By the Sea, Hello Mumbai’s floating restaurant – Ab Celestial

Cuisine : Indian, Continental, Asian.

Cost for two : 4600₹ inclusive of taxes
Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian.
It has a romantic vibe.

I have been wanting to try this place since a very long. Every time, I passed the sea link, the cruise by the shore, intrigued me.

Reservations are highly recommended.
We booked a table for 6pm upto 9pm
Please do not reach earlier as they don’t let you in before 6.05 .

Let’s get started with the cons.
1. They swipe flat 2300₹ per person before entering which is redeemable against food and drinks.
Now you head up.
2. The seating is a bit odd. One person can get the sea view and one will get the city view. Also table for 3 and above is closer to the sea.
Otherwise it is closer to the deck.


3. The restaurant doesn’t travel. It is anchored to the sea shore.
4. Reach on time to get a good table.
5. Alcohol is expensively priced .

Pros :
We had a really good time! Thanks to the weather ❣
It was absolutely calming.

The food was great.
We tried cocktails 🍸 which were expensive around 900₹ for a drink.
Then we called for chilly potatoes and they were fabulous. Even the garlic bread was yum.
The pasta was average.
The chocolate brownie was delicious.

The windy weather made the experience worth. It is great for celebration of any occasion.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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