Things to do in Leh Ladakh

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Leh Ladakh, the land of everything beautiful has to be on your bucket list. From foreigners to locals to bike riders, everyone flock around to see this destination. Come on, who would not?
From landscapes straight out of a wallpaper to the sweetest locals greeting you to cute cafes to natural detox, everything is a paradise.

Please refer to the blog “Tips for Ladakh” so you know all of it, things to taken care of, things to carry.
Travelling to Leh:
1. We took a direct flight from Mumbai to Leh and then headed by cab to the hotel.
2. You could also take the road journey from Manali to Leh which is very scenic, however the roads can be rocky and steep.
3. You can take a bike ride like many do.
4. You could also take the road journey from Leh.
Time to Visit:
June – August


Kindly research well before freezing onto one. The wifi is a problem everywhere. Dragon Hotel is supposedly the best hotel, Also check the proximity from various locations like market, etc. We stayed at the Snow Lion which was a very basic hotel. The staff is sweet but the food is beyond average. Even the rooms are very okayish. I would recommend other hotels.

Budget: (Solo traveler will be expensive as your travelling cost will increase).
1. You can easily get a hotel for Rs2000-2500 a night, one of the basic ones.
2. If you are four people, travelling also becomes cheaper with the cost being shared. Travelling will account for your maximum cost. Please bargain / crosscheck before freezing onto your vehicle. The local market has many cab centers.
3. Food is reasonable.
4. I cannot really mention the exact cost as it depends on how many kms, where you all stay, what deals you all get.

Day 1:
Please rest and acclimatize well, do not stress yourself. Keep checking your oxygen levels often and drink fluids and keep eating nuts.

Duration for the trip:
So as you all know I did a pretty short trip of 5 days (excluding the day of rest) but people say you can easily do a 10-14 days trip depending on your interests.
My visit to Ladakh was a more of a cultural one this time than the scenic one. I would highly recommend the later. I visited almost 5-7 monasteries. However if you are like me, I would say visiting 2-3 are more than good. I am not much inclined towards the same. However if you love culture and history then you definitely should.


Day 2:
We attended the Naropa Festival (a cultural festival) and then headed to Stakna Monastery. It is beautiful for the view that it has to offer.

Day 3:
We visited the Hemis Museum. It had lot of artefacts. If you are a fan of culture then go for it. There is a nice café besides Hemis museum serving good hot food.

Then we headed to the Live to Love animal rescue but I found it very depressing to see animals in that state as many of them were ill.


We visited the famous Rancho school, whose name was changed after the movie of 3 idiots. (You can absolutely give it a miss).

We headed to Shey Palace. The view the place has to offer is a lot like Switzerland. It is so beautiful.

Day 4:
We headed to Pangong Tso , It is a beautiful lake which has shades of blue.
Please note it is rough 5 hour drive from Leh, we left early morning. We also stopped at Changla where we shivered to death as it was so cold.
We did a day trip to Pangong as it gets really cold in the night and acclimatization often gets an issue since we were travelling in September end.

But many people stay for one night at Pangong and then head to Nubra Valley as they come on the way and you can save onto the cost as well.
Pangong has tents to stay. Also one to two hotels are present. Kindly book in advance for the same. Secondly, if you are going on a day trip, there are local shacks where you can get maggi, thukpa, water,etc.

So you can do a 3 day trip of this. I missed Nubra Valley but it is a scintillating sand dessert. The oyo room hotel here is apparently great to stay.
#TGJTIPS : you do need a permit for pangong which will be for around Rs600. 24 hours are needed for the same, so plan accordingly.

Day 5:
We covered the local stuff.
Gurudwara Pathar Sahib – It is a very peaceful feeling going here as the same is maintained by the Army regime. Also the Chai is really nice. Have the langar if you reach on time.

Sangam Point – We headed to Sangam where the Zanskar river and Indus meet, both having different colors.
Alchi Village – It is a little village having some artefacts. It shuts by 3.30pm so please reach on time. It is again more on the cultural side.

Bazgoo – It is yet another monastery but the most beautiful part is the view that this place has to offer. I didn’t go much inside the monastery but just sat by the steps and breadth amidst the gorgeous view of the trees and mountain. The sunset is spectacular from here.

Day 6:
Please avoid this. I am only mentioning this as you also know what not do. We drove for five hours and headed to Aryan Village where pregnancy tourism was once promoted. It was a disappointment as there were barely any locals. Also I did not found them something different. You should go only if you are really inclined towards the history or knowing the cultural aspect.

Next we headed to the Lama Yuru Monastery. There is a basic restaurant outside but I found the food very ok. Also the Monastery is beautiful but to be really honest, I had seen many and did not wish to see more.
So it really depends on your interest.

Other things to do in Leh (I did not do them due to short of time but you could, I have curated the same after research so it is all for you at one place itself)
1. Shanti Stupa – The sunset is spectacular from here. Also the night lighting is quiet a scene.
2. Leh Palace – I had enough history for the visit
3. Tso Moriri – It is again a beautiful lake but extremely cold. So kindly check before you get there
4. Khardungla Pass
5. Kargil – This one is a bit far but absolutely a thrill in itself. Also sometimes, you do need permission so kindly enquire before you go.
6. Camping in Ladakh –
7. Zanskar Valley – It is sandwiched between the Himalayan ranges and zanskar valley and is beautifully isolated.
8. Hemis National Park – It is not much known as barely you get to spot anything.
9. Tso Kar Lake – It is a great White lake
10. Trekking – You can either do the Chhadar trek or even trek to Markha valley. Kindly note your health and agility before doing this.
11. Backpacking – Go minimal and go adventurous!
12. Cycling – You can rent a cycle at the shop in markets (just ask locals around) and go riding.

Hall of fame can be absolutely given a miss. There are many monasteries as well. Also the snow leopard safari can be given a miss


Places to Eat:
1. The German Bakery Gazebo is absolutely fabulous with the choice of yalk pizza .

2. Brazil Café offers a stunning view of the local Leh market as a whole and has great coffees and vegan cakes.

3. Metta Café – Another little café in the lanes of Leh market, the pancakes here with apricot sauce is so good.

4. Himalayan Café is a fine dining to say considering the Leh market, it has a lot of Asian cuisine. It is on the expensive side to say around 1200Rs for two.5. Sorriso – If you are craving for pizzas then you should definitely stop here to have a bite. Pretty good pizzas for Leh.
6. Wanderers Terrace – This place is so beautiful in its way and has a view of the Leh palace.

7. Rajus Dhabha , Khaltsi – If you are on the way to Lama Yuru, then you can definitely head here at Khatski. It is so good with some amazing parathas and chole samosa.

8. Alchi Village has some fabulous restaurants. We stopped at Zimshkhang restaurant. The crepe what they call pancake was also so delicious.

9. There are many local hidden gems which you can just walk in and explore like their traditional roti in the lanes of market.
Food as a whole is pretty reasonable when it comes to comparison with Bombay.
Alcohol : The local Alcohol Chhand is pretty well known.

#TGJTIPS: Usually places to see shut by 6pm. Kindly check the same before visiting. Also due to occasions, they might be shut. Also some monasteries and places do have entry fee for around Rs30-100 depending. The same is higher for foreign tourists.

#TGJTIPS: Please carry water while you are travelling. Many monasteries have steps to climb and being on a high altitude will leave you breathless. Carry something to munch on too as many off beat locations would not have anything to eat

I am just happy I ticked off Ladakh from my bucket list. Hopefully will be heading back soon. Afterall who doesn’t want to head back in the lap of lature?

Also do read the tips for Ladakh blog so it becomes extremely easy. More than anything, do let us know how you all find the blog by likes, comments

Naropa, the cultural festival of Ladakh

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My experience:
Residing in Bombay, I had not heard about the festival. When an email popped up, I was curious to know more and more than that, see all of it.

Finally the day arrived. I headed to Ladakh. We rested for a day and next day we were up and fresh. We headed to Naro Photang for Naropa Festival day 1.

I was stunned to see the locals gathered in huge crowds and monks all over. It was held at the Naro Photang, a beautiful temple amidst a beautiful view of the mountains.

If you like culture, music or just interacting with the locals, then definitely head here for a day. Every local is so sweet and specially the kids. We also interacted with his eminence and understood more about Ladakh as a place for the locals. Since being on a high altitude, it becomes very difficult to sustain and have an infrastructure. They have begun a Naropa Fellowship to assist students and provide them a world class education which really impressed me. It is so essential that students receive that kind of facility as they are tomorrow.

We have sat back and watch crowds enjoying. We have just soaked in and understood the culture and it was an amusing process.
The music festival was a delight as the monks also danced and enjoyed.
Also what I loved was the display of little pop ups from Ladakhi costumes to coffee to local stuff. We also visited the Hemis Monastery Museum and liked the cultural aspect. Also the monastery was very quiet and peaceful.
Facilities could have been better in terms of washrooms and handling. Otherwise was great.

Deets about the Naropa Festival:
The festival officially kicked off on 16 September with the unveiling of Naropa’s “Crown
Ornament,” along with a set of ancient spiritual relics of Buddhist tradition. These rarely-
Seen holy artefacts were on display for all five days of the festival, drawing large crowds and
Pilgrims. The “Crown Ornament” on display was one of Naropa’s famed Six Bone Ornaments
(Crown, Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, Seralkha and Apron); it is one of the most revered
Buddhist relics, and it is believed to be an offering to Naropa by the ‘Dakinis’ at the time of his enlightenment in Ladakh.

We were seated at the back and enjoyed the local tea and biscuits.

The festival stage also introduced the inaugural class of the Naropa Fellowship, a new one-year, post-graduate academic programme designed to support the next generation of leaders in India and the greater Himalayas. The world-famous “Kung Fu Nuns” of the Drukpa lineage of Buddhism made an appearance on the stage as well. The five-day festival concluded with a new Guinness World Record for Ladakh, India. Earning the title of “Largest Ladakhi Dance,” two hundred ninety-nine Ladakhi women gracefully performed the famous dance of “Shondol”.


The five-day Naropa Festival of 2018, one of the
Himalayan region’s biggest festivals ended with a mammoth of cultural events ranging from great interactions to traditional dance performances to pop concerts by prominent artists.
A detailed blog on Tips for Ladakh and Things to do in Ladakh will follow for your referral.

Accommodations, Meals! WHERE? Hello Udaipur

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I am going to break it down for you into three parts.
Budget, In between and Luxury. We are going to lay down many options.


Zostel Udaipur: Situated on the lake pichola, this one is pretty one. But a kind request to book it in advance as it is usually booked. The zostel has sharing rooms and private rooms as well. The best part about this place is that you get to meet new people and share cultures.
Bunkyard : It is another hostel by the lake

In between :
There are numerous hotels. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Udaipur thrives on tourists.
Panna Vilas
Lake view Guest House

Justa Rajputana (not near the lake but I stayed here for 10 hours as I had an early flight) – This property has taken me aback. It is a beautiful little place with royal feels to it. The staff is beyond warm. They even packed breakfast for us. I got it for Rs2700 incl taxes.

I am going to mention this also in ascending order.

Radisson Blu: I got a steal deal of Rs4500 per night. We stayed here for two nights. The property is absolutely beautiful.

The pool is the highlight.

However the staff was extremely disappointing. The service was a miss

Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace: It is situated on Fateh Sagar Lake. We paid whopping Rs8500 for a lake view room but was extremely disappointed. The lake is far away as they have lawns in between.

If you take the first floor, you can see more of parking. If you take the ground floor, then you can see more of the green lawns and then the lake. The place as a whole is just fine. They do not have a swimming pool.

Lake Pichola Hotel is also a good find.
The below properties range between Rs30000-35000 per night

The Leela Udaipur:
This is an absolute gem. The rates go upto Rs25000 but is beyond beautiful.

Situated on the lake, this one is filled with warm staff and breathtaking views.

The Oberoi Udaivillas:
We went here too. However the basic rooms open into the courtyard which is fine. Choose this property only if you will take the lake view with your private little pool.

Taj Mahal Palace:
This one is right between the waters. But for every outing, you shall need a boat to move out.

Jag Mandir Palace:
This is another property amidst the lake.

Where to Eat?
Let me tell you. This place is filled with lake view restaurants.
First let us talk about authentic traditional meals.
Nataraj offers traditional cheap thali for Rs250-300

On the better side, you have traditional khana which offers unlimited food for Rs 650 (incl taxes).
The meal is absolutely delicious. From dal batti churma to gatha sabzi to besan ladoo to chaas, it’s a Rajsthani treat. The service makes the difference here. It is beyond amazing. But do reserve in advance. It is crowded. But you ought to have one Rajasthani Meal.

Next up, Lake view restaurants.

Jhumar Restaurant – This one is usually recommended by many local rickshaw drivers.

It is overlooking the Fateh Sagar lake and is really nice. But please do not have the Chinese here. The service is a bit slow.

Panna Vilas Restaurant – This has AC section overlooking the lake. The food is good. Cost would be around Rs1200 for two.

Indra Prakash Restaurant – Again this is beautiful. But avoid going here as the staff doesn’t care at all. The food is also very ok.

Tribute – This is overlooking the Radha Sagar small lake. It is candle light dinner restaurant and really inside. But the restaurant is beautiful. It is absolutely calm. Do have the paneer makhani.

The gulab jamun with icecream was my favorite. They have an AC section too. And not to forget the amazing staff, Umesh and Taftan; both of them were amazing. (Rs 1700 for two)

Sheesh Mahal at the Leela – I have extensively described about this place in my previous blog.
But my genuine request would be to splurge and just go there. The view is stunning.

Upre by 1559 AD – Mainly sold out and quite a famous restaurant. It is on the rooftop of Lake Pichola Hotel. The restaurant has an amazing ambience but the food is just fine. It is around Rs2500 for two people.

Chandni at Oberoi – Do book it in advance. In my honest opinion, choose Sheesh Mahal over Chandni as Chandni is pretty away from the Lake. There is lawn separating the same.
However the cutlery is just beyond beautiful. ( #ihaveathingfordetails)

Let’s go local:
Do have the hot jalebis being made in the old market or that hot ghewar.

How to commute in Udaipur?
I would suggest ola rickshaws as they are the cheapest. Next would be ola/uber cabs. The local rickshaws do hike rates so do bargain.
To travel for day trips, do take ola outstation. It is comfort and turned out pretty cheap with offer codes.

*Please note the rates mentioned are subject to change. We booked two months back. We travelled in the month of June being an off season.

If you found this useful, do not forget to share, like and comment.
Much Love,
Aanvi, TheGlocalJournal

Itinerary for a trip to Udaipur – What to do, not do & Tips – It is all here

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“How many days? What to see? What to miss?” We have it all covered.

So we thought of doing short blogs which will help you plan easily.
The city of lakes is filled with warm people, historic archways, cafes situated by lakes and more.
So you can cover major Udaipur in 2.5 days. However if you have more time like we did (4 days), you can plan your trip leisurely.


Let us get started:

2 days BUDGET Trip:



Day 1:
1. Right from the airport, go off to Chittorgarh Fort.
Time : (2 hours journey)
Why directly? : You save 40 minutes. The airport is closer than the main city.

#TGJTIPS: Book Ola outstation. It turns out to be Rs2200 return. Don’t worry about your luggage as you will be travelling with your car inside the fort.



(Distance from airport to Udaipur city – Roughly 40-45 minutes)

Entry Fee : Rs 15 for adults and Rs90 for your vehicle
Guide Fee : Bargain and you shall get a good one for Rs100



What to see?
The movie Padmavat comes into life with the history of Maharana Ratan Singh and his wife Rani Padmini. Do go to the main gate where the battle between Khilji and King was fought. Just sit there by the view and get lost. It is beyond beautiful.



You will take 1 hour to see the fort (if not too much detail) . If you start by 7.30 in the morning, you should be back by 2.30/3pm. Check in and relax.


2. Wake up and go boating to Fateh Sagar Lake

• Hire your private charter boat (bargain and you will get a good deal of Rs2000 for 45 mins). The people are very warm.
#TGJTIPS – Do take something to nibble on the boat. It adds to the experience.
• Also do have the Sai Cold Coffee outside the boating point. It is really #cheapthrill



3. Go cycling around the lake
Just type Fateh Sagar Cycle on Google Maps and it will pop up.

Have a lovely dinner at a café by the Fatehabad Sagar Lake. (All accommodation and meal options to follow in the next blog)




Day 2:
1. Take your breakfast and go off to Ahar Cenotaphs. This is where the King were buried. There is nothing much to see as such. But the place is very peaceful and calm.



2. Next up go to City Palace. The City Palace is the highlight of Udaipur they say.



The city palace is situated on the Lake Pichola. It has beautiful archways, colorful grid windows and amuse in every corner making you wonder the reigns of the King.



Entry Fee – Rs300. (Also if you are a student, they do have student discount, so your ticket will turn to Rs100)
Duration – 2 hours
Opening time – 9.30am – 4.00pm
#TGJTIPS: Guide charges Rs250. You can easily google the information. They don’t say anything extraordinary.



3. Outside city palace, there are many stalls. So you could shop there itself and see the old town



4. Have lunch and take a short afternoon siesta



5. Evening go to Sajjangarh / Monsoon Palace. Take a car (Rs200) or you can go in their jeep (Rs 90 per person).
The view from up right there is beyond spectacular and stunning. You can see the whole town. Do watch the sunset
And then head for your lovely last dinner.



Day 3 and 4 (Luxury)
Soak into the royalty of this town.

Day 3: Just enjoy in your property. Take a swim and get a spa. Come on, that’s what vacations are for. Go and grab a delicious Rajasthani meal! (Where? Read onto our next blog)



Leave for city palace complex. Take the 6pm boat ride to Jag Mandir. (It is Rs830 for the boat ride but absolutely worth it)



#TGJTIPS: There is a famous restaurant called Dari Khana. It charges Rs3200 cover inclusive of travel and redeemable against ala carte. However the journey begins at 7.30pm. My personal recommendation would be to avoid to it as you would not be able to see the view at all.



Rather go around 6pm (if summers) and 5pm(if winters as early sunsets) and just enjoy. You can buy food there itself. The little windows pave way for the sea. The white curtains bring the place alive. The yellow twinkling lights at sunset and night make it shine.



Have a cold coffee/beer and just chill.
Watch the sunset and relax.
On your way back around 7.30pm (the last boat back) – get a warm welcome by the bats hovering you and city palace shining in front of you.



But do go to this place. It is beautiful.

Then you can grab dinner (recommendations to follow)



Day 4:
1. Wake up! Take a day trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort. It is situated on the Aravalli Hills and it runs from the ancestors of Mewar. It is a UNESCO world heritage. If you love history and views, then do go here.



Entry Fee – Rs30 per head.
Duration – Uphill trek 30 mins.
Total Time would be around 1.5 hours
From Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh – 2.5 hours bumpy drive.



Built on a hilltop 1,100 m above sea level on the Aravalli range, the fort of Kumbhalgarh has perimeter walls that extend 36 km (22 mi), making it one of the longest walls in the world. From the palace top, it is possible to see kilometers into the Aravalli Range. The sand dunes of the Thar Desert can be seen from the fort walls. The view is again magnificent.



Come back and catch up on some sleep. You will need it!


2. Book your dinner at Sheesh Mahal, The Leela.
(Rs 5000 for two)


The staff is extremely warm. The hospitality will touch you.
The property is another gem. The swimming pool absolutely pleased me. They had gabana all over the place with a very calming vibe.
Then let’s come to the restaurant.
#TGJTIPS – Do book the restaurant in advance as many a times they are sold out.
The restaurant is right overlooking the lake Pichola. The sunset is dreamy while you sit back and listen to the soft flute playing.
The cuisine is mainly Indian food. The stewards explain you the meaning behind Sheesh Mahal while greeting you with warm water hand wash.
Then your candle is lit. Do reach the restaurant by 6.30pm so that you can have a look at the property.
Everybody is so warm there. Three cheers to the staff!



My personal recommendations to order there would be Paneer Makhani, Tandoori Roti and Kebabs.
They make fresh roti right near you.
Also they have a private dining area (Rs 25000 for two with a set menu)



Post your meal, stroll there. The sound of water in every corner is very calming and so is the breathtaking view overlooking the Taj Mahal Palace, Jag Mandir and City Palace.

#TGJTIPS – Do book your cab in advance. The area by surface is pretty narrow and lonely.

You could additionally do the sound and light show at city palace if you like it.

The Vintage Car Museum and Haveli can be absolutely skipped. Doodh Talai is just overlooking pichola again so give it a miss.
Karni Mata cable car usually has long waiting and is just a cable car with a view (The similar view can be seen from Monsoon Palace as it is diagonally opposite)
If you are doing Jag Mandir Boating, please give pichola boating point a miss.
If you are doing only Pichola boating, then you can cut down on Fateh Sagar Boating.

Best Time to Visit :

They say November to February. But in my honest opinion, it is extremely crowded with tourists and being a favorite spot for destination weddings. Also, the hotel prices are hiked to another level.
I would suggest end June as showers are not yet in full fledge and being an off season, the weather is absolutely breezy in the evening. Plus you get luxury and less crowds. You just have to bare 2-3 hours of afternoon heat which is fine according to me.

Only if you really want to buy the ethnic wear like printed pallazos or ghagra or chunky jewelry, do it. Maldas street (for clothes) , Babu Bazaar (Ethnic stuff)
Also, in winter months, they do have the mela which is amazing so do enquire. Please bargain everywhere.

Where to Stay?
Where to Eat?
How to travel?
How to save on bookings?

Stay tuned for my next blog

*The costs, timings are subject to change. Please check before booking/visiting
**All the pictures are captures by TheGlocalJournal and are subject to rights .

Jehan Numa Retreat , a natural therapeutic home to Rewind , Relax , Reinvent and Rejuvenate

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“A vacation must be calming, soothing where you can refresh yourself & be ready to tackle work

Where you can reinvent yet feel at home ”


Jehan Numa retreat is a nature’s paradise . It is the natural escape away from the bustling city which acts as your perfect vacation destination .
Having been brought up in Bombay since the past 20 years , I am so used to the bustling city but during my vacation all I need is peace where I can rejuvenate myself .

India boasts of natural beauty . I chose this Place mainly as it so natural and gorgeous , that as you step here you feel at peace . You know the feeling when that heavy weight is lifted off your shoulder and you are just relaxed , yes I would term this as this .

As you step in , there is wooden rustic furniture lying around . As you approach the room , there is fresh air bursting .
I open my room and I am stunned . I see a beautiful huge room with seating area . Wait till I unveil my entire description of the room .
My bathroom had an open shower ! Hell yes !

Then I opened my balcony and is so exotic . There is natural beauty surrounded . The balcony is right amidst the plantations where you can sit for hours .

So I checked in , got fresh and then planned my stay of two days .

What to do at the property ?
1. Take the Nature’s Walk . The property is built in 12 acres . 3 acres are the rooms and 9 acres consists of natural yards . I see farmers working . They have natural cabbage , sugarcane , tomatoes , arugula , etc grown in there . The walk is just therapeutic.
2. Do the bird watching . As you get out of your room or even when you keep your balcony open , you will be welcomed by the melodious chirping sound of the birds . There are different kinds of unique birds and spotting them is such a pleasant site

3. Have a private dinner amidst the jungle underneath the fairy lights and private waiter Yes , have you dreamt a fairy tale proposal or watched a movie ? This one is straight that . No exaggeration. Beautiful fairy lights all over , candles are light , the trees at swaying while you are mesmerised 😍. DO PLAN THIS FOR YOUR LOVED ONE

4. Have a buffet under the Jamun Tree . Yes , the place is surrounded by beautiful purple wild grass . Do try the lemon grass iced tea as it’s made from the fresh grown lemon grass inhouse . Also have the lemon coriander soup . It’s just so beautiful to eat there as all you can see is greenery around

5. Go for a swim amidst the natural setting. The pool also has a soothing music which will just make you feel relaxed .


What to do around ?

1. Wake up one morning at 7am . Jehan Numa retreat has a backside short cut to Van Vihar National Park . Rent a cycle there costing barely 20₹ for two hours with entry fee of around 50₹ .

Taddaaa , You are exported into the most scenic natural Safari . Say hello to the birds in the lake or deer on the grass or if you are lucky watch the tiger besides . It’s a 7km drive one way . They allow cabs too with 250₹ fee . But take the cycle if you can , it’s just exotic .

2. Watch Gauhar mehel . It was a Mahal created for queens leisure . The palace is in ruins now but as you stroll further , history will come alive . From her dressing room to secret rooms , you will be stunned
3. Go see the Masjid – it’s the biggest in Asia .

4. Go boating in the city of lakes – Bhopal . Personal recommendation take the row boat where the person will row it for you and you can sit back and relax . Go there around sunset . The boat costs around 250₹ for an hour or so .
Also you can try the local markets there . Nothing to shop much in Bhopal though ! But go to Manohar , Bhopal if you have a sweet tooth

Points 2,3,4, 5 can easily be covered in one evening . Leave by 3.30 pm and all shall be sorted .
5. Go watch the Sanchi Stupa (Sadly I missed this one) . But it’s a world heritage site and 1.5 hours away . The Sanchi stupa is done up beautifully.

There is uber over there . So it’s very easy to travel anywhere over there .

Best months to travel : November to February

Cannot forget the Warm staff at Jehan Numa Retreat who made me feel at home . They were so nice that I remember names of everyone . From guiding me where to go to helping me book a cab to serving me Warm food to cleaning my room .
Kudos !
Mr Wincent , the Manager – you are a kind soul .

Do go there ! You will be mesmerised by the magic nature can do !