Reasonable Villas Near Mumbai

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Hi, what’s up! Staying at home due to COVID has gotten to us and a little social distancing break might just be good. However please exercise govt regulations and venture with your home members only or really small groups. All of them have discounts for longer stay than 7 days so check it out.

A. VISTA ROOMS : they have additional services like BBQ, Projector Movie and Meals. Meals is ₹1300 per person for non veg with breakfast, snacks, lunch & dinner. The operation team is very responsive.

The rates are subjective to demand. Sometimes on the weekends the rates are super hiked. So this is approx and incl taxes. Also few of them have refundable deposit security which you receive at the end of the stay.

I did check Airbnb but the villas with super host aren’t well maintained. Saffron stays is a pretty expensive affair and most of the reasonable ones are sold out

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1. Vill I stayed : Pura Vida Villa : ₹15000 per night : 8 guests : has a pool : Modern Decor : Khandala : 1.5 hours away from Mumbai :

Very well furnished and spacious. The rooms are big. The caretaker is sweet

Pura Vida Villa, Khandala : Vista Rooms

2. El House : Lonavala : Beautiful decor, Pool, ₹25000 per night : Sleeps 12

3. Stone House : Nashik (it is a long drive so please do 3-4 nights) : This one is a steal deal and available in October. ₹9520 per night : NO POOL : 4.5 hours away from mumbai (Dadar)

It’s right by the lake and the view is beyond stunning

4. Alibaugh : ₹21000 per night : 5 bedrooms : sleeps 15 and this one is so beautiful ufff : Available in October weekdays

The G coast Villa, Alibaugh

5. Bungalow 89 : beautiful view, Lonavala : No pool : sleeps 9 has 3 bedrooms : ₹21000 per night

Bungalow 89

6. Villa Forresta : Lonavala : Sleeps 10/15 : ₹21000 per night : Has a Pool

7. Villa 52 : Lonavala : Pool : Sleeps 12 : 4 bedrooms: ₹21000 per night : don’t like the other villas around but good decor

8. El Lodge : Has a pool : ₹18000 per night : Lonavala : Available in October : sleeps 9 : 3 bedrooms

9. Casa Malbec : Nashik : ₹12000 per night : No pool but amazing view . Good decor . Sleeps 8 : 3 bedrooms

10. Santoni Farms, Karjat : ₹18000 per night, has 8 guests : has pool : 3 bedrooms

Pawna Lake

I went for a drive from Khandala to Pawna . If it is raining, please avoid as the roads are pathetic. The approach road is bumpy and hence please switch off your ac while driving and keep your gear either 1/2 constant. It takes 1.5 hours upwards and 45 mins downward.

I found a Pawna lakeside camping spot which was shut but the owner was outside. Paid him 200₹ for 4 people and we have literally chilled there for hours with nothing to do but soak in the breath taking the view.

A lot of parts of Pawna are commercial and I don’t like them due to crowd in general and considering pandemic, secluded places is a must.

I went there on a weekday morning and hence there was no crowd or security.

You can put on google maps “Pawna Lake Camping” and your will find many spots and you can spot at one after the permission of the owner and chill there. You can also do a little picnic.

Just swinging by the wind at Pawna

Please note the Tiger Point and Bushy dam is shut due to COVID and commercial areas too. We also heard on weekend Pawna was shut so please check and proceed.

Meals : we didn’t include any meals in our stay but packed a lot from here. Here are few ideas that you can make easy lunch / dinner. Sharing my list .

Best AirBnB in Mumbai / Bombay

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So AirBnB in Mumbai are not so well maintained / very outdated and there are only few rare good ones. So here is my compilation of the best Airbnb’s

1. Calvin hosts two studio apartments at Andheri in mumbai. Self check in & extremely sanitised. The approach road is not good but it’s a bungalow having private entrances and wouldn’t mind it at all.

This is where I stayed: Bedroom + Basic Pantry + Terrace. If it’s not raining, they have a hammock + tent in the open : ranges between ₹4500-5500

4 guests are allowed but I really doubt it can accommodate that many.

