Reasonable Villas Near Mumbai

Hi, what’s up! Staying at home due to COVID has gotten to us and a little social distancing break might just be good. However please exercise govt regulations and venture with your home members only or really small groups. All of them have discounts for longer stay than 7 days so check it out.

A. VISTA ROOMS : they have additional services like BBQ, Projector Movie and Meals. Meals is ₹1300 per person for non veg with breakfast, snacks, lunch & dinner. The operation team is very responsive.

The rates are subjective to demand. Sometimes on the weekends the rates are super hiked. So this is approx and incl taxes. Also few of them have refundable deposit security which you receive at the end of the stay.

I did check Airbnb but the villas with super host aren’t well maintained. Saffron stays is a pretty expensive affair and most of the reasonable ones are sold out

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1. Vill I stayed : Pura Vida Villa : ₹15000 per night : 8 guests : has a pool : Modern Decor : Khandala : 1.5 hours away from Mumbai :

Very well furnished and spacious. The rooms are big. The caretaker is sweet

Pura Vida Villa, Khandala : Vista Rooms

2. El House : Lonavala : Beautiful decor, Pool, ₹25000 per night : Sleeps 12

3. Stone House : Nashik (it is a long drive so please do 3-4 nights) : This one is a steal deal and available in October. ₹9520 per night : NO POOL : 4.5 hours away from mumbai (Dadar)

It’s right by the lake and the view is beyond stunning

4. Alibaugh : ₹21000 per night : 5 bedrooms : sleeps 15 and this one is so beautiful ufff : Available in October weekdays

The G coast Villa, Alibaugh

5. Bungalow 89 : beautiful view, Lonavala : No pool : sleeps 9 has 3 bedrooms : ₹21000 per night

Bungalow 89

6. Villa Forresta : Lonavala : Sleeps 10/15 : ₹21000 per night : Has a Pool

7. Villa 52 : Lonavala : Pool : Sleeps 12 : 4 bedrooms: ₹21000 per night : don’t like the other villas around but good decor

8. El Lodge : Has a pool : ₹18000 per night : Lonavala : Available in October : sleeps 9 : 3 bedrooms

9. Casa Malbec : Nashik : ₹12000 per night : No pool but amazing view . Good decor . Sleeps 8 : 3 bedrooms

10. Santoni Farms, Karjat : ₹18000 per night, has 8 guests : has pool : 3 bedrooms

Pawna Lake

I went for a drive from Khandala to Pawna . If it is raining, please avoid as the roads are pathetic. The approach road is bumpy and hence please switch off your ac while driving and keep your gear either 1/2 constant. It takes 1.5 hours upwards and 45 mins downward.

I found a Pawna lakeside camping spot which was shut but the owner was outside. Paid him 200₹ for 4 people and we have literally chilled there for hours with nothing to do but soak in the breath taking the view.

A lot of parts of Pawna are commercial and I don’t like them due to crowd in general and considering pandemic, secluded places is a must.

I went there on a weekday morning and hence there was no crowd or security.

You can put on google maps “Pawna Lake Camping” and your will find many spots and you can spot at one after the permission of the owner and chill there. You can also do a little picnic.

Just swinging by the wind at Pawna

Please note the Tiger Point and Bushy dam is shut due to COVID and commercial areas too. We also heard on weekend Pawna was shut so please check and proceed.

Meals : we didn’t include any meals in our stay but packed a lot from here. Here are few ideas that you can make easy lunch / dinner. Sharing my list .

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