Who said popcorn is just during movies ? @Wow popcorn

Holiday afternoon calls for some chiller popcorn at home. Today’s invite was at the wow popcorn! From Tantalizing #WASABI 😍 to Caramelized chocolate to Sizzling Pudina to Cheese to Onion and sour cream to Utter Butter Flutter 🍿 they had it all! Wore their hats and attire & binged on popcorn . The cutest was… Continue reading Who said popcorn is just during movies ? @Wow popcorn

Innovating innovation @Quattro

Today’s invite was for the gorgeous new menu at Quattro . “Beautiful to the eyes, excitement to the heart & taste buds dancing on the tongue” is how I would sum the new menu up . Beautiful combinations , molecular gastronomy used in true senses and not just two cuisines mix , science used to… Continue reading Innovating innovation @Quattro

An indian escape by the turf @Neel tote on the turf

#THESMALLPLATESWEEK  #16 dishes for ₹1200 per head + taxes only at 15 amazing restaurants Google small plates week , insider in and make your reservation. It’s getting full so do it quick as it’s such good food! And restaurants like aka , Aqaba , 145 , indigo , sassy spoon , farmer & sons ,… Continue reading An indian escape by the turf @Neel tote on the turf

Dessert garden 2016

First event invite for the day was India’s Biggest Dessert Festival, Dessert Garden is back with it’s fifth edition this 19th & 20th November, 2016 at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel. With over 70 dessert brands showcasing some of the most exciting and unheard desserts, live performances, dessert installations and a dessert lovers sit-down space,… Continue reading Dessert garden 2016

Shopping Sundays Sundaze

Next event invite was the #luxury garden by #petiteproject & #colorsinfinity & #reliancedigital and it was a mix of culture , boutiques , food & live music with wine tasting ! It was such a gorgeous evening with music soothing while you stroll in the stalls displaying earrings & clothing & interiors & what not… Continue reading Shopping Sundays Sundaze