Rooftop love @Asilo

The gateway to Mexico đź’• at ASILO is gorgeously decorated with huge colorful dream catchers . Flowers and colorful cloth spreads over the table and crazy Mexicano menu will give you a drool . The Quinoas are so healthy and wholesome. I loved the ravioli twist with a tomato based sautĂ© . The ambience is… Continue reading Rooftop love @Asilo

Fine dine for you @The Clearing House

Fine dining is a passion for well crafted food, exotic ingredients , excellent service & elegant decor . The Clearing House at Fort, is beautiful and unique for the kind of ingredients and dishes they serve while you enjoy and take pleasure in each bite . It appeals to a very different food palette and… Continue reading Fine dine for you @The Clearing House

Sunday Funday & brunching 

This beautiful weather calls for a getaway! What’s better than an elaborate Sunday brunch by the poolside? Della cafe is the place to go. Gorge on some sumptuous food and set your #tastebuds rolling with an appetite you’d crave for more. ​​To start with , you had two soups -so warm and delicious. The beautifully and… Continue reading Sunday Funday & brunching