Instagram worthy food; Fresh,Fun,Fit ! Say hello to Candy & Green!

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Say what! Candy & Green is a beautiful little place at Breach Candy, offering wonderful vegetarian food.


Ambience : I love their rooftop as it’s extremely breezy, pretty looking and has candle lights. However it’s shut during monsoon.
Even their air conditioned section is great with beautiful lights and modern decor.

Price: ₹2500 for two

Cuisine : Vegetarian healthy continental cuisine


New menu :
So we basically went for their menu which was for a change not just good looking but also tasted great.

And it was more over healthy. But the healthy that tasted good. They had cheat day mac and cheese too. The mac and cheese was the hero in the whole menu. It wasn’t bland. They had that tinge of jalapeño taste which was wonderful.


Let me start.
Mock tails :
They were something what I have had before.
1. Hydrate : Cold presses watermelon juice, rose water, basil seeds.

2. Activated charcoal lemonade

Smoothie bowl!
If you love Banana and peanut butter, you will flip over it. They had made it so well.

Super food chaat:
They had used kale chips with yoghurt cream and tamarind sauce, beet sauce . It tasted wonderful without the fats .

Oh now YOU HAVE TO HAVE this. Beetroot chips. They tasted so good. Specially with that dip, the dish was amazing.
Don’t fret you Beetroot haters, you won’t even realise the taste. It tastes so good.


I liked their whole wheat and thin crust flatbreads.


The double beet burger was also amazing. The Beetroot patty and the green garlic mayo stole the show.

The dessert was just fine. It was inspired from Japan and was light . Shaved flavoured ice . I found it okayish.

Service : The service was outstanding . Specially the steward. He was just so welcoming and warm.

#TGJTIPS : If you all are having a special night, do tell them. They might just put rose petals for you.


Overall I loved this space. I am definitely heading there again.

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Bejewelled by the Beauty of Bombay, Hello Bayview!

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Bayview Cafe is nestled in crème de la crème location of Bombay. It has been my hideout for years. I was first introduced there by my dad at the age of 10. It has one of the most enchanting view overlooking the Arabian sea with a sneak peek of the Gateway of India.
Also, this place is comparatively reasonable as compared to Taj or Dome or other sea view facing roof tops.



Say where?
It is on the rooftop of Strand Hotel. Also called as Harbour view hotel.


It is right ahead of Taj Mahal Palace.
Location : Appollo Bandar, Colaba

How expensive is it?
I would say Rs 2000-2500 for two (excluding alcohol including taxes)*



What is the highlight?
The view OFCOURSE!
The view is so refreshing. I mean I just sat there and did nothing but still I was just so rejuvenated.



What to eat?
They don’t have pizzas, pastas and burger.
But they have Indian food and Chinese too. From continental, they do have picks like au gratin, chilly cheese toast etc.

I also loved their walnut brownie and their peach iced tea was on point.
I liked their paneer chilly too. Roti and Vegetable was also good. (Sorry, but was too happy with the view so did not click)



How is the staff?
The staff is very kind and quick. So basically there was unpredictable traffic and I reach 45 minutes later. There was very little time for daylight left. And on my request they got us everything so quickly.

Mr Gopichand was so kind. He saw me with a camera and asked me if I could click his picture (How sweet!)

#TGJTIPS : Do reserve your table in advance. Also, the best weather is winter. It might be covered in monsoons.
Also a weekday evening is well preferred over weekend.

The only sad part is they don’t serve alcohol in the open due to BMC regulations.



Oh, they do have an indoor air conditioned seating with a screen and they do serve alcohol here.

Their mocktails and cocktails are yet not out.

Oh just by the way, they have revamped this place. So it is pretty and nice.

And for the first time, there was no sunset as the clouds were covering it all. But oh gosh, the overcast weather and the breeze, had us!

