Sassy Spoon had no sass to offer with miserable service .


I have been going to sassy spoon since a long time now. I have had a good experience till they changed the menu, decor until recently.

Let me begin our plight.
The manager Pranav was the rudest person I have ever met. He had his foreign accent along with attitude jumping off the roof as if he was doing a big favour by serving us.
Dear sir, there are zillion restaurants with great ambience and good food.

We had reserved way in advance . They gave us a table right besides the kitchen door opening and closing continuously in fraction of seconds.
Mr Pranav says we cannot do anything. This is what we have. Later we will see what we can do.

That’s not it, We overheard Mr Pranav saying “I will not be serving this table” to the other colleagues

He was absolutely rude beaming with attitude that the place was packed and how would one customer matter . He absolutely judged us thinking we are not that wealthy as we are cribbing for Dineout .

Excuse me, We have bought Dineout passport or whatever and have paid for it. And moreover your brand has associated with them.

That is just the start.
Mr Prince is the same. He told us “You would not get anything except a dessert” . (We booked through Dineout so complimentary dessert)
Dear Sir, mind your words. We are not begging you that you say those words.

And then Mr Prince avoids us extremely. We are calling out to him . A table besides us calls him and he goes there ignoring our tables.

Say what ?

We tried reaching to the General Manager Mr Viraj . He was the same.


Wait for it.
The app Dineout says “Signature house dessert” . We visited three months back and got the amazing dessert . And now we got a mice slice bite of cake given pathetically and dry. We didn’t eat it .


The food was decent.
The potato paratha theecha has mentioned mozzarella but there was no cheese inside.


The pasta was decent.


Overall, I don’t think I am going there anytime soon.


There are better places with better ambience and food and definitely way more amazing staff who do their job instead of throwing airs and attitude.

By theglocaljournal

I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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