Monsoon is here! Go for a trek! Hello from Devkund Waterfalls, Maharashtra!


Come Monsoon, and the weather makes us want to cuddle in bed and instills the laziness in us. I woke up on a Sunday morning at 5.30 am, (the rarest scenario).


So usually Facebook has a lot of trek/camp pages. I just enrolled in one. I just made an impromptu plan on Saturday night 9pm to leave in the morning. (You know, the travel rush inside me)

Cost: I just chose randomly TRIKON and paid around Rs1300 for conveyance, breakfast, snacks and the trek. (Lunch was not included and the mode of transport was non-ac bus)
Duration from Bombay to base village: 2.5 hours (subject to traffic and halts)

Time for reaching the waterfalls: 2.5 hours to go, 3 hours to get down (only since it was monsoon and the path was a bit slippery)
Level of difficulty: Pretty easy, only 30 minutes of uphill in between which is a bit tough.
Best time to visit: October ā€“ December (You will be able to see crystal blue water and also the path will be smoother)

I visited during monsoon. It was rather risky as water levels rise due to sudden downpours. Also, the water is a bit muddy. However being monsoon, the positive aspect was the weather and the greenery. It was breathtakingly beautiful as nature was laden in emerald while we bathed in those fresh drops of drizzle overlooking the misty clouds all around.
Things to carry:
Please go light weight.

Carry a change of clothes, footwear but keep it in your vehicle before the trek starts (as you will change only after the trek ends).
Wear water resistant clothes like nylon or polyester so it dries quickly.
Please wear full pants as chances of getting hurt when you are sliding through muck are less.
Carry compact food and water on the way. You will need it.
Wear trek shoes (Active shoes are a cheap good bet for around Rs1000-1200)

My Experience: It was extremely crowded and bit risky. The waterfalls is very famous and many trekker groups come there. However, we chose a quiet corner to have our solace. There was human traffic as there were too many people.


But everything said and done, when I stood near the waterfalls, (we were not allowed beneath it as the force could prove somebody fatal) it was beyond amazing. Also, the journey is gorgeous. There is a pristine lake on the other side while walking which makes it really beautiful.

Please take a cover for your phone which protects from the water. (The force of the water is a lot so there are drops all over).
Avoid taking cameras.
Please reach early morning. Yes I mean reach there by 7am to avoid crowds.
Please carry sugar bites (like chikki, granola bars, chocolate pie which is small in size yet filling: you will need it)

Do have lemon water (which has salt too) so will keep you extremely hydrated.

Do eat your breakfast before you go (There are lot of joints which offer Maharashtrian
Other alternatives:
I hate to make it famous. But go to TUDOR waterfalls. Not much of a trek. It is really way more less famous and it is just 2 hoursā€™ drive from Bombay. But do not keep your vehicle outside as villagers might break it. Take ola outstation.

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