Like an APPLE PIE | Easiest Best and Quick

Did Baklava as Part 1 : Video Recipe :

and Now apple Pie Part 2 : Video Recipe :

Leave fashion therapy, try food therapy. Using the same ingredient, multiple ways. Since we are quarantined, & don’t have many ingredients. Further we are bored to take extra efforts. Hence I have curated recipes which taste alike with substitutes , require minimal effort. The texture and taste is the same.

Serves 2 :

You will need 2 apples

Brown Sugar 75 grams

White sugar 25 grams

Butter 75 grams grams

Khari Biscuit or Pie crust

Corn flour powder 20 grams

Cinnamon powder (To taste)

1/4 lemon 🍋

For the apple caramel sauce : Trust me I don’t praise myself much but this one was BOMB .

On the stove (always low flame) and ALWAYS KEEP STIRRING or will stick.

In a vessel:

Step 1 : Add all butter , and apples and brown sugar & cinnamon powder. Stir all continuously. Enjoy the smell.

Step 2 : Turn of the gas. Sieve your juice into the bowl.

Step 3 : Keep your apples on the stove , add corn flour and little lime to pull all the juice. Add your apples are ready . Pour them in bowl and keep them ready.

Step 4 : Take your sauce what you had set aside earlier and put it on the stove again. Very low flame and keep stirring till it thickens into beautiful caramel. Now keep little aside and mix the rest sauce with your apples.

Step 5 : take your khari biscuits and layer it up with apples and then your put it in the oven for 2 mins at 100 degrees.

Step 6 : it will be ready . Pour some sauce over it. And consumer immediately.

Since we have used khari biscuits, they turn soggy. So consume immediately.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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