Buddha bowl, Deconstructed healthy salads and more !


Another addition to the pop up hut, this month is Buddha bowl which caters to healthy deconstructed salad dishes inspired from Asia like Vietnam, Taiwan and etc.
It’s a small joint more like a delivery space.
Location : Besides Hobby Ideas

Bao is a staple Taiwanese food. Gau Bao literally translated is cut bread.
Here they have added their twist of health

Tried the saute mushroom, lettuce, cucumber sriracha mayo. What I liked was the base was from buckwheat. Also they had other healthy options like jowar and quinoa.
Kai Sate bowl is with vermicelli rice and succulent paneer and mushroom marinated in spices with peanut sauce

Next up we had the Bong Chong Bowl.
Potato wedges seasoned in our spicy and tangy bong chong recipe nestled alongside farm fresh vegetables with a healthy serving of quinoa Pilaf . We really loved it. It was delicious, healthy and filling.


Then we had the Curry of the week
Green Thai curry with jasmine rice . The Thai curry 🍛 was delicious . It was smooth and the spunk to it.

They have chocolate brownie, vegan chocolate brownie.

In Beverages, they have Lemon grass iced tea and Orange mints sprintzer

The preparation time is around 20 minutes .

Overall loved their food. But my suggestion would be to order the food on scoots/ zomato/ Uber eats/ swiggy so you could cut down on the same .

Buddha Bowl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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I love food , travel and decor . In the pursuit of capturing moments where the picture unfolds a story while the words talk to you .

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