Hello Derby 🐎, BKC, Mumbai!

⁃ Jain, Veg, Non Veg, Vegan, Keto

⁃ Air conditioned, kids allowed

Welcoming the latest addition to the culinary celebration in bkc is Derby! Located in the coveted Capital Building, G Block, in the place of Dishkiyaaon, Derby is about chique decor, great food and some good humming music in the background.

Well, they have their own app where you can play races every 45 mins and if your horse wins, you get discount on your food bill.

Let’s go about the pricing first! Around ₹1500-1700 for two !

The pricing is reasonable with small portions and some great flavours.

I usually hesitate with a 5star but there was nothing to pick a fault on, everything was bang on!

It is all a Boisterous blend of cultures and cuisines . The flavours are authentic yet simple, uncommon yet relatable.

The Contemporary flavours are uncommon yet they go so well!

Let’s see what we tried!

We tried small portions of the dishes so we could try more.

1. Vegetable chips carrots sweet potato 🍠

They serve with cheese sauce and salsa. The beet root chips are to die for. Trust me, beer 🍺 and chips, you will go gagaga!

2. Hummus platter

The right tahini, chickpeas and garlic make a good hummus!

3. Truffle and sweet peas dumpling

Classic flavours, nothing to go wrong!

4. Mushroom Galouti

If you like goat cheese, then hell yes! It is filled with goat cheese in the centre

5. Derby’s raw papaya salad Bangkok style recipe

Thin grated papaya with some herbs and spices, absolutely taking to the streets there!

I am more of a junk person so I like salads less!

6. Vegetable dumpling 🥟 with chilli 🌶 oil and a purée 🥣 Trust me it is the best I have ever eaten. I loved it absolutely. I couldn’t stop slurping it. It is packed with flavours.

YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! this one is 20/10 !

7. Wok

We had this for mains ! My comfort food is this! Filled with vegetables 🌽 and options of brown rice, white rice and noodles, if you like wok then hell yes !

They also have different curries like Thai, They have risotto and stuff too.

They have tried to amalgamate cuisines!

8. Raspberry delight ₹325

I preferred this less as I am not a milk chocolate mousse person.

But if you like it, it’s covered in raspberry shell and has beautiful raspberry purée in between !

9. Hazelnut silken mousse

I loved this! The taste of hazelnut was prominent!

They have more two chocolate desserts

They have crazy ice creams

Avacado Icecream

Popcorn 🍿

Real hazelnut – PLEASE TRY THIS!

Overall we had a lovely time!

CHEF MITESH has done a fabulous JOB!

Further, the staff is very kind.

The manager was also very welcoming.

We had a great evening! You know good food makes me happy!

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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