Thoughts : Quarantine Instagram

YAAR. People cribbing about

1. Work out videos

2. Video call screenshots

3. Throwback posts

4. Recipe videos

5. Eating posts

6. Quarantine & Chill

7. Suddenly an influencer

8. Why so active on Instagram?

9. Are they even working from home if they are posting all this

10. Etc etc


Legit. Take a break ya. If it troubles you, don’t see it. Stop being judgemental all the time. It’s too easy and takes 10 seconds to pass your judgement.

If anything, it’s FREAKING BEAUTIFUL how this time is used by people to discover something new about themselves , to do something what they always wanted to but didn’t find the time


And it looks super easy, but shooting a video, editing it , writing down , putting it up is SUPER EXHAUSTING and TIME CONSUMING (minimum 2-3 hours) amidst all the work from home and work at home. People that are doing work out videos is encouraging so finally we can focus on being fit.


If throwback videos, makes somebody happy, then amazing !!


People are saving time with all that traffic and commuting to new weekend places so why not video call screenshots.


Everyone is doing what they feel like and this rant wasn’t a lecture or taunt , it’s just that together we can uplift it . We can enhance mental health. You don’t know what somebody is going through at home constantly. It is a change in atmosphere for all.

We can light positivity and encouragement amidst the chaos.

And if you are doing that already, THATS FAB . To more of you 🥰


Lastly, ones saying oh shiz peeps are super active on Instagram by constantly posting, disclosing their lives and Storying it , you are active as well if you are scrolling and watching it ☺️ (mic 🎙 drop )

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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