About Us

The Glocal Journal (#TGJ) is a food, travel and lifestyle blog since 2016 founded by Aanvi having a following of 50,000+ It is also a top contributor on trip advisor, a local guide on google at level9 and a connoisseur on Zomato.

Why should you PARTNER with #TGJ if you are a brand?

The Glocal Journal focuses on creativity, consumer experience and aims at providing value. The key benefit Is the loyal organic audience thereby helping you grow. 

Instagram Page: 50000 + followers

Top contributor onTripAdvisor plus Top level on the same (Level 6{max}) : https://www.tripadvisor.in/members/_theglocaljournal

Google : Level 9, Local Guide and Master photographer
https://goo.gl/maps/Y83XptprpUr :Twitter : https://twitter.com/AanviKamdar?s=09

LinkedIn :

How to reach out to us?

Kindly drop us an email on theglocaljournal@gmail.com

How can we help you?

  1. Brand Promotion
  2. Styling
  3. Innovation, Content Creation & Consultancy for your brand

Few Top Brands worked with:




Our statistics and insights

Why should you FOLLOW US?

We provide insightful genuine information thereby making your choices for travel and food easier. 

About Aanvi Kamdar:

Aanvi has fond memories of travelling since a child. As cliché as it sounds, her love for food, travel & lifestyle turned into an Instagram page and rest is history. Aanvi is a Chartered Accountant and has worked with MNCs for 5 years. Her corporate experience combined with creativity has led to another venture called The Glocal Digital which helps individuals/ SMEs / Creators / Brands grow.

She loves finding unique hidden properties, exploring and desserts. Coffee is her drink and watching friends is her stress buster. She is from Mumbai, India. 

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