Healthy eating at Sante Spa Cuisine, BKC


Located amidst the glass buildings of BKC, Santé Spa Cuisine as the name suggests is a restaurant that combines taste with health.


They offer a variety of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes that leave your taste buds satisfied. Apart from the food, Santé focuses on an overall healthy and eco friendly environment.


The decor of the restaurant is all eco friendly, the walls are covered with bamboo sticks and the lamps are made of recycled cardboard. The walls have art that depict our chakras and the music played is relaxing. The water is infused with tulsi and the glasses are made of copper. The quarter plates are made of Neem wood that acts as a disinfectant. Santés aim is to help you connect better with your inner self.


We started our meal with the beet root and spinach hummus served with Khakra. Both the flavours expressed their uniqueness and paired perfectly with the multigrain Khakra that Santé prepares themselves. The consistency is good and we’re sure you don’t miss out on this one.


Next we tried their charcoal basket with their in-house churned organic butters. It was super interesting to see bread served in black considering there was no artificial colour involved. The butters were creamy and flavourful.


Beverages: We tried their Dark Chocolate Milkshake and the Pink Lemonade.
The dark chocolate milkshake was gluten free and invoked only organic chocolate. It was definitely one of the best chocolate milkshakes we’ve had. You can’t tell the difference between a regular milkshake and this one so there is no compromise on taste.


This is perfect to indulge in when you’re craving something chocolate but don’t want to cheat on your diet.
The Pink Lemonade was one of its kind. Super refreshing and super light too.
The unique thing about the drinks is that they’re served with straws that are made of rolled up banana leaves.


Entrée: The piri piri crusted cottage cheese steak was served in pesto sauce made out of broccoli. The spicy piri piri and the creamy pesto balanced each other out perfectly. The cottage cheese was well cooked and marinated. The presentation was beautiful.


Desserts: We went for the Valrhona Chocolate Pie and the Chocolate Matcha Truffles.
The Valrhona chocolate pie was a crumbly chocolate cake that was gluten free. The flour was made of oats and it was topped with French chocolate. We highly recommend all sweet tooths to try this delicious yet healthy treat.


Inspired by Japanese delicacies, the Chocolate Matcha truffles had a melt in your mouth consistency. They’re fluffy yet soft. The dark chocolate and matcha powder go together perfectly.
The vegetables are grown organically in Indian farms and cooked in an open kitchen at Santé to maintain transparency.

Santé is not exactly what you call pocket friendly but for the value it serves you in terms of quality of its ingredients it’s definitely worth a shot.

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