The Great Indian Khichdi Festival, Good Punjabi food! Hello @Neel


We absolutely loved this place as the food taste and quality is standard .

I love the Mahalaxmi outlet for its beautiful decor and being by the racecourse .

The Powai outlet is more like an all day place with modern ambience and gives you best of both worlds – Indigo Deli and Neel. You can order from what you like.

We were craving for good punjabi food .

Cost would be ₹2000 for two.


What did we order ?

For starters , we ordered :
Nadru Ki Shami Kebab ₹415
Lotus stem and Bengal gram patty, cooked on an iron giddle
Absolutely succulent and delicious .


We loved their Khichdi .
It is absolutely a Bowlful of soul !
Rediscover regional khichdi and what not.
There was more than our imagination. There was from Kathiyawadi Khichdi to Maharastrian khichdi to Bisi Belle Bhaath to Kolumbichi Khichdi to Karnataka to Bajre ki Khichdi .


We tried Pahadi Khichdi ₹400
Unpolished short grain rice cooked with red kidney beans
Served with roasted papad, onion curd, red pumpkin raita, butter milk, mustard chutney .
We found it really wholesome and devoured on it.


Bihari Khichdi ₹400
Kolam rice with yellow moong lentil cooked with cumin seed, ginger and garlic paste
Served with aloo bhujiya, aloo ka chokha, black lentil papad and lauki ka raita .
This was again a different taste . I liked the way there were all elements present and was wholesome .


Let’s come to the main course :
For vegetables we called for :
Khade Masale Ka Paneer 525
Grilled cottage cheese with coarsely crushed Lahori spices .
It was on the spicier side yet yummy .


Tadkewali Dal ₹245
Toor Dal tempered with onions . The DAL WAS OUTSTANDING. (It needed that emphasis)


Roti ₹60

Now let’s come to our favourite bit : DESSERTS

Rasmalai- ₹165
We loved the creaminess. It was so smooth and delectable. The subtle taste of saffron went perfectly.

Jalebi – ₹145
Jalebi was an absolute worth. Try it with rabdi.
It is so good. Have it hot!


Chef vijay has done a good job.

Coming to the staff:
The staff was not around much.


Overall we had a fabulous meal over some good Khichdi and Indian food

Neel Indian Kitchen & Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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