What’s up? Figuring out life. Unsure,Confused, I DON’T KNOW

Hi5 ! You feel me? I am you and you are me. The age of 20s was supposedly to be so sorted. Lucky are those, who exactly know what they want to and it is even viable to do that.

But some of us here have a degree 📜

1. and maybe don’t want to do that

2. and maybe our hobby isn’t feasible for a living

3. and sometimes we want to do that but don’t find that job

4. And maybe we just don’t want to anything but the guilt of wasting time and seeing people around makes us feels useless or unaccomplished or back at the rat race

5. and maybe sometimes we want to do what our parents don’t want us to do

6. and maybe we want to do something but just DON’T KNOW “WHAT” is that something.

7. And everything seems to be not working and you are just so lost.

How crazily do you feel me?

Well, I am with you and one of you.

It is the exact moment when even the Uber driver cancels on you and ever kali peeli cab rejects you and even the dresses don’t fit you or are unavailable in your size.

It is that moment when everything suddenly just seems to not work.

The market is down. There are very few jobs and those jobs don’t please you yet you apply and still don’t get call backs or you are rejected 🙅‍♀️ And more than ANYTHING, you are questioning yourself every now and then, “Why am I even applying here or why am I even doing this or am I even doing the right thing or what should I do”

The struggle is REAL.

So let me tell you what I discovered.

1. Every human being has their phases and it doesn’t mean if others have it sorted, you have to.

2. Do NOT LET the rat race dictate you what you have to be.

3. It is OKAY TO TAKE A BREAK. The recruiters will question you and the best come back was I just had to be sure to nail this job instead of just taking it up for the sake of it.

4. Do not be depressed by Instagram feed of others doing so well or the endless LinkedIn notifications. Tell yourself “Everyone has their own path.”

5. Freaking do what you have been wanting to do. Join that gym membership. Join the dance class. Do what you love

6. Do not FEEL GUILTY of wasting time. It’s fine, you deserve a break.

7. Write down the pros and cons, read reviews of people doing something in that field, connect with them on LinkedIn. It will help you develop a clearer picture

8. And if you feel your vacation is beyond vacation, and you still haven’t figured where exactly you want to work or what you want to do, look up onto coursera (there are lot of certificate courses and could define your break) or Harvard business school online.

9. DO NOT DO HERD MENTALITY. Look at the books before getting into a course.

10. Do the Goal – Action way. First set your goal, then think what you need to do to get there, then build the blocks, then set a time frame, then start working. First research then work.

11. And lastly, it is okay to feel what you are feeling and have break downs and feel angry, useless specially when you talk to people who are doing so amazing and especially when you see your phone screen time upto 10 hours and have no idea what you have been doing. IT IS OKAY.

12. Write down your confusion. Sometimes on writing down it just makes it less complicated. Then look up solutions online to build your skills up so that you can get the job or understand

13.Own up to it like a boss! Yes I am taking a break and doing nothing and I am fine with it. I have been just hustling and buzzing.

14. Take a vacation. It solves everything hahaha ! Change of environment

15. Shut the damn phone so you STOP COMPARING . Your graph isn’t determined by others. You are WHAT you are and love yourself, praise yourself and work on yourself but remember,

“it’s okay to be confused and lost now and to do nothing now as maybe 5 years down the line you will be in a way better place and probably miss the little break that you had.” It is okay.

Adios ! Let’s connect on Instagram : TheGlocalJournal

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By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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