Splurge on Savings

Well! Welcome to the most relatable paradox.

I love splurging. Well who doesn’t! Living life king size. And seeing Kylie Jenner, such a boss babe as she is, who doesn’t.

But LIFE GIVES YOU A 💥 and you are greeted by your bank balance. UFFFFF.

So let me tell you something, some part of savings just is that emergency exit which you never know you will need.

Maybe for an impromptu trip with your friends or to gift your special one something extra or that crazy bag which you wanted always or just ANYTHING.

So let’s start with tips !


Just have a rough idea on how the estimates of your finance will be. Eg you know this is the month of birthdays then have that in mind. This is the month your exams are on so expense will be less be Swiggy will be more. Have a rough idea.

2. Download this app now : Finance Manager (There are other apps as well but I loved this one) you exactly know where you are spending and which mode from paytm to card

3. Keep feeding in (it takes lesser time than a text) even if it is 100₹ or so, feed it.

4. They have charts like this which will help you just know where is your spending.

5. You are WORTH IT!

Many times outfits are so beautiful. And this SALE which is now everyday online seems like the biggest marketing gimmick. But what to do? They take over our guilt and we end up doing “Add to Cart” and then comes a popper “Deal of 10% discount so BUY NOW” .

But before all of this, do a simple thing.


Do you NEED THIS or just WANT THIS?

As Many times you end up Ordering and then feel like oh I had this and it’s similar or maybe.

Or when you are shopping, is it really worth it?

As sometimes the brand value is not as much as your money is.

Maybe , you will find cheaper options in the same quality and pattern.

6. Keep a tab. Periodically check your expenses. As when you start recording, it actually hits you.

It’s damn easy. You automatically start cutting down on that 10 minute walk which you are too lazy to and end up taking a cab fare.

7. Think of what you want to do. You know why do people do something because there is always a REWARD.

Now think if you save what can be the REWARD.

Like buying a damn camera. Or buying new AirPods or maybe a vacation or something bigger. Having that little saving for your future house/car. When you have a reward in mind, automatically you will mentally start cutting down.

How to increase the savings will be in the next blog!

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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