Picnic spot near Nashik

Hey so this spot is 3.5 hours away and I deeply recommend if you can they stay over. The drive and roads are amazing. Also there is Mc Donald’s and Starbucks on the way with great washrooms.

It’s the Mumbai – Igatpuri – Nashik route

Please note during monsoons – road to reach is a little tricky. You have to go by the right road or walking can be annoying (wear shoes).

Do not litter and there can be many flies. So carry Odomos and hit.

It’s near Gangapur dam in Nashik (there is MTDC Boat Club besides which is payable) if you want to eat or grab a bite.

Here is the exact gps link (follow and read thoroughly)

20°03’20.9″N 73°40’22.7″E

So you will see MTDC Boat Club – you go ahead and then you will see a cross road – take a left and not the right. (refer below)

Take the left here
Land mark 2
Your road ahead
Your destination
Car parking at own risk
Roads direction
Have a great day – but pls note flies are there and if it rains you can’t do this
Your landmark

Hope this helps you ! Keep sharing !

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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