Via Bombay, get a feel of Bombay at Chembur’s newest eatery

Via Bombay is a restaurant in Hotel ‘Jewel of Chembur’ and soon, it could become a jewel in the Indian cuisine space itself. The restaurant is known to serve delicious Indian and Asian cuisines, at relatively fair prices.

In their own words, the restaurant is described as a way to travel back in time to the Bombay that was, and enjoy authentic Indian and Asian flavours. Flavours that roll on your plate and linger in your memory. Well, to be honest, we couldn’t have described our experience at Via Bombay any better.


The place is brimming with posters of old and classic Indian Ads that would take your mind on a trip down to the nostalgia lane. The place has a sophisticated vibe and there is a different kind of warmth in the air of this place. That may be due to the décor and the lighting of the place or maybe the credit goes to the extremely welcoming and courteous staff. This place is an example of hospitality done right.


Coming to the food, we started off with Palak Patta chat and it set our tone for the evening. It is very difficult to find good Palak Patta chat in Mumbai, which is authentic in flavours, and memorable in taste. But this one comes close! After having the crispy chat, we were looking forward to other dishes that we ordered and our expectations were high.

We were also recommended to try the Drumstick Soup, which was pretty good. Next on our list was Dahi Tikki, which was equally awesome, if not better than the chat.

In the main course, Via Bombay Baigan Ka Bharta, Pind de Chhole and Sarson ka Saag/Makai di Roti, are high on our must-have (recommended) list.

For desserts, we had the Royal Punjabi Kulfi With Falooda. This thing looks as awesome and is as instagrammable as its name sounds, and it tastes even better! It was our favourite dish and the highlight of our evening. Its taste was very natural and it was just the right amount of sweet, not overbearing at all. This one tops our ‘must-have’ list by a mile!

This place is highly recommended to those people who love Ghar ka Khaana and have a soft spot for desi flavours. It has got good options for vegetarians as well, and it is fun for the whole family. There is something for everyone here!

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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