TGJ TIPS for Ladakh

Things you should keep in mind before / while visiting Ladakh

1. Day One has to be Rest . Try not to sleep for more than one to two hours and just relax . Watch television, read a book and catch sleep only during night time. Don’t take it lightly . You need to acclimate well.

2. Medicine : Incase you take an oxygen pill / acclimate pill, it has lot of sulphur . You might feel itchy too after an hour. Please have orange juice immediately which contains potassium to nullify the effect. Further after taking the medicine, you will pee double the rate. Don’t worry
3. Carry Cash : ATM is only available in the main Leh Market. Usually at off beat cafes, locations, pangong, etc they only accept cash. So please carry enough cash.
4. Munchies : Carry munchies like nuts which are high in carbs, energy bars, cookies, chips in every journey as usually road trips are long. You can get some even in the local market .
Keep eating munchies every half an hour. They try to energise.


5. Water consumption : Oxygen is low. Keep having water / vitamin C every 15/20 mins. Two to three sips is the trick . It will keep you hydrated.

6. Weather check : You have to check the weather. Also it is pretty unpredictable to be honest. So carry enough warm clothes along with normal clothes.

7. Accommodation : There are zillion hotels as Ladakh thrives onto tourism. Check vicinity and proximity well.
8. Time to visit : I visited in September which is not a good time. Usually June – Aug is the best. From September it starts getting very very cold and extremely hot in afternoon

9. Skin care : Guys and Girls, listen up . Apply sunscreen every two hours as the UV rays are so so strong that your skin will burn instantly in the afternoon. Locals also cover their skin. Apply lip balm every hour or else your lips will peel off. Don’t use Himalaya or Vaseline as both don’t work. Use EOS or carmex or a good one to prevent your lips from chapping.
10. Sim : Only Airtel postpaid SIM card works there . You could go all detox and do without a sim. Even the wifi at hotels is pretty weak. Also, Airtel SIM card prepaid if you buy from there for around 300₹ works great for data and free calls.

11. Shopping 🛒: My personal recommendation would be that if you are from Delhi / Mumbai, a lot of junk jewellery is found there in Sarojini Nagar / Colaba cause way . Leh overcharges you.
#TGJTIP : If you are a friend with local then go with them and point what you need, so they could bargain and get you better

You should shop mini apples, dry fruits and woollen wear if you wish too.


12. What to wear :
Please carry all sorts of clothes, check the weather. As I visited in September, climate used to be in extremes. But thermal wear, woollen socks 🧦, Binnie , gloves 🧤 and some full wear is always a good idea. Carry a good woollen stole so you could cover your neck.

#TGJTIPS : If you feel cold at night, apply some brandy (medicinal) on your hand and legs and wear socks as usually cold enters from the feet.

13. Washroom :
I am going to be blunt. There are washrooms available at lot of places but they are mostly dirty. So carry tissues and sanitiser with you wherever possible.


14. Don’t stuff yourself much. Eat 3/4 always.
15. Don’t carry hard disk. Sometimes they crash they say.
16. Cabs are readily available from the market. You can always call up 2-3 for cross checking
17. Plastic has been banned and locals keep the city clean. Please try to do the same.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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