Spanish Affair @TheLeela, Mumbai

Leela at Bombay is near the airport road and known to host businessmen. The property’s grandeur and usage of plantations to make it a destination for peace in this bustling city. When I first read, Spanish food caught my eyes and I thought I had to try it. We had an evening of wine from… Continue reading Spanish Affair @TheLeela, Mumbai

Grand Hyatt just got its all new hepp club : China House Lounge

Where? China House Lounge, Grand Hyatt Say more… It is newly opened lounge at Grand Hyatt with cocktails taking you back in time and appealing you. It plays commercial music and after 11pm, it turns out to be one of the coolest places where you can spot atleast some celebrity if you are lucky Well,… Continue reading Grand Hyatt just got its all new hepp club : China House Lounge

Hakuna Mimosa!

 It means “Brunch Time” . Sunday brunches are all about  “spoilt for choices” desserts while champagnes flow and mocktails welcome.  Pastas are tossed up and pizzas are baked; sushi is rolled and noodles are fried. There are giggles all over while everyone is content as there is a choice of cuisine for all. “ JW… Continue reading Hakuna Mimosa!

All about from the Thanks Giving brunch @Grand Hyatt

Grand Hyatt has always been known for its pizzas. One of the first few places to begin woodfire pizzas. I have grown up and all my dad has spoken is how good their pizzas are. I have tasted them too. But this time I headed to 55 EAST for their thanks giving sunday brunch. Its… Continue reading All about from the Thanks Giving brunch @Grand Hyatt

Bageecha by the Beach

What’s bombay all about? The juhu beach, sunsets, celebration of food & laughter. Welcome to Bageecha, where lost Indian recipes are found, where the Waves of the beach are encountered, where the wind flutters & the pool Besides shines. As you walk here on a winter evening you will see an open kitchen set up… Continue reading Bageecha by the Beach