2. The second one is by Calvin too at Andheri only : :

around ₹3500 per night (no food included) and no terrace. It’s only a bedroom, small pantry and washroom.

3. : 2 nights Minimum : 5 mins walk from Juhu Beach, has a terrace. Total turns out to be 21500₹ . It is so beautiful. The interiors are beyond amazing : 2 guests

4. Next up are few apartments by The Bombay Home Company : it’s a group of people who do really nice homes around Bandra. It’s well sanitised. It was a cumulative search of good apartments when I realised that it’s all by this group. : ₹5044

5. : ₹5044

6. Again by the Bombay Home company : ₹5000 per night

7. : it’s for 8 guests : family apartment : ₹21886 per night : Bandra . They have the option of only choosing one room. Don’t do that as it’s bugging to have somebody in the next room plus safety reasons. READ CAREFULLY : does it say private apartment or private room.

8. 8 guests , 3 beds, 3 bathrooms : ₹10,569 for a night

9. : 4894₹ : 4 guests but one bedroom and have a hall

10. : 2 guests, 1 bed 1 bathroom

11. 4 guests , 2 beds 2 bathrooms : a little tacky for my taste but good price

12. Few apartments in mumbai have a minimum 14 night stays jazz. So please check properly. This one is for ₹46775 for 14 nights : 2 guests

The rates are subject to change as per days , weekends and demands

Please read properly and read the reviews . They are suggestions. We are not responsible for any choices.

Please contact / email your host before reserving and asking doubts . You can do it via the app. Ask about COVID etc. Ask about your doubts and everything. Read the refund policy very carefully.

Filter : super host, entire place to yourself , the amenities and area while choosing an Airbnb. Pictures can be deceptive sometimes

Do not encourage travel due to COVID. We do not promote it as well. It is only because of home circumstances/ long impending work you may do it. Please follow all government guidelines.

Tips to find a GREAT VILLA ON AIRBNB in India!

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I am letting down so many secrets. ARGH! My friends will literally disown me, I feel as they loved how I found the properties and didn’t tell the place lmao :p

So lets just agree on this, Airbnb villas (barring goa, north east and a bit of south like Pondicherry, Offbeat kerala) are a bit old fashioned and run down, and also how to find a great one.

1. SUPER HOST. I am usually surprised that many don’t know it. It’s a must. Many a times we need services and for that a good host is ESSENTIAL. A super host is pro-active.

2. Use filters and please scroll down, you can go as detailed as pools and smoke detectors. Use the budget filter too (please keep a buffer for taxes and service fee)

3. READ the cancellation policy and BROWSE through the terms.

4. Watch all the photos and go until the end.

5. STAR MARK this : Read reviews, Read reviews. The ones who have visited are the real ones.

6. Check proximity : Airbnb villas are really far and lonely too

7. Last one, “see how many are eyeing this”, it also gives you a feel.

That’s it folks! Short and simple! If you find some great ones, hit me up with the links PLEASE!

*the pictures are from Airbnb’s website. All copyrights to them.

Hidden gem near Mumbai, shhhhh not revealing this treasure!

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Endless research, scanning through 10 websites landed me up on this and WOWOOWOWOWOW! Usually on Airbnb in India specially Mumbai and Lonavala, the furniture and spaces are a bit run down/ old fashioned.

When I stumbled upon this gem, it felt such a victory as it was everything what I wanted.

1. Great interiors

2. BEST BEST VIEW and specially in the monsoons, this is WOW!

3. Offbeat and private

4. Great Reviews and Good host.

It is really far from Mumbai. Consider it to be 5 hours and the road from Pune to Lavassa is steap. But oh when you reach here, its SO amazing. The interiors are BANG on that make you feel you are in a tree house. Glass balconies and well maintained, clean bedrooms. The view is spectacular. You feel so fresh. There is a bit of leakage but its in every villa due to monsoon.

Cost : Rs 15000 exclusive of food per night.

Here is the link :

The kitchen is well maintained and you can cook if you plan to. But they charge for everything that you use. Well charged me 100Rs for a simple butter which was two spoons used. You can order in food from delivery joints.

The space is so airy, open and well made that makes you feel great instantly.

