Illuminati – the new Vibe in BKC !


From luxury hotels, businesses, to commercial spaces, Bandra-Kurla complex in Mumbai houses some of the biggest names in the industry within its high-rise buildings (most of which look like art-work made in steel and glass!). But for quite a few years now, BKC has also been one of the go-to food destinations of the city. Inspire BKC is one such hotspot which is a commercial hub filled with offices and restaurants. Despite being surrounded by places like Trèsind, Uno Más, Cardboard, Drifters etc., Illuminati manages to stand out and offer something unique of its own.

Illuminati is a unique mix between a lounge, a fine-dine experience and a soon-to-be nightclub. If you have heard about this place or have come across any photos of the place, you have most probably seen how beautiful this place looks. The ambience of this place is phenomenal and the ‘starry-night-like’ lights make this place seem ‘out of this world’, quite literally.

The combination of unique lighting, the black and white decor and the extensive use of glass make this place feel aesthetically grand. But the premiumness of this place doesn’t end here, it also spills down to the culinary options that this place has to offer.
The menu has been curated to cover a variety of cuisines, which include European, Japanese, Italian and American. The food here looked as gorgeous as the place itself, and the taste was amazing too. It is really difficult to take a bad photo in this place, be it the food or the ambience.

Our recommendation would be to start off with an appetizer, and also a drink to go along with it. Our favourites were Charcoal bread sandwiches and Rajma feta squares, but you couldn’t go wrong with anything on the menu. We also quite liked the Pizza inspired arancini and the Spiced edamame hummus. For the mains, we would definitely recommend Baked gnocchi fontina and Braised broccoli & Tofu curry with rice, as some solid vegetarian options.

The chef also recommends the pineapple-upside/down and apple pie baklava for desserts, and the mixologist’s favourites include The eye, Blue fairy, and the Evil queen. Illuminati is a new place and yet it has a lot to offer. We are excited to visit this place again very soon, as the management has a lot of plans for this place in the near future!

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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