Let’s LILT !


Lilt at the ever growing hub of Lower Parel claims to be a Modern Asian Bar Room. With its ambience it’s doesn’t fail to be one of the best places to hang out with a big group. A very spacious interior like this is a rare right sight in Bombay and we’re all about taking advantage of this room this place offers.
The best part we think about this place is the charm that makes you feel Royalty when you’re eating brunch in the day and gives you ample floor to shake your leg at night.

Lilt curated a Tasting Menu so we could get the best of what’s on their menu-
Spicy and tangy flavoured mushrooms loaded with garlic and chillies. This was a vegetarians absolute dream come true kind of a dish and we are going back for more.
Rating- 6/5

Dim sums
You can’t truly call yourself Asian if you’re not drooling over this soul food, Can you?
Lilt offers a dreamy collection of flavours and stuffings you can choose from.
Rating- 5/5


Let’s address the elephant in the room! Raw fish is a nightmare for some, but don’t worry because Sushi is not only confined for the pescatarians. We gorged on some delightful Avocado cream cheese sushi.
Rating- 4/5


We tried one of their signature dishes which was the grilled salmon. We were so amazed by the presentation which was fish placed over a charcoal grill that we couldn’t wait to dig right into it. Boy it didn’t disappoint. To be honest it almost felt like a dish straight out of Masterchef
Rating- 6/5

Rosemary Old fashioned-
We would love to love this one. The cocktail was presented with a huge piece of ice filling up most of the glass. It was smoked to enhance the flavour of rosemary but we felt we though the smell or the smoke overpowered the cocktail so much that we could barely drink it without the pungent smell troubling our nose.
Rating- 3/5


Layered Brownie
What’s better than luxury? Luxurious desserts. Golden pyramid made out of chocolate to shell the brownie accompanied by some melted chocolate to pour over. Ah! Did we just describe what heaven feels like?! An absolute must try irrespective of your fitness goals.
Rating- 5/5

Overall we do think that Lilt is a definite hit for its food and luxurious ambience. The staff is well trained and are there to make your experience better than you thought it will be. We’re for sure hitting this place post Monday blues. Shout out to the staff who were super helpful and courteous to us.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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