Lets keep to the sad part. The caretaker Anil saw us youngsters and tried to fool us. He even complained about one towel lying down the floor. He gave us 45 minutes lecture on how to keep the house. And we were the one of the great guests who kept it all clean but a little bit we expect as we are paying.

Lets talk about the next incident. He raged that he had to clean the house post a party tonight and pick a bottle and while that he hurt him and then whined for another half an hour asking us for 700Rs for that one cut. So basically he doesn’t want us to do anything, then he lied about guests coming at 10am and we had barely slept so he woke us up. Then he refused to give the gate pass and when he did, he called everyone (7 members on their personal calls including the driver).

He also questioned personal details that who are we going to meet and he raised his voice thinking what will 24 year olds do. He again lectured. He wasted our 4 hours and spoilt our mood. If that was not enough, his only motto was to extract more money through tips and whatever service he did (please don’t use his service, for small portions of poha, he charged 400 rs)

But ignoring HIM, it is ONE OF THE BEST villas, I have visited many 5stars but this is GOLD.

“A staycation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in”

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On a nice sunny Saturday, I left for Pune. We stopped at the food court and then headed straight to our destination.

Hello Hyatt, Pune! We were greeted with the warmest welcomes by the Staff. We had our welcome drink and then headed to our suite. It was a spacious one with a dining room, television room and a nice bedroom overlooking the greenery.

I loved the spacious bed. Moreover what I liked was the greeting with the sweets kept near my table. We freshened up and headed for lunch.

A Bengali Lunch Feast:
We were sitting at Baan Tao, as eighty eight was under maintenance. However our lunch was from there. A huge Bengali Feast!

Where do I even start! Firstly being a vegetarian, they say Bengali Food comes to a limit. But the chef outdid himself. Commencing with four varieties of papads and gradually moving to eight varieties of chutneys, every detail was taken care of. I had the most delicious mustard chutney. Since Durga Puja was approaching, they had Bengali Food festival beginning.

I absolutely loved the Panchpuram paneer tikka. The singada was absolutely succulent. Next on we moved to, Gughani and Radha Bhalluvi which is lentil and masala kinda bhature. And then comes the entry of the THALI! Till now we were stuffed. But the Thali was mouth watering. It had dishes like saag, aloo poshto, paach misali todti.

And the best part of all – SWEETS!
The sweets are the best thing about Bengali food. The rasgulla was on point. The chum chum was so soft as you bit into it. The rasmalai was the best ever I have had. While penning down this, my mouth is already watering.

Spiritual Immersion:
I am more of an atheist so I didn’t connect much. However, for an older age between 30-50 who face stress doing mudras and asanas and healing from the inside would be much more beneficial. I also loved that they had an open spa amidst the lap of nature.

Chilling at the garden:
We munched onto fresh juices and some fries overlooking the city

We dined at fish bowl, a lounge. I loved their open space. It had a lot of greenery and dim lights, which made it a pretty romantic place.

We gorged onto kebabs. And headed onto buffet straight to Eighty Eight. The pasta was so delicious and the pizza was crunchy.


I was not keeping well. The staff immediately got medicines and made sure I was alright. Even overall I found them very sweet. From the driver who came to pick us up to the waiter to the chef, everybody was so warm.

Warm Snuggles:
You know what they say, it is the little things that matter. They left us a little note as they made our bed that it is time to rest.

And we did have a good sleep.


Day 2:

Why do I love luxury hotels? And more than half of them would answer BREAKFAST! That’s me!

We had breakfast at eighty eight. From juices to pancakes to delicious waffles, they had it all. I savored on it.


Pool Time:
Then we headed to chill by the pool. It was so relaxing to soak in the sun. What I liked is that there was enough greenery surrounding.

Pan Asian Brunch @Baan Tao.
I loved the décor of this place. The Chinese umbrellas hanging downward, the sound of the water and elaborate spread over Asian Food really won me over.

Everything was so delicious and oh not to forget the cute Dessert cart right out of a little Tea Party.

And then we checked out.
Our staycation was relaxing and rejuvenating. If you are looking for a chilled staycation or comforting holiday in the city of Pune, then this has to be your choice.