About Us

Firstly, welcome to the #TGJ FAM!

TheGlocalJournal (TGJ) is the search result for your go to food, cheap thrills, budget luxurious travels and write ups which connect. But this is all from the outside, but from within it is a girl fulfilling her dreams, igniting her passion, crazily multitasking and just trying to make a mark.

TheGlocalJournal will be your food guide, try to inspire you and attempt to be the name that comes to your mind.

TheGlocalJournal wants to make you feel a part of our journey , make you experience the nuances while embracing the instances

TGJ will appeal you with pictures, sort  your confusion by answering questions and lastly ease it by doing the rubble work!

As we say, just “TGJ” it!

TheGlocalJournal has explored a lot of cuisines and travelled before penning down a blog. TheGlocalJournal also finds interest in writing about emotions, words which connect and hit the chord right there.

While it’s not the perfect blog, but it’s all about those imperfect moments being perfect and photographs that narrate a story.

About Aanvi Kamdar

Aanvi is a student aspiring to be a chartered account. She is also interning with one of the big corporates.

Food and travel makes her alive. She loves penning down little things as she herself lives for those little moments which then turn into the biggest memories

She is a trained BharathaNatyam dancer. She loves her friends. She loves sleeping and meeting new people. She is is lazy and has a thing for chocolates

So enough of blabbers! Happy reading to you all!

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