Best AirBnB in Mumbai / Bombay

So AirBnB in Mumbai are not so well maintained / very outdated and there are only few rare good ones. So here is my compilation of the best Airbnb’s


1. Calvin hosts two studio apartments at Andheri in mumbai. Self check in & extremely sanitised. The approach road is not good but it’s a bungalow having private entrances and wouldn’t mind it at all.

This is where I stayed: Bedroom + Basic Pantry + Terrace. If it’s not raining, they have a hammock + tent in the open : ranges between ₹4500-5500

4 guests are allowed but I really doubt it can accommodate that many.

2. The second one is by Calvin too at Andheri only : :

around ₹3500 per night (no food included) and no terrace. It’s only a bedroom, small pantry and washroom.

3. : 2 nights Minimum : 5 mins walk from Juhu Beach, has a terrace. Total turns out to be 21500₹ . It is so beautiful. The interiors are beyond amazing : 2 guests

4. Next up are few apartments by The Bombay Home Company : it’s a group of people who do really nice homes around Bandra. It’s well sanitised. It was a cumulative search of good apartments when I realised that it’s all by this group. This is their website –

Boutique Homestays in Bandra West, Mumbai

They have really cool apartments for 2 people. I personally stayed in the glass house – very convenient & loved it : however they are COMPACT

& this is their contact number +91 93720 37673 – you can WhatsApp them : ₹5044

5. : ₹5044

6. Again by the Bombay Home company : ₹5000 per night

7. : it’s for 8 guests : family apartment : ₹21886 per night : Bandra . They have the option of only choosing one room. Don’t do that as it’s bugging to have somebody in the next room plus safety reasons. READ CAREFULLY : does it say private apartment or private room.

8. 8 guests , 3 beds, 3 bathrooms : ₹10,569 for a night

9. : 4894₹ : 4 guests but one bedroom and have a hall

10. : 2 guests, 1 bed 1 bathroom

11. 4 guests , 2 beds 2 bathrooms : a little tacky for my taste but good price

12. Few apartments in mumbai have a minimum 14 night stays jazz. So please check properly. This one is for ₹46775 for 14 nights : 2 guests


A. Netflix and chill – good for parties – 6 guests – msg the host and try near Jogeshwari

B. Malad West – Exteriors look good – but the interiors are basics – again good for gathering / parties – ITS MADH ISLAND – so area is lonely and PRACTISE SAFETY

14 guests, 1 bedroom

C. Bandra homes – From 2 guests to 5/7 guests – These homes are by Connekt and are really nice.

Rates depend from 3000-7000₹

D. This one is at Mira Bhayander – New – Doesn’t have many ratings (SO NOT RECOMMENDING) – ₹18000 8 guests

E. Entire 2 bedroom near BKC CONSULATE. – ₹7000 6 guests

F. 3 bedroom service near Bandra – ₹14000 6 guests – 4 beds

G. This one is at arey colony – again practise safety please – read reviews – good part is it has 10 guests + terrace + but no reviews since 8 months so CHECK ONCE – The interiors aren’t nice

H. 16000₹ , Bandra ; 10 guests 3 beds – SUPERHOST

I. Bandra – I added this as it’s all artistic ₹7000 for 5 guests 1 bedroom 3 beds

J. Interiors are basic. View is good. 4 guests 1 bedroom 5000₹

K. 2 bedroom pet friendly at Panvel – ONLY IN MONSOONS 13,000 – 6 guests – 2 bedrooms

L. 2bhk Santa Cruz – ₹6000 4 guests

M. This has 16 guests, pool, Navi Mumbai – ₹13000 – the interiors are not great .

N. Sea view, Carter Road Bandra – it can get noisy as main road. Birds wake up at 5am. ₹9500 for 4 guests – yes expensive

The rates are subject to change as per days , weekends and demands

O. Bandra – 4 guests – near subko – parking an issue – only if you are looking for a homely place – ₹6500

Please read properly and read the reviews . They are suggestions. We are not responsible for any choices.

Please contact / email your host before reserving and asking doubts . You can do it via the app. Ask about COVID etc. Ask about your doubts and everything. Read the refund policy very carefully.

Filter : super host, entire place to yourself , the amenities and area while choosing an Airbnb. Pictures can be deceptive sometimes

Do not encourage travel due to COVID. We do not promote it as well. It is only because of home circumstances/ long impending work you may do it. Please follow all government guidelines.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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