If you do manage to go there, do send us pictures or tag us on Instagram @theglocaljournal

The meal was not sponsored in any way. The views are completely unbiased

*Please note that the prices are indicative and might differ on choices, appetite, etc.

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Sunset, Sea & Rooftop …. Hola DOME !

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” Something is so poetic about rooftops, seaviews, breezy evenings and sunsets. They speak a soothing language without any words which make you alive at the moment” – TGJ

Coming to the place, I would term this is as my favorite rooftop place in Bombay for its sole reason overlooking the beautiful marine drive.
Food is exorbitant in its price. But the ambience makes it all worth. Come there by 5pm and catch the table by the sea . Just sit there and breathe. It’s so beautiful.
For the first time I have sat for one hour just staring at the sun and actually saw the sunset and then leave it’s hues of rays in the sky giving it a golden pink purple unicorn shade in all its natural beauty.

Ironical as it may sound but the service is poor. So it works in your favour
Nobody to nudge you every 20 minutes if you want something. You call him if you want.
You are at peace.

#TGJTIPS: while reserving please ask if they are having a private party . As at times they take your reservation and give you the poolside which isn’t so worth.

#theglocaljournal #TGJ

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Get amused by the decora, Welcome to Bombay Adda

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Mumbai is a name, Bombay is an emotion
It’s all about the vibe at this place . Very well thought decora combined with uniqueness and elegance is Bombay adda

Taking you inside Bombay Adda . This was my favourite seating amongst the various sections they have . They also have LOVE LOCK wall !
I liked the dining open seating section as the decor has been very well thought . It is a combination of elegance and minimalist. Use of artistic wooden furniture , green walls and lot of surprise photogenic corners and showpieces has made this place stand out . It has an eloquent outdoor seating area which just spells lot of positivity and good vibes . It’s gonna be AMAZE in winters .

Further they also have a lounge which turns into a crazy club . The club also has great wooden decor with lot of sparks in between like masks , lights and lot of drinks.

Starting with the drinks :

In and Out took my eyes as it had a beautiful presentation inside a box . And we had to take it outside for it taste amazing

Further coming to the next drink was the watermelon
Coming next to , the Heavens door mocktail which had watermelon content was really refreshing .

Further my favorite was passion fruit mocktail which had infusion of sweet lime and led to a pungent yet sweet taste which perfectly blended with my meal.
Commencing with the starters;

Hummusa was a beautiful twist to the mundane samosa . It had used hummus filling and tasted fabulous. They were Crispy and soft at the same time leaving a lingering taste to the tongue .

Next one was the paneer tikka , as common as it sounds . It was simple and soothing .

I also liked the watermelon Feta salad . The usage of fresh cheese with basil and fresh cut watermelon was light refreshing and amazing.


Monsoon season makes one crave for buttta. They had a very good idea of having butta along with sweet corn cut as well on the side .
This weather has some magic . And I crave for roadside food but due to hygiene reasons I avoid them.

The same was satiated with an amazing Chinese Bhel at Bombay adda .
They have picked up a lot of local bombay items on the menu.
Chinese Bhel was not oily yet Crispy and tasted perfect .

The Srilankan Curry 🍛 was a different experience as it had infused lot of spices with usage of coconut

I loved their Margarita pizza as it was just very simple yet great .

Mushroom Pasta was unique and tasted good too.

Further coming to desserts ,

Loved their tiramisu as it was just very subtle , creamy yet not sweet and the coffee flavour hit directly.
Also their chocolate mousse is supposed to be amazing .


Plus they have sheesha too !

You all should definitely try this place for a perfect chill afternoon or a crazy night .


Rooftop love @Asilo

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The gateway to Mexico 💕 at ASILO is gorgeously decorated with huge colorful dream catchers . Flowers and colorful cloth spreads over the table and crazy Mexicano menu will give you a drool . The Quinoas are so healthy and wholesome. I loved the ravioli twist with a tomato based sauté . The ambience is adorable along with the view from the 38th floor at the St Regis .
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