Bandra, Mumbai Airbnb – Romantic Instaworthy & Aesthetic

Please read all the details. Theory9 is a whole building in Bandra which has apartments to stay. They are really cute.

You have three options:

1. Choose a room but the dining area and kitchen will be common – ₹5000 for two approx

2. Choose the entire flat – ₹25,000 for 8-9 adults

3. Choose the upper deck floor for ₹35000 + taxes for two people – it is usually for a romantic getaway and not normal. It’s exorbitant and usually preferred by people who don’t have time for a romantic getaway and want to do in the city. During festival and peak time – they also keep it ₹50000 + taxes


This is called THEORY 9 at BANDRA – +91 75066 02174 – Vedant . Also, it’s on Airbnb too incase you want pictures – here is the link below:

Link below for Instagram handle :

Pros : extremely aesthetic, pretty & different. They have a dedicated building of Airbnb, including room service.

Would I prefer this over a hotel ? If I have done all the nice hotels then yes I would. If not, I would prefer a hotel.

Cons : The walls are thin so it’s a little noisy with highway noise

Facilities – They have a common terrace and board games along with common kitchen.

Okay let’s get to the top floor which is exclusively for couples and has jacuzzi

Theory9 presents *“Night Under The Sky”. *

A private space on the rooftop terrace with an open air shower and washroom, a couple jacuzzi, an air conditioned glass roof bedroom with a projector for a movie night. A curated dining experience under a moonlit outdoor escape.


  • Open Glass Bedroom
  • Complimentary 4 course dinner from your favourite restaurant
  • Picnic Basket
  • Smart Projector.
  • Open to sky couple jacuzzi
  • Private Butler for personal assistance
  • Personalised table decor with a bouquet of your choice
  • Special message for expressing your feelings to your partner
  • Breakfast in Bed.
  • Cake
  • Soft beverages

Proposal • Anniversary • Birthday • Leisure • & many more

Is it worth it ? Personally only if you don’t have time for a getaway then it is or if it’s an extremely special occasion or if you have the luxury .

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