TYGR, Palladium Lower Parel is all things good

TYGR is a chain by massive restaurants and they have nailed this one.

They have fabulous Thai, Asian and even have added American Brasserie.

The staff Kirti, Javed, the chef and all others are extremely sweet.

The ambience is a complete fine dine with yellow lights dimming.

Cost for two : ₹2500-3000 for two

Portions are small, so order accordingly.

Cuisines : American and Asian

Type : Fine Dining

Where : 1st Floor. Palladium, Phoenix

We tried the following :

Charcoal charged vegetable bundles ₹365 : These dimsums were packed with flavour.

Smelted rice flour dumplings ₹365 : Blue dimsums and again too good.

Crispy lotus stem ₹395 : I have loved their glistening lotus stems and it makes my mouth melt.

Large plates :

We tried

Tofu, straw mushrooms with black pepper

Thai basil fried rice 🍚

Their Thai curry and rice is fabulous as well.

They have American Brasserie as well! So those who don’t like Asian much are sorted.

They have burgers and Benedict and also hummus and pate and they have wings also and savoury waffles and tortilla flat breads

From the grill, we tried grilled eggplant and champagne risotto . It had a pungent flavour. e

Desserts :

Chocolate fudge : I LOVED THIS. You have to have it. It is with blueberry icecream and it is fabulous 😍

Lemon tart : if you like lemon 🍋 then go for it !


Water at high tide ₹495

Loved this as well.

Overall it’s a great venue if you just want to soak in luxury and enjoy a great meal and come on , it’s best of both words Asian and American.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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