Laid Back Cafes , Hello 10th Street


A busy café located in the quaint lanes of Khar, 10th Street Café is a newly opened wonder.

They have a gorgeous set up indoors and outdoors.

Caramel Cappuccino
Price: 170
The fragrance of caramel and coffee wafted around us. However, it tasted mediocre as we couldn’t really taste the coffee.

Mezze platter: a large platter filled with dollops of different kinds of hummus and Arabic dips, served with their in-house baked bread. It costed approximately ₹450. The platter is worth the splurge as you get a good portion of dips along with the soft warm bread.

Goat cheese salad:
The goat cheese salad was a combination of lettuce, goat cheese, sweet lime and caramelised walnuts.
Price: 410
We highly recommend you try out this salad even if you’re not really into salads. It takes you through 3 different kinds of flavours in one plate. The salty goat cheese, citrusy sweet lime and sweet and crunchy walnut. Not only is it a blend of flavours but also textures. The goat cheese adds richness to the dish and we absolutely loved it.

Penne vodka:
Penne pasta cooked in a combination of tomato sauce, cheese and vodka.
Price: 385
The pasta was well cooked but the cheese seemed to overpower the tangy side of the pasta. If that’s what you’re looking for then you must give this a try.

LIT and Basil Pomtini:
The LIT was surprisingly colourful and strong. It didn’t seem to be watered down by ice which is definitely a plus point. The Basil Pomtini was perfect if you’re looking for a sweet cocktail to enjoy with your food.
Price: 650 and 450 respectively.

Banoffee pie: If there is one dish we had to choose from the entire menu it would definitely be the banoffee pie. It’s made fresh everyday by the chefs. All the ingredients are put together perfectly, the outer biscuit, the banana and the sauce and the whipped cream on the top left is wanting for more.
Price: priceless (250)

Nutella creme Brûlée:
Price: 375
This creme brûlée was what we called the perfect balance between sweet and too sweet. The caramelised glass like crust on top and the soft custard the way we wished we ended all our meals.

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