Hidden gem near Mumbai, shhhhh not revealing this treasure!

Endless research, scanning through 10 websites landed me up on this and WOWOOWOWOWOW! Usually on Airbnb in India specially Mumbai and Lonavala, the furniture and spaces are a bit run down/ old fashioned.

When I stumbled upon this gem, it felt such a victory as it was everything what I wanted.

1. Great interiors

2. BEST BEST VIEW and specially in the monsoons, this is WOW!

3. Offbeat and private

4. Great Reviews and Good host.

It is really far from Mumbai. Consider it to be 5 hours and the road from Pune to Lavassa is steap. But oh when you reach here, its SO amazing. The interiors are BANG on that make you feel you are in a tree house. Glass balconies and well maintained, clean bedrooms. The view is spectacular. You feel so fresh. There is a bit of leakage but its in every villa due to monsoon.

Cost : Rs 15000 exclusive of food per night.

Here is the link : https://www.airbnb.co.in/rooms/12797635

The kitchen is well maintained and you can cook if you plan to. But they charge for everything that you use. Well charged me 100Rs for a simple butter which was two spoons used. You can order in food from delivery joints.

The space is so airy, open and well made that makes you feel great instantly.

Lets keep to the sad part. The caretaker Anil saw us youngsters and tried to fool us. He even complained about one towel lying down the floor. He gave us 45 minutes lecture on how to keep the house. And we were the one of the great guests who kept it all clean but a little bit we expect as we are paying.

Lets talk about the next incident. He raged that he had to clean the house post a party tonight and pick a bottle and while that he hurt him and then whined for another half an hour asking us for 700Rs for that one cut. So basically he doesn’t want us to do anything, then he lied about guests coming at 10am and we had barely slept so he woke us up. Then he refused to give the gate pass and when he did, he called everyone (7 members on their personal calls including the driver).

He also questioned personal details that who are we going to meet and he raised his voice thinking what will 24 year olds do. He again lectured. He wasted our 4 hours and spoilt our mood. If that was not enough, his only motto was to extract more money through tips and whatever service he did (please don’t use his service, for small portions of poha, he charged 400 rs)

But ignoring HIM, it is ONE OF THE BEST villas, I have visited many 5stars but this is GOLD.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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