their in-house baked bread. It costed approximately ₹450. The platter is worth the splurge as you get a good portion of dips along with the soft warm bread.

Goat cheese salad:
The goat cheese salad was a combination of lettuce, goat cheese, sweet lime and caramelised walnuts.
Price: 410
We highly recommend you try out this salad even if you’re not really into salads. It takes you through 3 different kinds of flavours in one plate. The salty goat cheese, citrusy sweet lime and sweet and crunchy walnut. Not only is it a blend of flavours but also textures. The goat cheese adds richness to the dish and we absolutely loved it.

Penne vodka:
Penne pasta cooked in a combination of tomato sauce, cheese and vodka.
Price: 385
The pasta was well cooked but the cheese seemed to overpower the tangy side of the pasta. If that’s what you’re looking for then you must give this a try.

LIT and Basil Pomtini:
The LIT was surprisingly colourful and strong. It didn’t seem to be watered down by ice which is definitely a plus point. The Basil Pomtini was perfect if you’re looking for a sweet cocktail to enjoy with your food.
Price: 650 and 450 respectively.

Banoffee pie: If there is one dish we had to choose from the entire menu it would definitely be the banoffee pie. It’s made fresh everyday by the chefs. All the ingredients are put together perfectly, the outer biscuit, the banana and the sauce and the whipped cream on the top left is wanting for more.
Price: priceless (250)

Nutella creme Brûlée:
Price: 375
This creme brûlée was what we called the perfect balance between sweet and too sweet. The caramelised glass like crust on top and the soft custard the way we wished we ended all our meals.

10th Street Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Parsi New Year at Gymkhana91

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On the occasion of Navroz, Gymkhana 91 decided to cumulate a special Parsi menu to take your taste buds on a joyride. If you haven’t had a taste of Parsi cuisine as yet, you’re missing out on a lot.

Gymkhana 91 is located very close to Palladium, Lower Parel. The theme of the restaurant is based on the Gymkhanas of Mumbai.

It serves a variety of cuisines like Asian, European and Indian. The staff is polite as well and helpful. This place is super spacious and hence a perfect place for a Sunday brunch with your friends and family.

Salli par Tomato: A very famous Parsi dish, full of masalas and flavours. Gymkhana 91 did justice to the dish, the tomato purée and the crisp of the salli balanced each other out perfectly.

Boneless Chicken Farcha: pieces of marinated chicken fried and served with a combination of wasabi and mayo. The chicken was hot and crisp. The outer coating was flaky and the inner was juicy. It was served with a side of chopped potatoes and pineapples marinated in the combination of sauces.

Homemade Yogurt Mangola: we all remember our childhood favourite Mango drink. Gymkhana 91 has blended it with yogurt to give us a slightly tangy yet delicious taste of Mangola. The combo is thick and definitely nostalgic .


Masala Iced Tea: a blend of iced tea with their homemade Parsi style masala and cranberry juice is refreshing in its own way. The salty masala and sweet cranberry juice elevate the taste of the ice tea.

Lagan nu Custard: a special Parsi delicacy served at weddings is very similar to a caramel custard. It’s the kind of sweet dish you do not want to miss out on.

Apart from the Parsi menu we tried-
Black Button Dimsums: The outer coating was sticky and overall they tasted good. However, we think that the mushrooms could be a little more flavourful. The taste was elevated by combining it with their schezwan sauce that they serve along with a couple other sauces to pair with the dish

Classic Blueberry Smoothie: Not only did this drink look gorgeous it also tasted delicious. It was as if we were sipping on some fresh blueberry cheesecake in a glass.


Salted Caramel Banana Cake: this is one of the dishes you cannot skip. The crunchy base, the creamy cheesecake, the layered slices of banana and the drizzle of salted caramel it’s the dessert that left us absolutely delighted.
Overall we had an amazing experience at Gymkhana 91. The quality of food completely justifies the price.

Gymkhana 91 Bar & Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Celebrating Regional Eastern Cuisine over brunch @Citrus, The Leela

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Leela has always kept it simple, limited and standardised with its brunches. We recently tried the Sunday brunch @Citrus, The Leela.

Firstly what we love about this place is the greens surrounding the restaurant visible from its long glass panes. It has a very soothing effect.

Our table was right by the mini waterfall and the lush green plants .
India has such varied cuisines that itself is a celebration. We tried their Eastern Regional themed brunch and were stunned by their delicacies.

They had picked up dishes from Himachal, Bengal, Assam and more.
We tried the following :
Thukpa soup
Bengali style vegetable soup


Laksa is a typical delicacie .
And not to forget the delicious spicy momos.

For mains we tried ,
Phed Nor Mai wok fried bamboo shoot with string
Kaow Phad Pak – vegetable fried rice .
They had great fish like sarson diya mach .

Lets talk about my favourite part. Desserts.
And oh they had sugar free Rosgulla . I absolutely had no guilt then.

They had others too :
Nariyal ladoo
Kesar chum chim
Sondesh .

Barring this, they also had the regular

Cheese spread
Live pasta and pizza counter

And the best of all, lovely fresh popcorn popping in front of you.
They also served Hummus , Fattoush and more.

Their dessert spread was limited but good. We loved the fondue .
We also liked the innovation to the simple dishes.

We tried :
Thandai Breton
Chocolate mousse with apple cardamom compote
Pistachio crepe brulle crumble – I loved how the pistachio flavour dwelled .

Saffron baked yoghurt
Boondi baked lemon cheese cake – I genuinely liked the way soft boondi and cheesecake went together.


Staff :

They say more than the food, what matters is the how they feed you.

The staff was genuinely so warm and fed us like we were family.
I was not well. Mr Ravi, served me some amazing black tea with ginger and honey .
Further, Ravi was recommending us some wonderful dishes to try on.
Mr Kaustabh took care of us extremely well.
Further, all the staff whose names I might have missed were warm.

Overall :
We sat there for good 3 hours enjoying the weather from inside and gorging onto delicious food.

Deets :
Every Sunday of this month is regional themed brunch.
Further , till 14th August on Dineout they do have 50% off on brunch .

Citrus - The Leela Mumbai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato