Thoughts : Quarantine Instagram

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YAAR. People cribbing about

1. Work out videos

2. Video call screenshots

3. Throwback posts

4. Recipe videos

5. Eating posts

6. Quarantine & Chill

7. Suddenly an influencer

8. Why so active on Instagram?

9. Are they even working from home if they are posting all this

10. Etc etc


Legit. Take a break ya. If it troubles you, don’t see it. Stop being judgemental all the time. It’s too easy and takes 10 seconds to pass your judgement.

If anything, it’s FREAKING BEAUTIFUL how this time is used by people to discover something new about themselves , to do something what they always wanted to but didn’t find the time


And it looks super easy, but shooting a video, editing it , writing down , putting it up is SUPER EXHAUSTING and TIME CONSUMING (minimum 2-3 hours) amidst all the work from home and work at home. People that are doing work out videos is encouraging so finally we can focus on being fit.


If throwback videos, makes somebody happy, then amazing !!


People are saving time with all that traffic and commuting to new weekend places so why not video call screenshots.


Everyone is doing what they feel like and this rant wasn’t a lecture or taunt , it’s just that together we can uplift it . We can enhance mental health. You don’t know what somebody is going through at home constantly. It is a change in atmosphere for all.

We can light positivity and encouragement amidst the chaos.

And if you are doing that already, THATS FAB . To more of you 🥰


Lastly, ones saying oh shiz peeps are super active on Instagram by constantly posting, disclosing their lives and Storying it , you are active as well if you are scrolling and watching it ☺️ (mic 🎙 drop )

What’s up? Figuring out life. Unsure,Confused, I DON’T KNOW

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Hi5 ! You feel me? I am you and you are me. The age of 20s was supposedly to be so sorted. Lucky are those, who exactly know what they want to and it is even viable to do that.

But some of us here have a degree 📜

1. and maybe don’t want to do that

2. and maybe our hobby isn’t feasible for a living

3. and sometimes we want to do that but don’t find that job

4. And maybe we just don’t want to anything but the guilt of wasting time and seeing people around makes us feels useless or unaccomplished or back at the rat race

5. and maybe sometimes we want to do what our parents don’t want us to do

6. and maybe we want to do something but just DON’T KNOW “WHAT” is that something.

7. And everything seems to be not working and you are just so lost.

How crazily do you feel me?

Well, I am with you and one of you.

It is the exact moment when even the Uber driver cancels on you and ever kali peeli cab rejects you and even the dresses don’t fit you or are unavailable in your size.

It is that moment when everything suddenly just seems to not work.

The market is down. There are very few jobs and those jobs don’t please you yet you apply and still don’t get call backs or you are rejected 🙅‍♀️ And more than ANYTHING, you are questioning yourself every now and then, “Why am I even applying here or why am I even doing this or am I even doing the right thing or what should I do”

The struggle is REAL.

So let me tell you what I discovered.

1. Every human being has their phases and it doesn’t mean if others have it sorted, you have to.

2. Do NOT LET the rat race dictate you what you have to be.

3. It is OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK. The recruiters will question you and the best come back was I just had to be sure to nail this job instead of just taking it up for the sake of it.

4. Do not be depressed by Instagram feed of others doing so well or the endless LinkedIn notifications. Tell yourself “Everyone has their own path.”

5. Freaking do what you have been wanting to do. Join that gym membership. Join the dance class. Do what you love

6. Do not FEEL GUILTY of wasting time. It’s fine, you deserve a break.

7. Write down the pros and cons, read reviews of people doing something in that field, connect with them on LinkedIn. It will help you develop a clearer picture

8. And if you feel your vacation is beyond vacation, and you still haven’t figured where exactly you want to work or what you want to do, look up onto coursera (there are lot of certificate courses and could define your break) or Harvard business school online.

9. DO NOT DO HERD MENTALITY. Look at the books before getting into a course.

10. Do the Goal – Action way. First set your goal, then think what you need to do to get there, then build the blocks, then set a time frame, then start working. First research then work.

11. And lastly, it is okay to feel what you are feeling and have break downs and feel angry, useless specially when you talk to people who are doing so amazing and especially when you see your phone screen time upto 10 hours and have no idea what you have been doing. IT IS OKAY.

12. Write down your confusion. Sometimes on writing down it just makes it less complicated. Then look up solutions online to build your skills up so that you can get the job or understand

13.Own up to it like a boss! Yes I am taking a break and doing nothing and I am fine with it. I have been just hustling and buzzing.

14. Take a vacation. It solves everything hahaha ! Change of environment

15. Shut the damn phone so you STOP COMPARING . Your graph isn’t determined by others. You are WHAT you are and love yourself, praise yourself and work on yourself but remember,

“it’s okay to be confused and lost now and to do nothing now as maybe 5 years down the line you will be in a way better place and probably miss the little break that you had.” It is okay.

Adios ! Let’s connect on Instagram : TheGlocalJournal

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Block . Out of Focus. Stagnant. Normal. Ordinary. Out of words. Out of ideas. A feeling of not wanting to do. A feeling of just letting go. A feeling of wanting to give up. A feeling of just doing nothing. A feeling of wanting to DO nothing. A feeling of just actually losing yourself. A feeling of undermining yourself. A feeling of losing interest in things, life and people. You know that feeling of just BEING , EXISTING and not LIVING?

I wanted to write about this since long but every time I began to write, I fell short of words and fell who will even read it considering today’s world just runs on numbers and where many thrive onto something which has spice, which is attractive, which is fun like.

This is not Depression or even anywhere near it. It is just a phase, a moment, a temporary timing where you cease to feel excited about endeavours but just go with the flow of daily mundane and routines. Rather, many of us go through the same feeling at some point where a day becomes a mere to do day with little or no interest.
And when I first started writing about this, I must have backspaced it at least 7-8 times as I just could not pen down the right words.

I am a person who has always been on the go, always used to doing things, always been multi-tasking. A weekend of doing nothing felt so unproductive, filled with guilt that I almost forgot what it is like to doing nothing without feeling anything.
And then came a moment, where I felt so demotivated.
Do you know that moment when you are stagnant and you know you are not growing? You are doing things, but you are doing the same things. Same things over and over again.
And then you sit down, look around and realize, “Oh, everybody is doing so well. You are growing old. You are probably growing out of fashion. You are not even half as good.” And yes, we all know that everybody has their own time and we should not compare ourselves and that we are all individually amazing in some way.
But you know at that moment, everything ceases to exist.

You begin to undermine yourself. You begin to question your own abilities. You are just clueless for some point. You are uncertain. You maybe know what you want but the future seem unlikely and ambiguous . It is like “We are being absorbed into our own whirlwind,”

It is that “TIME-LAPSE” feeling where everything is moving, running, sliding, passing but you stand there still just being.

And while I was trying to understand the root cause, I realized that the one being NUMBERS!
We are driven by it. Sit down and think of it.
Deadlines. Timelines. Targets. Followers. Likes. Progress. Growth.
Everything is ascertained by NUMBERS!
While there is no denial, that it pushes you. There is also a question that makes you question your abilities, makes you compare, makes you feel insecure, legit lowers your confidence.
And that is the MAJOR ROAD BLOCK for you starting up something. We hesitate, we contemplate, we over think. Doing a SWOT analysis is cool, but doing SWWWWWWWOTTTTTTTT analysis is not cool if you get what I am saying. (basically weakness and threats times 100)

How do you know before you start?
You may not be as good as them.
You maybe pathetic.
But what IF you are amazing!

Our second problem is we are so used to one click, one tap, instant clicks that we want progress instantly.. We are so judgemental of ourselves that we give up. We fail to dream, rather we lack the courage to make the dream a reality. We give up. We give up so many times and keep thinking “WHAT IF” !
You. I. Everybody.

It is okay to be lost, to just be ordinary, to not feel anything, to keep doing life at is. But every once in a while, rather I would say daily, think how can you make that what if NOW. Take that jump. You never know that parachute will just open and you will end up floating and oh baby, if you fall, you might just rise up again like a spring.

Many a times that no feeling phase, that ordinary phase is no more a phase but transforms into a habit which we accustom to. We “GET USED” to it. We accept “AVERAGE” and we love the feeling of stagnant, normal life because of the simple reason that you don’t need any additional efforts.
But someday, you read something or you see something or you feel something and feel what am I doing, I am beyond average, TAKE THAT PLUNGE.
It would be tough, it would be the toughest. But you know it is coming closer, walking closer, running closer towards something called magic. That magic could transform you into better individual probably one succeeding or probably one dealing better with failures or probably one being a bit more than average.

Timelapse….. Take it…. It keeps going ahead…
And while you sit back and watch your past life, you will laugh at your mistakes, be proud of your highlights. But do you know the best part of a timelapse? It keeps going ahead. GOING FORWARD! And let me tell you, it is s no movie, no fairytale but your own crazy timelapse passing by you. And oh buoy! AMIDST ALL THIS HOW HAVE YOU EVOLVED, ADAPTED AND GROWN! You deserve a toast! CHEERS!

So if you are feeling nothing, it is okay… It will pass… But just have the courage and will to “MAKE IT PASS”

In a Relationship with Food

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From the time your alarm rings to you sleep back at night, all you think is FOOD.

What are you going to take in your tiffin?
What are you going to eat next day?
What is your menu for the day?
What is the bucket list of restaurants to be visited for the weekend?
What is dinner?
What is lunch?


And goes the endless questionnaire…

I AM THE SAME. I AM just like most of you. I love FOOD. I am in a silent RELATIONSHIP with FOOD.


And like the law of relationships, every relationship is healthy and unhealthy. While when you do it right, it is AMAZING, for example eating right like eating your greens (ewww, did you just say greens.)

But as you get it slightly wrong, the repercussions though not NOW, might affect you in the future.

With our present GENERATION, Average healthy survival seems a good 50 years and then degeneration begins.

While what I am blabbering currently might sound crass and boring, YOU THINK OF IT.


All we think of meeting somebody is FOOD. All we think about bonding is FOOD.
Why not parks?
Why not only walks “UNFOLLOWED” by desserts?


We get tired soon. Even though we might not be fat, we are OBESE that is our fat ratio in high probability is in excess.



1. It is okay to cheat. I do it. But balance it by eating right like greens, proteins, etc.

2. Don’t Cheat everyday.

3. Control : It takes time. But it is a beautiful procedure when you let your mind take over your cravings. It is self-control.
To be honest, I have reached a stage where you even eat the best chocolate I would not be tempted.


4. Know what you eat : Do you even know the milk you are drinking might be by injecting the cow? Or the kind of stuff you eat anywhere.

There is a huge difference between eating a pizza at home and pizza outside since you exactly know what is going into your home pizza

5. REPLACE: It is a crazy trick. I take jaggery instead of sugar and it tastes the same when has to be used as a sweetener and it is good fat.

Or maybe using cottage cheese at times instead of cheese
Or oats uttapam instead of the normal. It is the BETTER in taste.

6. Work OUT: I dont do gyms as I am lazy too. I just try to walk a bit with music. Do some stretches at home before i wake up. Do few sit ups.
It is just starting SOMETHING.

7. Change your lifestyle:
I know it may sound very preachy and old school.
But it works.
It is tough but try.
Step by Step.
Your body will respond better after a few days.

So that is about it.


How is your relationship with food?

Awesome, Needs work or unhealthy.
Just make it right as this relationship is not ending.

After all,

Till death do us apart…..

The purpose

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We are all common people,waking up in the morning,rushing for office, class,drinking coffee, dressing up and just rushing!Yes that’s what we do, a beautiful morning has now become a past, did we even have five minutes to stand and stare by the window or just decide that what do we really want to do? The real thing!  Did we pen it down? Did we sit with any one for ten minutes and make them smile?  Well we are so busy in our mobile phones, we hardly have the time to stand and stare at the world besides us! But the clock is ticking! We go for our work, class without a purpose, just because we have to, just because we want money! But what about the purpose? The purpose that this day will be better than yesterday! The purpose which makes your heart stump! The purpose which makes you this day memorable!

The clock is ticking…. Think about it, think about the purpose!