Quattro, The vegetarian Delight

Quattro has been quite the buzz amongst vegetarians for its good food. It usually is sold out on weekends.

Where : Lower Parel, Opposite High Street Phoenix
Cost for Two : ₹2500
Cuisine : Mexican, Continental
Type : Vegetarian
Decor : Modern Decor
Place : Family Restaurant

#TGJ TIP : It is a bit on the expensive side


I love their dips totally. Let’s begin with
Corn salsa
Green tomatilo
Fresh tomato salsa
Habenaro salsa
Olive tapenade


Next up we moved onto try our mocktails:
Cooler :
Applied basil ₹315 . I loved the freshness of the basil.

We skipped the salads and soups as the menu was so elaborate.
We called for tasting portions as we wanted to try a lot of stuff still managed to try only half . Please note the actual portions are bigger for many dishes.

If you are like us, you could do the set menu for ₹700 : three appetisers , salad, pizza , Italian main course , Mexican main course . However please note a minimum of 8 people are required for this.


Starters :
1. Olive & Mushroom crostini
Spherification of green olives served on a toasted baguette slice with mushrooms . You pop into your mouth and a burst of flavours appears.

2. Risotto palle
A combination of signature cream risotto and cheese , crumbled and fried , served with chilli oil pipettes . I loved it. However I would have liked more of cheese


3. Taquitas
Fried gluten free tortilla cones filled with beans ,jalepanos , tomato salsa , avocado ice cream . I love how there are so many elements into the dish. The crunchy texture, the soft ice cream and everything dwelled wonderfully.


4. Mexican spiced queso
Cottage cheese , cubes , spiced with chipotle chilli . It is a bit spicy.

5. Classic fondue
Absolutely loved the fondue and how. The cheese was perfectly melted. It is amazing with herbs. It was great for non alcoholic (ie sans wine) fondue.

We gave a miss to the sizzlers even though we wanted to try them as we didn’t want to end up wasting food. But the Italian one sounded AMAZE!

They also have pizzas, lasagne, Mexican dishes for your array.

Coming to my favorite part,

I have tried a couple of desserts there. We had the chocolate Saturn for ₹560 . It is huge and heavy and can be eaten by 4 people. It is all things good. That delicious Belgian chocolate popping in your mouth to that little jelly underneath. It is great overall.


Some really fine gentlemen wanting to feed us with big smile . So cheers to Mr Santosh, Mr Pramod and Mr Chandrakant

Overall we had a great time! Thank you

Quattro Ristorante Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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