1. *Queens line*: Cheaper than other cruise
(Ab celestial & Bombay maiden other options)
I do not like Bombay maiden personally as it’s too tacky. Blue lights are too flashy for the eyes.
Ab celestial is 2300₹ per person minimum cover.

2. *Carter Road Social* : Sasta Sundar Sea 🌊 haha ! Good food, good view, good vibes

3. Cecconis – *Soho House*
Absolutely loved the interiors. Authentic Italian food & stunning view.
#TGJTIP : 4pm – 7pm they are shut.
Prior reservations for sea view.
They have the best tiramisu.
It is expensive.
Cost for two would be ₹3000

4. Aha ! Saying my favourite : *Lagoon* at Sea princess.
Pool side by the sea. Oh yes! Expensive. But they have no minimum billing so order two food dishes and chill.

5. *Bayview Cafe *: I have gone here since a kid. Loved every bit of it.
It’s open, reasonable and overlooking the sea.

6. Okay leaving all apart, order the coolest food from swiggy pack it which is easy to eat, just book a yacht for 3000 and enjoy your meal for two hours! Hell yes private *yacht*!


7. *Razzberry Rhinoceros*:
Zomato gold on food you guys ! Haha !
Prior recommendations.
No minimum billing except the cabanas.

8. Bora Bora Juhu is another hidden gem !

9. Dome – rooftop plus that view ! Order Nutella crepe for 550₹ and chill ! The staff is damn sweet.

10. Farmhouse Sea Sand Vasai

11. Boardwalk Alibagh (however I personally don’t like and would prefer the yacht idea more)

I am skipping Estella, Taj, Oberoi, Gada Da Vida , Aer as they are all very expensive and very famous.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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