Your Guide for Street Food at Matunga,Mumbai

Street food is something which appeals to all as it’s tasty and it is absolutely cheap.

Let’s get to business and coming straight down to my detailed list (P.S not doing South Indian food as that deserves another blog)

The Ruia College / Podar Area :

1. Mamaji (gps/ Swiggy / Zomato / Uber eats) Paytm Accepted (from 11am onwards)

Their sandwiches are to die for. Mamaji special filled with cheese and paneer is wow. Even their frankie is great for Rs20. Also what is fab is their panini. It is love.

Only on weekdays : 1. Saee Juice : (Have their superb fresh lime juice for 20₹ or cold coffee for ₹50)

Location for below (2,3) : Footpath Opposite Podar College, Matunga East 400019

2. Subhash Sandwich : Podar’s favorite : Eat some yummy sandwiches (11am onwards)

3. Pasta Centre : It’s like the WTC zone filled with cheese. (Afternoon/ evening)

4. Momos (Location : Ghanshyam Sports) : Food Van (5pm onwards) He has amazing momos. Oh god ! And that red chutney is fab.

5. Snow point : It has fab Indian Chinese food. The manchurian is fab. What I really love is the crazy cold drinks available including energee and all your ice creams too.

Station Side (Location : Chheda Dry Fruits, Matunga)

1. Gupta Chat Centre : Featured in Bombay times as the Bhel King, I love his bhel, sev Puri and also pav Bhaji. Sev Puri for ₹40

2. Softy Icecream : Rama Nayak Udupi (besides Gupta / Station ) : Have a chocolate softy for Rs20

3. Pankaj Pani Puri (Besides Chheda) : They have grilled sandwich which is good too but expensive. Their Pani Puri is fab though for ₹30

4. Paan : If you like paan, then he makes the most amazing meetha paan (besides Chheda) : 12pm onwards

5. Walk further and put (West View Shop , Matunga on the maps) : There is fabulous roll guy. His name is Sameer. (5pm onwards on weekends and weekdays 7pm onwards) Have the paneer babycorn mushroom roll for 80₹.

6. Who likes Mukhwaas ? There is a superb guy who sits with a box near west view and you have to have that.

7. Pankaj Soda and Gola : Are you a fan of Soda? Then this one is for you. Also they use bisleri water so it’s safe.

8. There is a sandwich guy again and his masala aloo sandwich is really amazing. (again west view shop as location : 4pm onwards)

9. Matunga Dabeli : (put this and you will find on gps) and have the butter Dabeli Rs 20 or cheese garlic pav (spicy) : 1.30 pm onwards . It’s also on Swiggy and Uber eats.

King Circle Area :

King circle is thriving with franchises to naturals , 99 pancakes, Theo broma and fries.

Listing down the below (Open after 7.30-8 pm only)

1. Pav Bhaji (Outside Theobroma matunga) I like him more than the chatai pav Bhaji . Rs 100. Have the fabulous biryani / pulav too.

2. Khichya Papad (Put Garden fresh as location) . Have the fabulous cheese masala papad and you will love it for ₹70.

3. Kulfi : there is kulfi guy right again outside garden fresh and makes fabulous stuff.

4. Chattai Pav Bhaji

5. Shree Krishna Frankie : Another favorite amongst college goers is this orange noodle potato frankie for ₹20

6. Rahuls Roll (Available on Swiggy , and gps) : from noon onwards : The Indian pizza is great and so is the Maggi.

7. Another Amazing Kulfi Rabdi with full sev is near Amar Petrol Pump, Matunga . It’s a little aarey shop.

Other side of the matunga station :

1. Vada Pav : He is very famous for the Vada Pav. Outside Shree sunders.

2. Late night : 9.30-11pm Anna Coffee

Put location : Giri Stores.

You will see too many people having nice cycle coffee, idli and chilling.

3. Opposite Giri Stores , you will see Mewad Truck. Again that has fab falooda for the price they offer.

^PLEASE COMMENT / share / let us know what more would you like .

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