YOUNION, a buzz amongst youngsters and the newest party place

Younion, Kamala mills, Lower Parel

What kind of place : Party and Drinks

Only 18+ years allowed

Reservations recommended (way in advance)

Speciality : Their cocktails are a big hit

Cost for two : ₹2500 for two

So let’s get started with what we tried :

1. Channa koliwada, roasted garlic, curry leaves : Crispy and nice start !

2. Stir fried broccoli, water chestnuts : I love broccoli and the combination of chestnuts is always a good addition.

3. Shiitake Momo : Mushrooms and Momos and that sauce is something you can’t ever hate. But only love.

4. Garlic Cheese, chilly flat bread : Again classic yet love it.

5. Bunny chow : Classic and good

6. Iranian berry pulao : Takes you back into Parsi memory lane and loved you (we were too full to try)

7. Zunka bhakar : The classic Marathi dish revamped.

8. Indonesian nasi goring : it is an Indonesian dish with their style curry 🍛

9. Caramel cheese cake : I heard as their recommendation but was too full

10. Nariyal paani panacotta : I am surprised why haven’t I eaten this before. It’s the tender coconut 🌴 in the form of panacotta .

Drinks : I know you were waiting for this’

We tried 2 Shot sampler trays (6 shots each) and every one was different and so yum.

We tried the following cocktails 🍸:

Cinder freaking rella

Which had vodka and loved it

Also had the skulls which had whiskey 🥃 and all things good

And shots tray which had Vanilla

Black current vodka



Southern smile


The place gets crazily buzzing on weekends and is a party dance floor.

The staff is sweet.

For non vegetarians the following is recommended : (Haven’t tried but friends who eat have listed)

KETO Chipotle chicken bowl, tenderloin burger, chicken momos , Panko fried mussels , Chicken Chilly.

Do tag us on @theglocaljournal if you happen to go their on Instagram or write to us for feedback !

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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